Silent crypto miner x-11

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Silent crypto miner x-11

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Bitcoin price today mimics stocks rally, hits 2-week high

The Greens Party President Peter Sinkamba has said that he strongly doubts if republican President Hakainde Hichilema is truly opposed to Mining in the Lower Zambezi despite his presidential spokesperson Anthony Bwalya saying that the president is still opposed to the project.

In a post on his Facebook page, Mr Sinkamba said that if the President is really opposed to the Mining in the Lower Zambezi, he would have invoked executive authority to direct the committee responsible for issuing mining licences to revoke the licence pursuant to Section 72 1 i of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No. Mr Sinkamba said that the majority of the members of the public are opposed to mining, as is demonstrated by the statement issued by the Fourth Republican President H.

Rupiah Banda. Mr Sinkamba urged President Hichilema to act now in the public interest before he travels to Addis Ababa for the AU Summit as he has the power to stop the rot. I strongly doubt that President Bally is still opposed.

I think he is merely mocking the public. For if really he is still opposed, President Bally would have invoked executive authority to direct the committee responsible for issuing mining licences to revoke the licence pursuant to Section 72 1 i of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No.

There is no doubt that the majority of the members of the public are opposed to mining, as is demonstrated by the statement issued by the Fourth Republican President H. Ruphia Banda.

If this is not highest level of proof of public interest, then what is it? So, to cut the whole story short, President Bally, stop the pretence. You have the power to stop the rot. Cause Section 72 1 i of the Mines Act to be invoked. Blaming mischief of previous regime at this point is irrelevant.

The EIA is said to have been approved on 7th May This was barely five days before Parliament was dissolved. Thereafter, there was no minister. How could members of the public submit their appeal against the ZEMA approval to the minister responsible for environment when there was no minister at the time? ZEMA acted treacherously, and is good reason for the President to direct revocation of the mining icence under the said Section 72 1 i in public interest.

The President does not have any executive authority whatsoever to revoke any judgement passed by a court, that is why there is separation of powers.

The fact that previous Presidents were over stepping their limits and overturning court decisions does not mean that is the way it is supposed to be. How can a President change a court decision, there is nothing like executive authority, that is anarchy. I personally do not want the project in the national park to continue, but our democratic dispensation is that once an issue goes to court ,it is beyond the President, but I know its also this mindset in Zambia and Africa at large which thinks the President is the alpha and omega and can do anything.

The mining issue in lower Zambezi was taken to court and both the lower and higher court ruled in favour of the mine owners. The President has absolutely no powers to intervene, no where in the constitution of Zambia is the President granted any executive authority to reverse a court descision, let us not mislead each other as usual.

Please President Bally follow the advice that has been given to you freely by the true son of the soil Peter Sinkamba!

Today you say that the president has no authority to reverse s court order. Tomorrow he reverses a court order you support it with numerous examples. A useless fly will follow the corpse into the grave and get buried. Govt issues mining licenses, and has the authority to revoke them, if need be. If mining in the area is deemed detrimental to the public interest, what stops the govt from revoking the license? Surely, there must be copper elsewhere in Zambia for the investor to mine.

Why should we destroy our inheritance for the sake of an investor? And what do we get from the mines anyway? The law does not allow any President to revoke a court order, if government went that route they should be able to fork millions and millions to the mine owners plus contempt. Please start reading widely, it is free. You can only revoke if there is no court order, not at this stage when the issue has gone through the due process of the courts.

Ganjaman, opposed to what? He has huge vested interest in the mining and there you say he is opposed to it. Can ZEMA and other relevant authorities issue a statement rather than burying their heads in the sand? This is preposterous! This issue went to court, not one court but two different courts, arguments were put across, merits and demerits and unfortunately the court ruled as per arguments put across, so where does a President draw powers to revoke the licence, you are a giving the President powers that he does not have.

Where a mining licence is revoked is where there are no legal bindings, not this one which has legal bindings. The President has nil powers to revoke any licence after a court ruling, Simple and straight forward. How can a government overturn a licence where there is a court ruling, which law are they going to use? The President is not above the courts, he does not have the power you are giving him, the complexity is that this issue passed through the courts.

Next time he dis regards a Court judgement or even mentions something negative to the Judiciary these same chaps will cry foul. You are all hiding behind the so-called court order. Hey wena! The fact a law is in force does not make it equitable, fair or even — dare I say — legal! Do not assign anything absolute to laws. Repeal those silly laws and protect the creatures and environment in the Lower Zambezi. Mwefipumbu mwe. Shishuwa Shishuwa said aptly that now is the time for the citizenry of the country to hold the people they elected to account.

Now is. They should walk their talk and find a path to protect that environment. Why are they not touching the sacred indigenous parts of the world now?

Why should they touch ours now? Wonder why PF is quite about! Not as easy as it sounds for the President to revoke such an arrangement that has passed through courts. The President has no power to over turn a court decision, he is not above the courts. If this issue had not passed through the courts, then it was going to be as easy as that. There is no easy exit here, it is easy to talk here but not when the mine owners put their documents across, one they were legally awarded the licence by the government, secondly they won the case in court and even won the appeal again in court ,and for you, you want the President to wake up and have powers that he does not have in this case and say I have revoked this licence, just how.

Is the President higher than the court to start over turning court decisions, since when and using what powers? Lower Zambezi is a blessing from the skies. It can be the first mine based on everything blockchain. Blockchain; a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

What was the rationale decidendi?? If the President has no Executive Power, I then propose a referendum. The people who are against mining can file in a petition, which should force the government to initiate a referendum, and let the people decide. Instead of filling space on LT, Peter Sinkamba should be proactive and initiate a petition.

You may be wondering why PF is not making a lot of noise on this issue. Come to learn the owner of the Mine is one of their Sponsors. Somehow some PF cadres here think HH has interests. Harry Kalaba was a PF Minister, please check date and signature on the letter to Mwembeshi resources, the mine owners. Can inbox your letter if you avail your address. Kalaba even acknowledged and in trying to run away from his personal involvement, he said it was a PF government decision, it was on the news yesterday.

One person posting under different names, you know yourself. The case was not heard on its merits and was thrown out on technicalities. Alas, the President cannot overturn a court decision, that would be very bad indeed. However, he is given powers to halt the mining, not to challenge the court judgment.

And yeah, HH did the economic groundwork for this company before they were awarded any licenses, this mining is going ahead sadly.

It has been reported that…. This comes nearly twenty years following the initial prospecting license given in that was followed by legal challenges in to commencement of mining operations. The news has resulted in fresh debate… This 18 Daka should convince you that you are pointing your finger at the wrong person. I believe the record remains that one was convicted etc? I think I should also run to the President to overturn a decision which the court did not rule in my favour.

My company employs people so if the court decision is followed, many people in my company will lose their jobs. Please Mr President over turn the decision that the court ruled against me. Certain presidential powers exist defend injustice or indeed in response to public interests. Ahede How do I know what? That HH was an advisor to the mining company?

If you meant to ask how do I know that the mining will go on? HH has failed to make his own statement out of fear of being asked about his promises, using his Spokesperson is admittance of failure. Not sure why some people want Bally to over turn the decision when Edgar failed to do so possibly because of the same legal limitations. We are now being told that UPND government has no powers to stop the mining project because there is a court judgement.

After the lower court judgement that mining could take place in the lower Zambezi, is it not HH who said the PF government had powers to stop the project?

Can Crypto Go Green?

Bitcoin mining hardware firm CoinTerra has been the subject of speculation this week, as emails purportedly sent by the company to customers of its cloud mining service suggest the firm has defaulted on debt obligations. The email, signed by a representative of the CoinTerra support staff, claims that the firm is no longer capable of making payouts to customers. While cloud mining products are currently listed as "out of stock", CoinDesk was able to move a hardware purchase to checkout. CoinTerra has experienced service problems in the past, including performance issues and security incidents, and has faced scrutiny from both customers and third-party organizations like the US Better Business Bureau. The company has also faced legal hurdles , including a class-action lawsuit earlier this year. The email shared by both Reddit users and community members is currently unconfirmed by CoinTerra. The reported payout stoppages are said to have begun in the last weeks of December, though the exact nature of the interruption is not known at this time.

They're particularly good at graphics and cryptocurrency mining, but the other way to mine Bitcoin directly, and that's the most stable crypto by far.

1200 Watt HP 80+ Platinum 94% Efficiency 110-240V Chain Sync Open Air GPU Mining Rig Power Supply

This piece is part of a series that features interviews with Bitcoin miners about their experiences setting up and scaling mining operations, as well as their views on the direction of the mining world. If you are mining Bitcoin and want to share your knowledge and story — the ups, downs and innovations — reach out to the author on Twitter CaptainSiddH. I met my interviewee for this piece, TechEngineer21 , because he reached out! For this interview, TechEngineer21 went over his simple yet powerful home heating system. With just three S9 miners, TechEngineer21 no longer needs to use his gas furnace to heat his home. He shared a mountain of data collected by his smart home system and a full walkthrough of how his heater operates. Thanks for joining us for this series on home mining! Can you walk us through the steps you took to design and build the Bitcoin miner-based heating system you have now? It all started back in when I was first considering buying a miner. I was living in Colorado at the time, and I knew this thing would make a lot of heat and use a lot of energy.

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silent crypto miner x-11

This decision, Meehan v. A brief examination of the facts in Meehan is illustrative. The next year, MediTech placed Meehan and two other employees on performance improvement plans. Two weeks later, Meehan submitted a lengthy rebuttal to his performance improvement plan. If there is a disagreement with any information contained in a personnel record, removal or correction of such information may be mutually agreed upon by the employer and the employee.

This was fine and good a few years ago, but as crypto mining became more popular it also grew in competition and there's nothing that breeds like tech advancement like competition. As we talked about before, we came in last year wanting to get involved in mining.

Windows 11's First Major Update Arrives Soon: Here's What's Coming

Ck5 miner setup. Manufacturer Goldshell. Grin is first that comes to mind with its mainnet launched in January. About DX Pool. With its strong technical strength, DxPool has established the world's leading Litecoin mining pool and selected premium digital asset projects for miners.

Best ASIC devices for mining cryptocurrency in 2022

Evga power supply list. Based on the award winning P2 power supplies, this unit features 80 Plus Platinum rated efficiency, and clean, continuous power to every component. Sales Stats. Barely used. Total Watts: Watts. Take a look at our ranking below.

W from Brand New Antminer D7 Hashrate (Gh) Dash Asic Miner X11 Algorithm Blockchain Miner W Miner - Shenzhen Apexto Electronic Co., Ltd.

Avoid Becoming a Crypto-Mining Bot: Where to Look for Mining Malware and How to Respond

I couldnt decide between these two mobos. An Ethereum mining rig as these purpose-built units are called are all-in-one computer systems that have been designed and built to mine Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. Go ahead and connect the Riser card and GPU for the open slot that is closest to the processor. Below are sample bat files for each cryptocurrency that you can mine with Team Red Miner.

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Beam overclock settings.

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The crypto market is so diverse that there's never just one way to trade your funds. Exchanges offer a range of methods you can use to trade, and they don't always need your active attention. This is where automated crypto trading steps in.

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