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Why the ‘Big Short’ Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble

Elon Musk updated his Twitter profile to include the bitcoin hashtag early Friday morning. And when Musk does something like this, he has the power to influence the market. The price of bitcoin spiked following his profile update. And as we'll see, he's not the only prominent figure giving the popular cryptocurrency a boost today.

As of a. And stocks that mine and hold bitcoin were soaring as well. Even a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin was in the news. While I'd normally ignore Dogecoin considering it was created as a joke , I believe it's relevant to what's going today, as we'll see in a moment. First, today's story should be framed with the broader context of what's going on in the market.

GameStop is in the middle of an epic short squeeze , caused by abnormally high short interest , and catalyzed by a group of retail investors buying shares in concert. GameStop, and a group of other stocks with a lot of short interest, have skyrocketed during this past week as a result.

But then yesterday, brokerages like Robinhood and others started limiting how many shares of GameStop could be purchased for a while you couldn't buy any at all.

It appears some of these retail investors, in frustration, then turned to cryptocurrencies, an asset class that's perceived to be impervious to unwanted control and oversight. The parabolic rise of Dogecoin corresponds with the decision by brokerages to limit trading on certain stocks.

Therefore, it would seem that a herd of retail investors was already looking for alternative trades. Initially, it was Dogecoin.

But their appetite for alternatives was then served an unexpected entree when Musk appeared to throw support behind bitcoin. And it wasn't just Musk. Even Ray Dalio, the famous billionaire behind the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund, marveled at the invention of bitcoin yesterday.

On Bridgewater's website last night, Dalio sought to clarify his position on bitcoin because he believes the media is mischaracterizing his intent. In the article, he regularly asserted that he's not a bitcoin expert and therefore isn't giving advice. But his team is exploring the balance of supply and demand and what that could mean for the future value of bitcoin tokens. This sequence of events is impacting the price of bitcoin today. All three hold bitcoin tokens Grayscale holds them exclusively.

For its part, MicroStrategy holds 70, bitcoin tokens. And Marathon just bought 4, tokens that it plans to hold. How much the rising price of bitcoin benefits bitcoin-mining companies is less straightforward. Marathon, Riot Blockchain, and Bit Digital are all unique companies. Each has its particular mining capacity, ongoing expenses, and decisions from management that potentially create or destroy shareholder value. That said, investors seem content to continue bidding these up regardless of the individual business fundamentals, so long as bitcoin is going up.

Don't rush out to buy bitcoin and bitcoin stocks not even Dogecoin based solely on this week's events. Keep in mind how quickly today's narrative developed. Just as quickly, the narrative could spin the opposite way, sending these assets tumbling.

Every day the financial news cycle drives a hamster wheel of volatility. Be careful not to take long-term action on short-term news. Long term, stocks go up and down based on demand, and businesses executing on their long-term vision tend to be those in-demand stocks. For that reason, it's important to never lose sight of what's going on with the business. Yesterday, MicroStrategy reported fourth-quarter results. This is material news for shareholders.

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What's great about exploring business and the economy is the insight it gives you into how things are in the world. Prior to this, I spent more than a decade traveling the world exploring different cultures and languages, While I no longer get to exercise my analytical muscles with linguistics, it's rewarding to analyze businesses and share my opinions through this platform.

Appreciate my writing, have an idea for me, or is there an issue with something I wrote? Feel free to reach out to me at jon. Image source: Getty Images. Questioning an investing thesis -- even one of our own -- helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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Times Internet Limited. All rights reserved. For reprint rights. Times Syndication Service. Bitcoin could become 'digital gold' if volatility and liquidity issues subside with 'regulatory certainty', Bridgewater says Advertisement. Will Daniel. Bitcoin vs.

Ray Dalio bats for crypto's relevance, admits to having “some” Bitcoin. The sharp change in Dalio's position will come as music to the ears of cryptocurrency.


Some background: It's an Android wallet, where you maintain a euro balance held by Bridgewalker for you. Using those funds, bitcoins will be bought at current market price whenever you want to send any. This allows you to use Bitcoin only as a payment mechanism, without being affected by the exchange rate volatility. You fund your account via Bitcoin as well, which will be exchanged for euros at current market price and credited to your account. So: Bitcoin as transaction mechanism, Euro as store of value. Bitcoin newbie here, so it's probably something obvious, but can I buy Bitcoin from this app? I wasn't sure if the "receive Bitcoin" meant that. No, you cannot use this app to buy bitcoins. So I'm afraid it does not solve one of the hardest challenges Bitcoin still faces, which is how to get any. If you happen, for example, to stand in front of a Bitcoin ATM, you can use that to turn fiat that you have in the form of cash into fiat that you have in your Bridgewalker account by buying Bitcoin from the ATM and sending it to your Bridgewalker address , which you can then later spend wherever it says "Bitcoin accepted here".

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bridgewalker bitcoin

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio said that while he thinks of Bitcoin as "digital gold", he prefers one over the other. Also read: Ray Dalio says, 'I'd rather have bitcoin than a bond', reveals he holds cryptocurrency. He told the news channel that he would pick gold due to its long history as a "store hold of wealth". Also read: Billionaire Ray Dalio on why meditation is good for business, and why he's got 'some Bitcoin'. Dalio had in May revealed that he holds some bitcoin.

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio is impressed with bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, and its blockchain. There's going to be that revolution, so it has earned credibility.

Bridgewater’s Dalio Calls Bitcoin ‘One Hell of an Invention’ (2)

Bridgewater Associates is an American investment management firm founded by Ray Dalio in The firm serves institutional clients including pension funds , endowments , foundations , foreign governments , and central banks. It utilizes a global macro investing style based on economic trends such as inflation , currency exchange rates, and U. Bridgewater Associates began as an institutional investment advisory service, graduated to institutional investing, and pioneered the risk parity investment approach in In , the company moved its headquarters from New York City to Westport, Connecticut , and currently engages 1, employees. The firm's history includes the pioneering of industry strategies such as: currency overlay , the separation of alpha and beta strategies, [6] the creation of absolute return products, and risk parity.

Elon Musk and Ray Dalio Send Bitcoin Stocks Soaring

After admitting that he might be wrong about bitcoin BTC and suggesting that BTC may be a good asset for one to diversify their investment portfolio, Ray Dalio, American billionaire investor and founder of major global investment firm Bridgewater Associates , just sent an even stronger signal that this major asset manager is eyeing the most popular cryptocurrency. Updated at UTC: updates throughout the entire text. According to popular crypto researcher Hasu, who was the first to share excerpts from the newsletter, Dalio challenges the idea that Bitcoin is as scarce as people think, since there is an unlimited number of "Bitcoin-like assets". More innovative coins can probably carve out their own demand, and arguably we are already seeing that today. He warns that increasing digitization also increases systemic risk," Hasu added.

Srinivasan Madhusudan, Tim Iveson, Sharon Hughes, Stephen P Pereira, Michael Roughton, John Bridgewater, ABC Trial Investigators.

Our Thoughts on Bitcoin

Given that the crypto market is newer, massive price swings have become a feature of the asset. For investors who want exposure to digital currencies without, or in addition to, directly investing in coins, one avenue is buying stocks that are either financially tied to crypto assets, support making the blockchain network more efficient or operate in the crypto market in some capacity. Here are seven popular stocks that are making waves in the crypto world. MicroStrategy Inc.

Bitcoinomics 101: principles of the Bitcoin market

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We are asked from time to time about trading or investing in Bitcoin, a digital currency asset class that first appeared in We think it is worth commenting. My daughter, 21 years old at the time, first asked me about investing in crypto-currencies about 3 years ago. It is 3 plus years later and she missed out on a big score, right? Making a decision to invest or trade in Bitcoin is just like every other investment, focus on understanding the investment thesis and the risks associated therewith and make a decision to invest or trade based on your specific personal situation. What is an appropriate risk-based decision for Party A might be an inappropriate risk-based decision for Party B.

Background: There is no established standard chemotherapy for patients with locally advanced or metastatic biliary tract cancer.

Bridgewalker Bitcoin Wallet

Kitco News Markets face "significant risks" as investors are still underpricing how "aggressive" the Federal Reserve will have to be during this tightening cycle to battle rising inflation, said Ray Dalio's hedge fund Bridgewater Associates in its outlook. A dramatic market's selloff in January might not be the end to volatility expected for this year, with Bridgewater seeing a big difference between investors' expectations versus reality. The problem is that markets are currently pricing in the Fed to end its tightening cycle when rates are back up at 2. Market participants might be too optimistic in this belief considering that inflation is at four-decade highs and the U. This environment could prove to be a challenging one for the Fed and other central banks around the world. That is challenging enough on its own, but the pandemic and near-zero interest rates make the choices facing policymakers especially difficult," the report said. Even a moderate tightening could be "painful" for U.

Gemini Launches Full Service Crypto Prime Brokerage

Ever wanted to buy something with bitcoin? There are now some 15, businesses that accept payment in cryptocurrency around the world, and more than 2, of them are in the United States. Bitcoin is not without controversy, but one fact is indisputable: more and more merchants and venues are willing to accept digital currency for payment. In this article, we identify which cities are at the forefront of embracing virtual currency.

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