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iconBIT HDM31

The original model belonged to a new generation of media players, it was one of the first to support a gigabit network and "honest" 3D. And even in the materials of , observers speak about the device in a purely positive manner.

Equipment The media player comes in a neat white box on which the main advantages of the model are set out, and on the back all connectors and ports are indicated and signed. The set of accessories is extremely minimal: an AV cable, a network adapter, a warranty card, an instruction manual and a remote control.

The instruction is quite detailed, although some important details are missing from my point of view. However, if that - help can always be found on the brand forum. The console is lightweight, with a claim to ergonomics. Plastic left a lasting impression on the television sets of my childhood and youth. The surface is matte, fingerprints do not remain on it.

The keys are moderately elastic, but with a central "joystick" overdone - clicks loudly and clearly. If someone is sleeping nearby while you start the movie, not for long and wake the person. The functionality of the console is decent, it took me no more than a couple of days to learn and remember the position of the main commands. Appearance The iconBIT XDS73D mk2 looks solid and expensive, a device with such a design is not ashamed to display next to the expensive home theater equipment.

The case is all-metal, rather heavy, which in this case is perceived as a purely positive moment. At the ends and top there are no elements, in general, a single button is installed on the front panel. There are claims to a very bright button illumination; there are no adjustments to this moment. Below we observe perforation for improved cooling. I note that a massive aluminum heatsink is used to cool the processor and the board, no fans. As a result, the media player is completely silent, in complete silence only the front diodes indicate the activity of the device.

Well, the video being played : On the underside there are four legs-overlays, their purpose is to avoid overlapping perforation with the surface on which the media player stands. The legs do not claim to improve adhesion to the coating, since they do not contain a single gram of rubber. HDMI 1. One connector attracts attention in blue - yes, it's high-speed USB 3. Very good, although I did not disclose the full potential of the latter as part of the medical center, the volume of my USB 3.

Similarly, everything went well with removable media. In particular, flash drives were tested, including USB 3. On the left side is a foldable antenna that provides Wi-Fi I live in a one-room apartment, so I can not fully appreciate the quality of signal reception. Setup, features and hardware platform The basis of the model is the Realtek RTDDD chipset, not a newcomer to the media player market, the model was released in October Compared with the previous generation in the person of Realtek from , a more advanced version introduced support for HDMI 1.

In , comrade iklementiev even performed experiments on expanding functionality over his media center based on Realtek RTDDD. At the same time, the chipset has support for a gigabit network, and interfaces that are relevant not only years earlier, but also now, including the USB 3.

Despite the fact that they are currently producing very decent multi-functional Android sticks and consoles, the iconBIT XDS73D mk2 has a significant advantage over them. This model was originally created on a chip that is hardware-tuned specifically for video, the presence of Android here is made as a secondary feature.

After all, if there are problems with playback, otherwise you just have to hope that the company will fix bugs. But this does not always happen. The fact is that by default there are only three items in the main menu: file manager, Internet services tab and settings.

Where is Android here? Where are all the services and programs that I saw in the reviews of the previous model? Here I would like to blame the iconBIT, which did not bother to illuminate this feature of the model in the manual. The fact is that usually they try to dump all the options of the media player on the user, and only after the user, if this is possible, disables unnecessary menu functions.

So, in iconBIT XDS73D mk2 they went from the opposite, all items except the three listed need to be manually enabled through the settings, where they still need to be found. In general, the approach is ambiguous, although I do not deny it - it has its own logic and pluses.

But it is necessary to warn at least in the manual. But what happened motivated me just in case to update the firmware. According to the download directory, the firmware has been updated four times, the last not so long ago - in March this year. Later it turned out that right in the settings there is a point to select the update image and start the process.

Well, okay, once accustomed, you stop paying attention to such trifles. You can see the full list in the pictures, we will familiarize ourselves with the services below.

We have a choice of auto start sections - video, music or photo. In addition, it is convenient if households are not very versed in technology is this still common? And can get confused in the system.

Since my acquaintance with the player began with the settings, I will dwell on them a little more. We will definitely have to visit the System if we want to use Android. Yes, the platform must first be activated, after which you must enter the system through the special item on the main menu.

And do not forget to reboot, otherwise you will not see the treasured item. In the "Video" innovative items are not visible, quite standard settings.

Network settings include both wired and wireless connection methods. Here, right from the beginning, we select from the points available in the district.

Services and software The file manager is the first in the menu, and we will start with it. If the connected media is partitioned, they will be presented as a choice. Navigation is fast, the media player did not slow down both in flash drives and in a 2-terabyte hard drive.

Various options for sorting, filtering and presenting files are available in the context menu. I like the usual list, but I really liked the option with a preview - a list of files is displayed on the right, and playback of the current video quickly starts on the left. The Blu-Ray files I tried were not particularly remembered, since everything went more or less smoothly, the autorun menu included in the system settings functioned correctly. With 3D-movies, regardless of the bitrate, the media player also coped without the "strain".

After connecting to the TV, I was asked to use the pseudo-3D mode. From the remote, you can even call up a small window with detailed information about the file: sound, resolution, bit rate, etc. Contextual settings depend on a specific file - there is a choice of subtitles, audio tracks. Moreover, both options can again be launched from the remote control.

Well recommended viewing photos. Switching between files "at the pace of a waltz" occurs with an interval of up to 2 seconds, most often the delay is almost not felt. The photo can be set as wallpaper, run a slide show, choose from almost a dozen transitions. Music playback does not stand out, the dialogue is built on the principle of the video preview mentioned above.

Unfortunately, no equalizer is provided. Further on the main menu are sections of the library - videos, music and photos. However, my icons remained gray inactive , as knowledgeable people suggested, these sections are available only for hard drives. In the "Applications" hidden a good two dozen Internet services. In general, the selection is not bad - there are almost all the largest video platforms such as IVI.

NET, etc. In the latest firmware version, web-serving is assigned to a standard Android browser. If you roll back to previous versions, then we will see a rather strange, but still Casablanca browser.

The application, although it causes mixed feelings, is even suitable for remote control. Yes, and the version of Android 2. X imposes its limitations on software compatibility.

As a non-standard testing ground for testing, I chose my own huge archive of video from car recorders and action cameras, here the bitrate reached Mbps. And again, without excesses, both sound and picture were reproduced normally. However, the Super Full HD video of the newfangled recorders turned out to be beyond the player's power. However, this permission was not declared as supported. The same story with 4k videos. Poor equipment, an HDMI cable could be attached.

There are localization flaws, maybe they will be fixed in future firmware. A very controversial benefit from Android - in fact, the benefit is limited to the browser and an additional video player.

According to Yandex. The strengths of the model are its excellent support for a variety of video formats, playback of 3D content, many built-in video services from the Internet, and finally the attractive design of the media player itself. Regarding Wi-Fi, you can focus on both watching videos from the Internet and connecting to a NAS, in both cases I did not have any particular complaints about the device.

Yes, and how not to mention the abundance of ports, up to Ethernet and composite outputs. Also popular now: Codenamed Ubuntu Battlefield Notes.

IconBiT XD290HDMI User Manual

Use old embed code. Hide old embed code. Uploaded Aug 19 Leider funktionieren die Apps und das Internet nicht? Habe die System Firmware v Windows XP.

Iconbit Hmphdmi 16gb Player, Used Media Players For Sale in 6 inch screen (not touch, so won't stop the movie if you touch it accidentally).

Дистанционные пульты для медиа-плееров iconBIT

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info. If you plan to organize a home network for storing a collection of video, audio and photo material with easy access to this content from various devices, this post is right for you. I will try to describe the structure of a home network with the minimum and optimal set of necessary network and multimedia devices. The article is based on many years of my experience, which is built on efforts and errors, as well as on many changes in configuration and structure. For a beginner, the most difficult thing is to determine the minimum required set of devices for our home media network. The structure of the home network implies the following minimum set of elements:. Ideally, a home media network project should exclude a personal computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop. In this article, we will deal only with HTPC. HTPC is also a computer, but it will be free from tasks and will not be taken away as a laptop to work, as home users need constant access to the storage with media content.


iconbit movie home

Ever since the Apple iPad was introduced, the portable gaming market has been growing exponentially, and with the introduction of cheaper Android solutions the market reach has grown as well. Even though one can find a wide variety of tablets sporting an even wider variety of Android versions, only a few have enough hardware power able to match the sheer power of Apple products. IconBit are virtually unknown in Europe, but the development team behind their products seems to be the ultimate best of the best in Russia, and they seem to focus a lot on the visual capabilities of their tablet, making their product the top choice for gaming purposes. The tablet has only 8Gb of internal memory which is fine for casual users , but can be upgraded through a Micro SD card for sizes up to 32Gb. The tablet also sports a 2.

Despite the fact that we each have a TV, and often more than one, for many it has long ceased to perform its original function — featuring television terrestrial channels.

iconbit XDS1003D 3D Network Media Player 1080p - Realtek 1186DD, USB 3.0, Gigabit LAN, HDMI 1.4

Need help logging in? Sony Group Site. Sony Professional. Main menu SONY. Search Sony. Toggle SideBar.

Review of Media Player & Gaming console iconBIT xPLAY 950HDMI

Intr oduction. Introduc tion. Thank y ou fo r choos ing the iconB IT de vice. W e hop e that y ou w ill be satisf ied by us ing our devi ce for home en tertainment. About the player 2. P ower 2. Numer ic buttons 3.

With 52 weeks of the year to release movies, there are some when Hollywood is going to The lesson here – go big (or ape) or go home.

Iconbit iCONBIT Movie Home (PC-0037W) User Manual [ru]

The model is not popular and did not get ratings. They include such parameters as Port count USB host. Auto Chemicals Oil transmission. Car pumps.

Sky cinema

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The server includes a transcoder FFMPEG , which allows converting media into a format that will be supported by the playback device. It is also possible to convert the media frame format to the playback screen format. Transcoding can be selected from any minute. You can redirect Internet radio and Internet TV streams to another media device.

The original model belonged to a new generation of media players, it was one of the first to support a gigabit network and "honest" 3D. And even in the materials of , observers speak about the device in a purely positive manner.

IconBiT Toucan DUO Plus Manuals and Guides

It's no secret that over time, we accumulate a lot of all kinds of films, photographs and the like, and this is all usually stored on a computer. But it would not be bad to watch a movie that you just downloaded from the network on a large TV, and not on a PC screen, but for this you need to transfer this movie to a USB flash drive, or burn it to disk. Don't be alarmed, this is not exactly a separate computer with hard drives. This is a program that performs strictly assigned tasks. Let's take a look at several programs that can provide access to media content from other devices or programs. DLNA in its own words is a technology that allows devices that are connected to the same network and support DLNA technology to exchange media content videos, photos, music. Smart Share Is a proprietary application technology by LG.

By using a compact media player, you can save space, expand the functionality of your TV and play multimedia content on your TV from your computer, NAS home server or the Internet. Network media players can be used to store and play home multimedia content paired with a TV monitor and speaker system. The media player is able to transfer movies, music and images from the PC directly to the TV screen in optimal quality, while the computer can be used for work at this time. Moreover, network player can be equipped with a built-in hard drive or connected to an external drive.

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