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The Adcom GFA represents the most advanced thinking in audio amplifier design. At watts per channel, it offers exceptional value and superior performance at a reasonable price. II schematic - guygo. II service manual -. II service manual alt scan - Stephen

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In this one area the SM Pro can compete with the very best amplifiers available, tube or solid-state. To my surprise it turned out to be one of the best sounding amplifiers I had heard in my system irrespective of its price and limited output power.

Using it to power the electrostatic panels of my InnerSound Eros electrostatic speakers also proved to be an eye-opener, resulting in its residence in my primary reference system for an extended period of time. For whatever reason, strings, brasses and vocals sounded more convincing when reproduced through these diminutive Zero-Feedback, Class-A amplifiers. Best of all, the high frequency reproduction was natural, non-fatiguing and satisfying, which was no small accomplishment.

The only real downside to using the SM to drive the Eros was that at high dB volume levels the sound would sometimes harden a bit when the amps were forced to work beyond their clipping threshold. There is simply more of all the good stuff.

I contacted C. Poon and asked him to supply a list of the various upgrades and changes for the new model and the following was his response: "Hi Frank, Briefly, the SM Pro will have the following: 1.

Double input drivers 2. Higher-power toroidal transformer 4. Larger heatsinks and chassis 5. Higher power output: Watts rms 4 Ohms, 80 Watts 8 Ohms mono-block operation 6. Higher value filter-capacitors -- now 60, uF MFD total! Double rectifiers 8. Larger front panel 9. Heavier: 24 lb. So the price for the Pro-version is a bit higher, especially for a pair, but I think you can see that you are getting quite a few extra "fries" in the bargain. The amplifier is a Class-A design that eschews the use of ANY global feedback, although some local feedback is employed.

Surprisingly, distortion THD is held to below 0. Monarchy claims that due to the "Zero-Feedback" design, dynamics are unbridled and the amp exhibits very clean clipping when overdriven.

This translates to an amplifier that subjectively sounds more powerful than its specs would imply. The switch from stereo to mono configuration is accomplished by flipping a rear panel switch in concert with a swapping of the speaker output taps. The monoblock configuration uses only the Left channel input in conjunction with the two "hot" red speaker terminals and the polarity is indicated above the posts. There is a lighted front panel toggle switch and a female IEC connector on the rear for use with detachable AC power cords.

The unit is thoroughly fused and protected. Additionally each amp has a balanced XLR input for use as a true balanced monoblock. Poon prefers the balanced input configuration, but for my tests I used only the RCA inputs. Set-Up Most of my listening impressions were gathered from a system using the somewhat difficult to drive Carver AL-III full-range ribbon-hybrid speakers.

These proved to be a formidable load for the SM Pro amps as monoblocks which ran quite warm toasty to the touch when driving the speakers at moderate volume levels.

The InnerSound amp normally runs stone cold when powering my Eros electrostatic speakers, even at extremely loud levels. Admittedly, both the InnerSound and Sonogy amps do not operate entirely in class-A; and both amps are rated to deliver much higher power than the SM Pro.

My best advice is to provide plenty of open space for ventilation around the amplifiers during use. Its design parameters were optimized to drive electrostatic speakers and a full review will follow soon, right here at StereoTimes. Stay tuned! This combo fed an AHT tube line stage using a pair of tubes. With the more sensitive Eros as the load, the amps did not get as hot as they had with the Carvers even at very loud levels. Neither did the sound harden as it did with the original SM Even at that level, the amps ran cooler than they did when driving the Carvers at an average level of about 86 dB 8dB less.

During my evaluation, there were no operational glitches or significant anomalies to report. There was no noticeable mechanical hum from the amps, but there was a mild electrical hum from the speakers that could only be detected in close proximity to the drivers — not a big deal in my view. With an amp of such compact dimensions with the power transformer in such close proximity to the active circuitry, this is not at all surprising or unexpected.

One idiosyncrasy to note is that the input sensitivity is very high requiring only 1-Volt input, peak to peak, for full rated output. Combined with a high k-Ohm input impedance, this allows the SM Pro to be driven easily by passive preamplifiers. The flip side to this coin is that the combination of a high-noise active preamplifier used in conjunction the SM Pro to feed high-efficiency loudspeakers could result in a very audible level of static hiss from the system.

I discovered this first-hand using a relatively noisy out-dated tube preamp and the very efficient InnerSound Eros speakers. Listening Recently I read a review of a different amplifier at another e-zine.

He reasoned that with other amps he had tried, the same recordings did not sound as engaging, so therefore this "good" sounding amp must not be accurate — however enjoyable it was to hear.

With this sort of logic I had to ask myself how a manufacturer could ever win. It is indeed a very "good" sounding amp. In comparison to the other excellent and more expensive amplifiers I had on hand, I must admit that many recordings sounded somehow sweeter and more natural through the Monarchy amps. However I believe it is because these diminutive amps were more accurate in preserving the harmonic structure inherent in a given recording -- as opposed to altering or distorting it, however slightly.

Maintaining harmonic integrity is essential to preserving the tonal qualities of the instruments and allows them to be reproduced in a manner that more closely resembles their respective natural sonic signatures.

Its presentation remained focused, delicate and natural. The interplay of the strings with the brass and woodwinds was very authentic sounding. In particular the woodwinds exhibited the natural tone and ease that is reminiscent of a live musical event. Also, the dynamic swings of the instruments were convincing and the nimble smacks on the bass drum were well defined.

The male vocals possessed just the right proportion of "chestiness;" they sounded rich and robust, but not unnatural or over-done. Although the adroit midrange performance of the SM Pro is particularly captivating, its performance in the bass and treble beg no apologies. The bass is very taut and controlled. Both acoustic and electric bass are rendered convincingly, exhibiting admirable pitch definition and sprightly dynamic contrasts.

It may not extend to the bowels of the earth like a juicy Krell or Mark Levinson, but for me it left little to be desired. In fact, in terms of its dexterity and control, it appeared to out-maneuver my much more powerful InnerSound amp in the lower octaves. This was quite a surprise to me. Ascending the frequency-ladder to the treble, I have to say that the high frequency spectrum of theSM Pro is smooth and tonally accurate, with a superb sense of focus. On the aforementioned Summer Wind CD, the percussion and cymbals exhibited excellent timbral accuracy with a good sense of the initial transient strikes.

There was no harshness, hardness, or spurious high frequency hash that I could detect. The one area where I thought my reference amplifiers had an advantage over the Monarchy amps was that of soundstage depth and ultimate high frequency extension. With certain ambience-rife recordings, it appeared that both the Sonogy Black Knight and the InnerSound amp surpassed the performance of the SM Pro.

The depth of the soundstage appeared to extend further back and the rear corners of the soundstage were wider and more clearly defined. Nevertheless, it certainly provided very clear and palpable images of vocalists and instruments within its plausible sonic venue, doing so with excellent lyric comprehension and purity of tone.

Summing Up If I could find an amplifier that offered the bass extension and dynamics of the Sonogy Black Knight, the overall harmonic integrity and midrange magic of the Monarchy SM Pro, and the detailed, extended and spacious soundstaging of the InnerSound ESL amp, I would be one happy camper. The fact that the Monarchy amp is considerably less expensive than either the Sonogy or the InnerSound and many others cannot be overlooked by the value-minded audiophile.

If your speakers are of moderate to high efficiency, the truth is that the Monarchy Audio SM Pro is one of the best sounding amplifiers you are likely to encounter in your search for the elusive "Holy Grail" of audio amplifiers. Its performance is engaging and depending upon the recorded material can be entrancing. Simply stated, it helps to keep the "muse" in the music.

Solid gold chassis? For real?

Become a fan of Slashdot on Facebook. No, I think they can stand by the all the power generated on earth. It just stores up power from The Grid for a longish while and then dumps it in a quote few microseconds. The power being dissipated in that chunk of plasma-ball-former-aluminium-puck is indeed excess to all the power being currently generated Well, actually, converted from some existing source of potential or chemical energy, if we want t. During the few millionths of a second that it operated, the ton Atlas pulsed-power generator discharged about 19 million amps.

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amp coin price shtml

There are literally thousands of vendors pushing software and services, all touted as the newest, biggest and best. In fact, one analyst mapped about 8, marketing technology products vying for your budget. Some martech tools are worthwhile, of course, but many are expensive and unlikely to provide the promised returns. The good news for B2B companies is that you can market effectively without spending a lot.

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Fostex HP-A8(C)

Some of you may remember a recent project that featured on these pages, a timer reproduced using vacuum tubes. Its creator [Usagi Electric] was left at loose ends while waiting for a fresh PCB revision of the to be delivered, so set about creating a new vacuum tube model of a popular chip, this time the ubiquitous op-amp. Video, embedded below. The circuit is fairly straightforward, using six small pentodes.

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At the 11th hour, Slimdevices could not deliver for review its Transporter, a wireless digital network hub and DAC aimed at the growing portion of the iPod generation that has begun to want more musicality from its portable devices. After developing a following among guitar players with his funky-painted pedals, Zack turned his attention toward creating a purpose-built mini-amp for those who wanted more music from their portable players. Yes, you read that correctly. What Vex wanted to design was a tiny tube amp that would have enough juice to power your typical bookshelf speaker with a single input source. To work the iMPAMP, the source must include some type of gain adjustment as the amplifier has no built-in attenuation of the incoming signal. This poses no problem for the intended user as the most likely source is the iPod, or any other digital player with output attenuation.

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Ok, I have had a bit of trouble finding the information I need.. Hell, what does the efficiency even mean? Sorry if this a repeat post.. You may not want to listen to me but here goes it Impedence ohm rating effectively means how much power gets through to the speaker.

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