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These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. But, as during past downturns, many traders also tried to trigger regret aversion or anticipated regret: They highlighted the extreme pain fellow bitcoin owners would feel if they sold to stem their losses and missed out on what diehards saw as the inevitable rebound on the horizon. Evoking the threat of future regret is not an especially original strategy.

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21 hodl crypto art

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We are putting together a conversation on the political ecology of Crypto Art. What would you like to replace the presently unsustainable model of crypto art marketplaces?

Geert Lovink: Would you judge an artwork by the currency in which it is sold? The take-away from the new media arts saga is that all artworks reflect on their own im materiality. The thesis here is that we should also consider the digital money layer as an essential new element of the expanded artwork. Scholars like Olav Velthuis describe the myths of the global art market. First we need to separate the technical possibility to generate and store unique and thus scarce digital artworks from the question of price, currency and method of payment.

As Akten shows, the current model of storing digital works of art on a blockchain is utterly unsustainable. Art on the blockchain can only be interpreted in the light of absurd abundance of data centres, cable and 5G bandwidth that somehow nobody seems to pay for.

As soon as one of these elements becomes scarce and expensive again, the whole blockchain scheme falls apart. Creative workers and artists urgently need revenue models so that they can focus on their own work. Techno-solutionism may be inevitable in an early stage when technology itself needs to be developed, but do not forget how boring that is for outsiders.

It is hypocritical demand the dissolution of curators, galleries and auction houses on the one hand while introducing new technological gatekeepers, from Winklevoss Bros. Black box algorithms and right-wing libertarians are hegemonic. If the crypto community cannot discuss power, race and gender issues, why bother?

The world does not need of more billionaires and is crying out for a radical redistribution of wealth. The crypto business is anything but decentralized and deeply dominated by racist right-wing techno-libertarians. This is out there, in the open, for everyone to see. Unless this is properly addressed, nothing will move on, certainly not in the art world.

In the debates of our MoneyLab network, founded in , we have always emphasized the importance of multiple additional forms of income in order to fight mass precarity amongst the creative workers worldwide. Selling crypto art as unique works or in limited series should be seen for most producers as additional income, at least for now.

The demand of a Universal Basic Income will remain in place. Highflyer artist Beeple is the exception to the rule here. Overinflated prices merely reflect the Tulipomania state of crypto art which needs a place to stash its money.

AE: What do you see as being the most interesting means of using the blockchain to develop critical and decentralized artistic strategies? GL: Ledger technologies are boring, administrative platforms and procedures. For me, blockchain is a follow-up of the excel sheet. We suffer enough from the bookkeeper logic. How many more millions need suffer because of cold spreadsheet calculations? What could be more boring? Yet the magnitude of possibilities is exciting, and this is why so many young people are involved: alchemy for the masses.

Nothing less. Unless the crypto art community explicitly raises this issue, it will be complicit, a victim, and destined to disappear as money moves on and either solidifies into real assets or evaporates. AE: In light of the growing porousness between creative disciplines — contemporary art, new media, illustration, etc. GL: The new reality is a dull one. I am sorry but this world, I fear, is not ready to mix genres and enjoy multidisciplinary art.

AE: How do the new categories of digital art sold on crypto marketplaces stand to affect traditional categories of art? GL: As we speak, contemporary art has no connection whatsoever with the crypto art world. Artists that deal with the crypto issue in a narrow sense are rare an exception might be Simon Denny. But do not be surprised if the token issue will show up in upcoming biennials. Following Covid, the financial-economic misery in the field of arts and culture will be such that the financial imagination will have to be addressed.

Whether the art market will follow suit, I doubt. This is a very traditional scene. What we can expect to happen is the rise of parallel worlds with almost no interaction. AE: What do you consider to be the most urgent issues regarding crypto art and art on the blockchain? GL: A radical cultural break to cater for male geek culture. So far, the speculative nature of crypto has brought some money into the scene but I doubt many artists are actually making a living from their work.

We can blame this on the trash imaginary and pop cultural level of crypto art or on the immature taste of its constituency but at some point this becomes a chicken-egg dilemma. AE: How might artists and art world actors yuk gain a foothold in new marketplaces that privilege financial speculation over all else?

GL: This is a question that can, surprisingly, unite the contemporary and crypto art worlds. The issue here is be able to ignore, personally and collectively, the harsh selection mechanisms that are required in the first place.

Without a rigid, closed and interconnected culture of critics, curators, gallery owners and museum directors, real speculation cannot escalate. First of all, we should respect its untimely weirdness. Why travel all the way to a distant future only to land in ?

It might be considered lazy to define your basic aesthetics on work done by others. But there are also other ways of seeing. Crypto art displays an unreconstructed desire for a return to a pre-Reagan revolution, when psychedelia was still a viable means of overcoming the narcissistic self. Instead of rewarding retromania we need to do-over the crypto-social imaginary in order to confront our messy present.

During the pandemic, countless hours have been spent online. In order to make full use of the current situation, digital art needs to open itself to a multiplicity of genres, schools, currents, aesthetics and offer distinctive twist. Pull the virtual game worlds into the dusty, urban concrete wastelands and create real hybrids, not escape worlds.

We can do it. Thanks to Patrick Lichty for the invitation and to Yiannis Colakides [ What are you excited or scared about? We need [ Download as PDF. Most Recent Readings. Free Hit Counter.

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Just as bitcoin created the ability to spend and save a sort of digital money without any centralised authority, so too do NFTs allow for pictures, videos, music, or anything else that can be digitally represented, to be wrapped up in a format that can be traded, stored or authenticated without needing to turn to a gatekeeper. Non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs , are electronic identifiers confirming a digital collectible is real by recording the details on a digital ledger or database known as a blockchain. The tokens have swept the online collecting world and are an offshoot of the boom in cryptocurrencies. Non-fungible tokens however are unique, and they are used to prove that an item is one of a kind and are aimed at solving a problem central to digital collectibles: how to claim ownership of something that can be easily and endlessly duplicated. There has also been criticism of the environmental impact caused by the computer processing power needed to validate the blockchain, a charge also levelled at cryptocurrencies. Once an NFT is created, it can be digitally traced for ever. Another, Tokenized Tweets, lets users turn any tweet into a tradable digital asset simply by sending a message on the social network, and artworks posted to the site have been a popular target for tokenisation.

Fine Art: 21ism · 21 HODL · Alexa Aker · BitPaint (street art & VR worlds); BTC Art Gallery · Crypto Art · Cryptograffiti · Cypherpunk.

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Hodl crypto reddit. If you are looking to buy or sell HOdlcoin, Unnamed is currently the most active exchange. I am trying to hodl forever actually. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is … Coinrank, allows you to follow your favorite assets and get daily digest emails with price, top news and events, and changes in rank over time. Get an instant fix on any crypto project's investment potential with Coinrank's unique scoring system. HODL: a term that describes a crypto investor's determination not to sell regardless of price action. What that transformation ultimately looks like is very different from company to company, though, so Salesforce has quickly been expanding its ecosystem to help its users build the tools they need most. For each token earned by HODL an equivalent amount of tokens are added to the iceberg until it reaches a maximum amount of million tokens. Hodl is a phrase that references a famous post on the BitcoinTalk forums. The most experienced cryptocurrency users would know what this means, while beginners would be left puzzled.

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21 hodl crypto art

These paintings are part of an ongoing series by Wang recreating memes about cryptocurrency. As in most memes, images are overlaid with text; some of the text is understandable to an average viewer while some of it is less approachable. Cryptocurrency is a subject many people only superficially understand—perhaps the same can be said about painting—to the extent that even people who invest in cryptocurrencies do not necessarily understand the mechanics. Cryptocurrency jokes are arguably elitist, and in that sense a good fit for the higher cultural form of painting, but the aesthetics are distinctly low brow—the images Wang references are designed for quick, immaterial consumption and do not need to be particularly attractive or well-composed. Wang elevates these images through her replication and makes them more available for close examination through the contextual transformation.

Stellar hodl.

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This article focuses on the second definition — essentially, art that is tokenized via blockchain technology. Unlike traditional art, most crypto art exists in digital formats. Some argue that crypto art is inherently worthless, as it is widely available to view online. It guarantees ownership rights, is unhackable and extremely precise. This means that while a piece of digital crypto art can be saved to your desktop, the only true owner is the individual s who owns the NFT. In sum, you have a copy of the art piece, but you do not own the original piece.

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Crypto drop reddit. Join Our Reddit Channel. TONIC has a max supply of , The co-founder of Reddit has predicted that 90 per cent of the gaming market will be Play-to-Earn games within the next five years. Check out our "featured artist" and discussion posts at the top of the subreddit! Crypto Girlfriend Drop.

The first half of , NFT crypto art captured both the public's attention and Challenges in the Digital Age, August 21, , Daily Hodl Staff.

The new product launch brings the total number of crypto ETP products issued to 20 on the Swiss market and a total of 80 listings on Swiss and European markets. Hosting more than 3, applications, Polygon has become the most popular full-stack Ethereum scaling solution due to its high speed, low transaction cost, and network composability. Listing date: November

Andy Warhol was pretty spot on about a lot of things regarding the future. This piece primarily draws inspiration from the Warhol quote: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" in a way foreshadowing the future of social media. Warhol's image was also used to advertise many brands so I thought to use his image and a bright, pop-art style palette to color him as well as the rest of the image. The background shows blocks, connected by handshakes, as a symbol for the blockchain network and its peer-to-peer trustless nature. The sign he holds is the same as the bitcoin sign guy, the most iconic "buy bitcoin" hand sign I can think of. Make a statement in any room with this framed poster, printed on thick, durable, matte paper.

Sorry logicians, but creativity has been the most sought-after skill for three years in a row, according to LinkedIn research. Creativity, after all, is believed to unlock fresh strategies, business directions, and innovation.

This abbreviated crypto art timeline is adapted from the work of artist Martin Lukas Ostachowski. For a more in-depth look please visit his website. Built on the Flow Blockchain, Versus is a serverless, on-chain centric marketplace which stores also the images on the Blockchain. SaveArtSpace presents Pixelated, a month-long, Miami-wide exhibition across billboards and bus shelters featuring 96 Crypto Punks. Feral Files launches as a generative art marketplace on the Bitmark Blockchain and is founded by Casey Reas, the co-founder of Processing. In this international collaboration, nine galleries across meta-verses will spotlight the digital artwork of over women from across platforms. Kalamint launches as the first user-curated marketplace based on the Tezos blockchain to create, sell and buy NFTs on the FA2 token standard.

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