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You want to make sure you can actually get the old crew off and your own crew on. COVID threw a monkey wrench into all that. Higher secondhand ship demand should equate to higher asset values, which should theoretically equate to higher share prices. Allied Shipbroking of Greece counted ship sales in February and in January.

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Cruise Ship Stock Alert: Trading Carnival, Royal Caribbean After New CDC Comments

As soon as retail investor Calvin Froedge heard that a massive container vessel was stuck in the Suez Canal, he pulled his car over to the side of the road, opened up his laptop and started buying shipping stocks.

Froedge is one of an increasingly influential army of day traders who — like WallStreetBets on Reddit — is embedded in a network of like-minded souls that swap data in chat rooms and on social media platforms while posting a stream of memes.

He's something of a celebrity among members of the so-called Tanker Gang, an informal internet community that has emerged in the past few years to speculate on companies that transport oil and fuels. Before the Suez Canal snarl-up, these tanker-loving investors had been having a tough time, with share prices struggling to recover from the pandemic.

Alexander Hansson, a board member at Nordic American and the son of its founder, bought 50, shares of the company on Friday, a filing shows. Salvage teams freed the Ever Given early Monday in Egypt and it finally began moving after six days. It could take around a week to get all vessels out of the Suez Canal corridor, according to Mohab Mamish, the Egyptian president's adviser for the Suez Canal. Hannisdahl shares much of his research on Twitter, and is often inserted into memes posted by the Tanker Gang.

Before online communities like the Tanker Gang, it wasn't easy for retail traders to track the industry, which has a reputation for being a fairly dull corner of the market. Monitoring these companies often requires data that's locked behind pricey subscriptions. But over the past few years, the market's been pried open by the likes of Froedge and Hannisdahl, who post hard-nosed analysis on Twitter that sometimes moves stocks.

Froedge certainly doesn't find the tanker market boring. It's "possibly the most important part of the supply chain of the most important commodity on the planet. A war, a canal closure, tanker stocks go ballistic," he said, adding that he'd made gains since the blockage on several companies including Nordic American, Frontline Ltd. The tanker and shipping enthusiasts had been analyzing the Suez situation in Froedge's private Discord channel, part of his TankerData website that sells market info.

One member had been overlaying the Ever Given with the canal's schematics, figuring out exactly how much of the ship was beached. Tanker shares began tumbling Monday after progress was made on freeing the Ever Given. Frontline dropped as much as 8. Not everyone in the Tanker Gang was convinced that shipping stocks were set to soar. View Comments.

Why Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) Stock May Take Time To Recover

Stock Score is the Average Score from Stock Reports Plus by Refinitiv which combines quantitative analysis of widely used investment decision making tools. This score is on a 10 point scale 1 is lowest and 10 being the highest, NR indicates No-rating is available. Know More. Company's annual revenue growth of Source: Consolidated Financials. Company has spent 1. This is a ratio arrived at by dividing the current market price of a stock by its latest annual or annualized earnings per share.

Get a real-time Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (SHIP) stock price quote with breaking news, financials, statistics, charts and more.

How A Long Shutdown Of The Suez Canal Might Have Roiled The Global Economy

Some distinctive sailing news on these ships for the season includes:. Announced at CES in January, the Ocean Medallion goes well beyond the growing number of wearables used by theme parks and other holiday companies by leaving behind the required action of "tap" and ushering in a new paradigm for guest interactions. The Ocean Medallion makes cruising more personal, immersive, simple and seamless than previously considered possible. At the heart of this personalised experience is the Ocean Medallion, which enables endless holiday possibilities. The Ocean Medallion has no discernible technology -- no on-off switch, no charging, no menu to navigate -- and can be worn as a pendant, on a wristband, in a clip or simply placed in a pocket to reveal enhanced services and personalised experiences without guests having to push a button or take any action. The pre-cruise engagement will allow guests to provide preferences that detail their wants, needs and desires so their on-board experience can be personalised. The Ocean Compass will invite guests to experiences based on their individual needs, wants and desires. Some of the initial service innovations include:. Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel agent, by calling , or by visiting the company's website at princess. For additional information on Ocean Medallion holidays on Princess Cruises, please visit www.

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ship stock news

The meter 1,foot -long Mumbai Maersk ran aground Wednesday night near the island of Wangerooge, on the approach to the port of Bremerhaven. Shipping company Maersk said after the grounding that the crew were safe, there was no pollution and no sign of a hull breach. Rescuers waited for a high tide overnight to free the vessel after an initial attempt to move it into deeper water failed. The ship will be taken to Bremerhaven as quickly as possible, the command said.

View our list of the best stock brokerages. The analyst firm set a price target for 2.

Ship backlogs from Suez chaos could take months to clear, container lines say

Posted February 1, a. EST Updated February 1, a. NICOSIA, Cyprus — Natural gas will remain an important energy source through and quantities of the hydrocarbon found off the east Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus could reach markets through a pipeline or by liquefying it for transport by ship, the head of ExxonMobil's Cyprus arm said Tuesday. He told The Associated Press by email that a combination of a pipeline or ship-transported, liquefied gas is also a possibility in getting the hydrocarbon to market. The Cyprus government has granted ExxonMobil and partner Qatar Energy licenses to carry out exploratory drilling in two of 13 blocks inside waters off its southern coastline where it has exclusive economic rights.

Port of LA partners with Port of Shanghai on green shipping corridor

Michelle Lewis. The hull was built at the Vard Braila Shipyard in Romania. Kongsberg Maritime released a video about the Yara Birkeland in , which gives a great overview. On May 31, , Hellenic Shipping News reported :. Yara advised that, at this moment, their priority is for the Yara Birkeland to begin operating with zero-emission transport of containers. Work is also ongoing to prepare the Yara Birkeland for the first phase of sailing with reduced manning. Once that has been achieved, the ship will be developed to reach the desired level of unmanned operation during the next two years. Kongsberg Maritime explains :.

Real time Seanergy Maritime Holdings (SHIP) stock price quote, stock graph, news & analysis.

3 Top Cruise Ship Stocks To Buy in 2022

The running aground of one of the world's largest container ships, blocking all traffic in the vital water passageway of the Suez Canal, could mean shipping delays for consumers around the globe and higher gas prices, maritime experts say. The extent depends on how quickly the massive vessel, the Ever Given, which holds upward of 20, shipping containers and is as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall, can be moved out of the way. Everything from food, furniture, clothes, shoes, exercise equipment, electronics, car parts and carpets could be affected, logistics experts say. About 12 percent of total global trade moves through the Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.

Cruise Ship Stocks Struggling to Stay Afloat


By Frank Coles — Over the last twenty years we have seen continuous discussions about the need for open sharing of data. Recently this has become more. If the container shipping market is showing signs softening, ship charter rates have yet to receive the memo. Have a news tip?

Cook sailed the ship around the South Pacific in a pioneering voyage before landing on the east coast of Australia in

Suez Canal: Owner of cargo ship blocking waterway apologises

A favorite of mine for a couple years now! This is my SHIP trading story. Holding long term is always going to be safer for most, but this is how I stayed active but not too active!! I'm not a day trader. I'm a swing trader and opportunity seeker! I've been in 3 times and made money on the first two. The firm engages in seaborne transportation of dry bulk commodities.


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