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Looking to join the highest quality online network of stock investors? Discord, mostly known as an online gaming communication platform, has grown to host all sorts of group chats. Similarly to Slack groups and Telegram groups, Discord may arguably be becoming the hottest group chat platform out there. While Hashtag Investing is itself a high quality, exclusive social network for stock investors with group chatting capability, I figured it would be valuable to condense and share them in a single blog post. If there is any that should be added please feel free to contact us to request adding it.

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Reddit Declares War on Christmas, Ends Secret Santa

November 5, , by NCI Staff. Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of cancer death among people under 50 in the United States, with rates of new diagnoses still climbing in this age group. A few years later, when the bleeding became more frequent and intense, he decided to get it checked out. But then he started feeling sharp pains in his pelvis and knew something was seriously wrong.

At just 40 years old, he was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. Unfortunately, Dallmann's experience reflects a growing trend seen across the country.

Since the s, the rate of colorectal cancer which includes cancers of the colon and rectum has more than doubled among adults younger than Not only that, but more younger people are dying from the disease. This rapid increase is especially puzzling because the rate of colorectal cancer has plummeted among older adults—largely due to regular colonoscopies and lower rates of smoking.

In September, more than leading scientists from academia, industry, and government, along with patient advocates, gathered online to exchange ideas and information about colorectal cancer in younger adults. Although the participants discussed several different aspects of early-onset colorectal cancer—including prevention, treatment, and survivorship—identifying risk factors and causes for colorectal cancer in younger adults emerged as the top priority.

Nearly 18, people under the age of 50 will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year in the United States, said Rebecca Siegel, M. Some groups have been hit by the rising trend more than others. For instance, although people of all races can develop colorectal cancer at a young age, the spike has mostly been seen among Alaska Natives, American Indians, and Whites.

However, Blacks are still more likely to get colorectal cancer at a young age than Whites, even though the gap is shrinking, said Nathan Ellis, Ph. Lee, M. In most of these places, the number of cases in younger adults started trending upward around But they do know some factors that raise the risk of colorectal cancer in older adults, including obesity, physical inactivity, and smoking.

When the incidence of a disease changes by generation, that suggests the culprit is something in the environment, rather than something biological, Dr. Ng added, with many other meeting participants agreeing. Most of the discussions about the possible causes of early-onset disease converged on three interrelated factors: diet, bacteria in the gut, and inflammation.

Using data from electronic health records, Nathan Berger, M. Unhealthy diets have become more common in past decades, the researchers pointed out. And the number of children and adults who are overweight or obese continues to climb. In addition, Americans are spending more time sitting and less time being active.

Studies have found that more TV time is also linked to a higher risk of early-onset colorectal cancer , said Yin Cao, Sc. Other scientists have turned their focus to bacteria that live in the gut, also called the gut microbiome. Certain types of bacteria have been pegged as accomplices in the growth and spread of colorectal cancer, and some may affect how well certain cancer treatments work. In lab studies, toxins from several types of bacteria that are normally found in the human gut caused cancer in the intestines of mice, explained Cynthia Sears, M.

Changes in the gut microbiome may be influencing the increasing rates of colorectal cancer in adults under Perhaps not surprisingly, gut bacteria are affected by the food and chemicals we eat, drink, and breathe. Studies have shown that diet, obesity, exercise, and some drugs such as antibiotics can all change the number and types of bacteria in our guts. Unhealthy diets and gut bacteria are connected in another way, too. In one study of mice, a high-fat diet triggered gut inflammation and accelerated the growth of tumors in the intestines.

As for gut bacteria, some bacterial toxins intensify inflammation, Dr. Sears noted. Studies have also shown that certain gut bacteria can recruit immune cells that help cancer grow, as well as block immune cells that fight cancer. Inflammation can also generate harmful chemicals that can mutate DNA and promote cancer, explained Dr.

Half of younger adults with colorectal cancer also have a chronic condition that can cause inflammation in the gut. The effects of these factors could start very early in life—in childhood, infancy, or even in the womb—noted Caitlin Murphy, Ph. Scientists are also examining factors in the environment as potential causes of early-onset colorectal cancer.

Such factors include things like air and water pollution, chemicals in soil and food, and pesticide use. Some of these chemicals might damage DNA, potentially leading to harmful mutations in cells of the colon and rectum.

Other chemicals may have more indirect effects, pointed out Barbara Cohn, Ph. Even though some of those chemicals are now banned, their use in earlier decades could have effects later in life for people who were born back then, Dr. Cohn explained. In addition, some environmental chemicals may have harmful effects on the complex assortment of bacteria in the gut, Dr. Woychik noted. People are exposed to many chemicals at the same time, some of which may interact in different ways, he added.

Defining the causes and risk factors for early-onset colorectal cancer will likely help inform approaches for prevention, screening, and treatment, Daschner said. For instance, health care professionals could recommend lifestyle changes or more frequent screening tests to people who, because of their exposures, are at higher risk of developing colorectal cancer at a young age.

A few medical organizations have lowered the recommended age to start colorectal cancer screening from 50 to For those younger than 45, tailoring colorectal cancer screening approaches to each person based on their risk factors called precision screening may improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of screening, said Dr.

Homing in on the causes and risk factors will also help scientists uncover the underlying biology of early-onset colorectal cancer. More specifically, it can help scientists pinpoint specific molecules that drive the growth of colorectal cancer in young people.

Which, in turn, could hatch new ideas for colorectal cancer screening and treatment. For example, some screening tests check for specific molecules made by colorectal cancer or polyps growths that could turn into cancer.

Knowing which molecules are key to the growth of early-onset tumors could help researchers design screening or diagnostic tests that are tailored for younger adults. It could also help them develop treatments that target those key molecules an approach known as targeted therapy. Although the coronavirus pandemic forced this long-planned think tank to be held online, it still brought together people with expertise in many different areas, Daschner said.

To continue to promote research in this area, NCI has issued a funding opportunity for research on the causes of early-onset cancers. People should get used to looking at their stool and noticing changes, they noted. January 12, , by NCI Staff. December 21, , by NCI Staff. December 15, , by NCI Staff. Menu Contact Dictionary Search.

Understanding Cancer. What Is Cancer? Cancer Statistics. Cancer Disparities. Cancer Causes and Prevention. Risk Factors. Cancer Prevention Overview. Cancer Screening Overview. Screening Tests. Diagnosis and Staging. Questions to Ask about Your Diagnosis. Types of Cancer Treatment.

Side Effects of Cancer Treatment. Clinical Trials Information. A to Z List of Cancer Drugs. Questions to Ask about Your Treatment. Feelings and Cancer. Adjusting to Cancer. Day-to-Day Life. Support for Caregivers. Questions to Ask About Cancer. Choices for Care. Talking to Others about Your Advanced Cancer. Planning for Advanced Cancer. Advanced Cancer and Caregivers. Questions to Ask about Advanced Cancer.

Managing Cancer Care. Finding Health Care Services. Advance Directives. Using Trusted Resources. Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer.

Emotional Support for Young People with Cancer. Cancers by Body Location.

20 of the Best Finance Subreddits

Discord is undeniably one of the best communication platforms out there when it comes to creating online communities. You can use it to connect with people across varying fields of interest and communicate with them over text messaging, voice calls, and video calls. One of the core essences of Discord are servers, which are essentially groups that you can join to communicate with other like-minded people. Joining such public server rooms works in your favor only when you want to network and connect with people from across the globe. But it may not be the best solution when you need a private group with only your peers or friends. In such situations, what you need are private custom servers. A custom Discord server puts you in the driving seat and gives you the ability to decide almost every aspect of what happens there.

Come list your server, or find Discord servers to join on the oldest server is a Discord server affiliated with the r/k_on SubReddit and the K-ON!

The Definite Guide Every Blockchain Project Needs to Building an Engaging Community on Discord

Bitcoin, Dogecoin seem too mainstream to this Reddit user who talks about finding undervalued coins. But there's always a huge risk that accompanies digital currencies and should be factored in before and while investing. A recent example is Bitcoin, the world's oldest and largest crypto coins that plunged nearly 30 percent after the Chinese government's crackdown on the trading of digital assets. Having said that, there are still a large number of investors who find the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies enticing but are unable to take the step forward due to a lack of knowledge. The user, before listing 10 crucial factors, claimed that they been involved in digital currency investments since and, therefore, would like to share their two cents on how to go about it. The user stressed on choosing coins using a value-investing approach. Here are the 10 factors enumerated in the post:. Furthermore, said would look at only those cryptos that have a "discrete product or service they provide".

GameStop FOMO Inspires a New Wave of Crypto Pump-and-Dumps

crypto discord groups reddit

Discord shilling groups. Through project promotion, mentions and more. Other niches as well. Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile is a special event where you can find multiple tournaments and you can join the tournament using bonus challenge vouchers.

Scammers pretend to be from legitimate companies such as KFC, reaching out to users on Discord.

[Scam Alert] Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scams on Discord

Discord is the portal to the Metaverse. There are more than discord servers on NFT and finding the right one would consume you lot of time. Every day a new discord group on the NFT server has been popping up and we are here to update you best NFT discord server regularly. So bookmark this article and check out regularly on this page. We are personally active members in all discord servers that we mentioned below. Every discord server below mentioned is not only specific to NFT projects but also to the developer, artist, and investors.

Capital Gains Tax

Bitcoin, Ethereum ETH , and now Dogecoin DOGE -- thanks to a few tweets by Elon Musk -- have all come onto the radar of would-be traders, but as with every investment, scam artists are seeking means to cash in. Cryptocurrency is certainly not immune to scams or other threats. Cryptocurrency exchanges hit with cyberattacks can end up losing trader funds; exit scams still occur, and regulators are constantly battling fraud. We're unlikely to see any end of crypto-related scams anytime soon, and in a new warning posted by Kaspersky, a new scheme is now targeting users of Discord. Discord is a messaging and voice chat service that caters to an estimated million users, having branched out from a gamer-heavy community to general use for clubs and for friends to stay in touch. According to Kaspersky researcher Mikhail Sytnik, scam artists are now entering Discord servers and are sending private messages to users that appear to be from new, up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchanges.

Join our main & local Communities now, to not miss any Discord:, Chain, NFT; Reddit.

Cryptocurrency Investment: Reddit User Shares 10-Factor Approach to Make the Most of It

Discord study server names. Ingrian Discord Servers. The server is for those who love to We also help eachother in study and Academics. Discord also provide a study groups template, which is great if you're hoping to setup a server for your study group!

Discord servers targeted in cryptocurrency exchange scam wave

It has become notable for its colorful and profane jargon, aggressive trading strategies, and for playing a major role in the GameStop short squeeze that caused losses for some US firms and short sellers in a few days in early The subreddit, describing itself through the tagline "Like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal ", [5] is known for its aggressive trading strategies, which primarily revolve around highly speculative, leveraged options trading. Members of the subreddit are often young retail traders and investors who ignore fundamental investment practices and risk management techniques, so their activities are often considered gambling. The growing popularity of no-commission brokers and mobile online trading has potentially contributed to the growth of such trading trends. Members of the communities often see high-risk day trading as an opportunity to quickly improve their financial conditions and obtain additional income.

Online trading apps are drawing in novice investors willing to risk everything on volatile stocks. It started in November , around the time of the US presidential election.

Why Your Group Chat Could Be Worth Millions

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Top 10 Useful Discord Bots to Manage Your Server in 2022

Collab land reddit. Discuss your favorite box office hits, and highly addicting K-dramas. His collaboration with Nike became "the Official Sneaker of Celebrities Everywhere" in the words of GQ, and many more tie-ups followed, running the gamut from Jimmy Choo and Moncler to even Updated on January 1st, It is the widest glacier on Earth, spanning roughly 80 miles kilometers and extending Full of Arrows Like Saint Sebastian.

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