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Nathaniel Whittemore. For more episodes and free early access before our regular 3 p. This episode is sponsored by Crypto. As the U.

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Slashdot Top Deals

Qualifiers were held on Feb 4th, reducing the field of thousands down to players for the finals. User NTouter claimed the grand prize by cumulative score over four matches of combat. Our scoring system deeply rewards kills to de-incentivize camping.

The winner gets a huge amount of points each round, locking in a top NFT. All s2 citizens will receive their items Monday ordered by placement in the tourney. All Neo Tokyo S2 holders are strongly incentivized to compete. Their placement in the tournament affects the rarity of their NFTs; noncompetitors are limited to the 0th to 50th rarity percentiles.

Is it a blue chip NFT? Is it a premium alpha discord? Is it the future of crypto gaming? Whatever you want to call it, it remains a case study in forging a community and creating emergent value for holders. Why is it so valuable? The project minting mechanics strongly reward holding all your NFTs, and the complete set grants access to a valuable community.

As a result, users are fiercely holding onto their codes. The demand for entry is intense. Access to Neo Tokyo, especially the Elite spots, has become a digital country club or crypto Illuminati of sorts. Top talent, bright minds, and deep pockets are all coming together in Neo Tokyo to work on blockchain gaming — and some pay large sums for the privilege. At least two venture capital funds have acquired Citizens from the marketplace purely to gain access to the holder-exclusive zones.

Biggest investor. Biggest game streaming company. All onboard Neo Tokyo. After this private holders-only round is concluded, Alex Becker will soon announce the final round. Round 3 will likely be open to the public again, but who knows what surprises will be in store?

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Beware the FOMO Bullies of Technology

This is a thread to teach them our ways. NFT twitter has a great culture, very positive. Let's keep it this way. Full Twitter thread here. GM means "good morning". We say good morning to each other because we are a friendly happy optimistic global community and it is nice to say good morning to your friends as you start your day. GN gn means "good night".

I'm feeling the FOMO with the stock and crypto markets roaring. at [email protected], and follow Quentin Fottrell on Twitter.

Why Bored Ape Avatars Are Taking Over Twitter

Funny crypto group names. A fantasy team name is relatively important. This is one of the biggest and craziest bitcoin hacks to ever occur. Crypto Scam List — Last Updated: December 22, Below is a list of websites and trading companies involved in fraudulent activities using cryptocurrency. Fantasy football team names. All Names. The venue, which opened in , will be called Crypto. Superhero Team Names.

This Popular Crypto Investor Predicts ‘Nasty Downturns’ Ahead. Here’s How She Says to Prepare

crypto fomo twitter

They may not be able to pinpoint why they're so obsessed with these dense metal cubes, but crypto enthusiasts can agree on one thing: Holding a tungsten cube is an experience like no other. In the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency world has become obsessed with the cube's tangible density. The near-ubiquitous affection for the cube in crypto circles has been compared to cult-like behavior, driven largely by a fear of missing out FOMO on the next big thing, a sentiment deeply woven in crypto trading. He received his cube last week, tweeting that the two-week wait "without the intensity of density" was "heart wrenching. He described holding his tungsten cube as an "intensely physical" sensation," which was a refreshing experience in the "age of a rapidly expanding metaverse.

Now, the platform is said to be looking into the integration of non-fungible tokens NFT. Obviously, faced with this enthusiasm, many companies are trying to ride this wave.

Dogecoin's First Millionaire Explains Crypto Slang for Newbies

Bitcoin is often referred to as "digital gold," but the only metal anyone on Crypto Twitter is talking about today is tungsten. And not just any form of tungsten, but a cube of it. If that's too heavy, you can get a 1. Blame Nic Carter. According to the product reviews, customers enjoy lifting it, smashing things with it, and using it as a paperweight.

Kim Kardashian and crypto FOMO: Why regulators are worried

Bitcoin is more popular than ever. According to an HSB survey, one-third of US small and medium-sized businesses accept cryptocurrency as payment. If you invest in Bitcoin, I'm sure this is great news. To me, it's more proof that a sucker's born every minute. Why the Bitcoin hate?

Think of a strategy to induce scarcity and "fomo" i. Crypto Twitter is where all the NFT marketing goes on. 3) Content Marketing. 4 Days Delivery.

Cryptocurrency pump-and-dump schemes: What you should know about these scams

Many people rely on Twitter as the first place to hear new stories. Twitter currently has million active users, and these users send out an average of million tweets per day Omnicore. Like everything, these conversations have stirred up some pretty good things but have also had their cons. We will be discussing the pros and cons.

A Guide to NFT Twitter Terminology


Over the last 60 years, Visa has built a collection of historic commerce artifacts - from early paper credit cards to the zip-zap machine. NFT, short for non-fungible token, refers to a blockchain-powered proof of ownership. NFTs are implemented as standardized sets of data on a distributed ledger, like Ethereum, holding information about where its content is stored and who is the owner. While this sounds technical and less than exciting, it sparked a wave some would say a mania of investment.

HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold," in the context of buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

On social media, agreements are tenuous and alliances fleeting. But, at the beginning of May, Kyle Swenson, a twenty-five-year-old clothing reseller in Orlando, Florida, noticed a shift in the tone of his Twitter feed. An increasing number of accounts that he followed were changing their avatars to cartoons of apes: apes sporting sunglasses or bunny ears, apes with leopard-patterned or rainbow fur, apes smoking cigars or shooting laser beams from their eyes. Some had cigarettes dangling from their mouths, or the red eyes of the deeply stoned. Amid the Twitter melee, the apes were chatting among themselves, chill and supportive.

I like crypto a lot! However, I try my best to be impartial in all my work. I think this problem is pretty apparent to most people - the divisiveness of different projects , the vitriol at brands for launching crypto integrations , the interpretation of the cryptobro persona, and of course, the general vibe underneath any NFT tweet. It is honestly horrific at times - people appear to truly hate NFTs and to hate elements of the crypto 1 ecosystem, as shown below tw: death.

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