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As part of the Short-Term Maxcoin Roadmap , the blockchain bootstrap file is now available for download. Using the Maxcoin blockchain bootstrap file significantly reduces the amount of time required to sync new Maxcoin wallet installations. To use the bootstrap file, complete the following steps:. If they match, then the bootstrap.

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Maxcoin (MAX)

Name : Max Keiser. You have been into Bitcoin forever it seems. When did you first discover Bitcoin and what has kept you so bullish all these years?

I invented fully convertible digital currencies in I have the first patent on one, that also includes virtual securities and virtual market-making; part of the first commercial Prediction Market - that I started up in , the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Interestingly, UniSwap market making tech copies my patent. You can see that pretty easily when you read through my patent.

And so When I was introduced to Bitcoin in by Jon Matonis on the Keiser Report, I immediately recognized its genius as having solved the centralization problem. With centralization, no digital currency can escape a gaming environment because none could effectively compete with the US government's shitcoin, the USD.

Because Bitcoin is digital, decentralized and scarce, it avoids government interference. Users can hoard this perfect store of value or exchange with each other outside of any government.

This means ultimately, Bitcoin can jump the cyber membrane and escape into the wild of the global economy untouched by governments or central planners. Bitcoin enjoys perfect price discovery and market-making. The price is perfect. We are not. But with Bitcoin, humans can strive for perfection, finally. Best Bitcoin experience and worst Bitcoin experience?

Thanks to "Bitso" for arranging. Worst Bitcoin experience was watching Charlie Schrem get busted and jailed. This was stomach turning. Charlie and Courtney are fantastic people and this was a travesty of justice. Many people know you from your podcast. Tell us a little about how you got started and how it has evolved.

Stacy and I first started podcasting before the term was invented by our friend Adam Curry. Stacy and I met in in the South of France and started doing radio shows that we uploaded. We then had a radio show for 10 years in London.

We had a radio show for 2 years in Paris. About 4 months ago we started doing Orange Pill Podcast. Our first love is radio and podcasting. You have seen a lot of people come and go in Bitcoin.

What is the biggest fail you have witnessed over the years? Probably Rick Falkvinge. He came to Bitcoin in as head of the Pirate Party that he founded in Sweden. It was extremely disappointing because Bitcoin has a sharp political edge and I believe the connection to the Pirate Party was fantastic and when Rick defected it was, at the time, a big disappointment. You also invest in various Bitcoin startups.

How did you get into this, and what startups are you the most excited about? We got into a seed round at Kraken, Shapeshift, Bitso. Kraken is up x so far. Jesse is the best in the business. All doing great. How has this helped or hurt Bitcoin? Do you see more coming, and what implications does this have on the world? They have no choice. It's a government guaranteed Ponzi scheme without any checks on the government printing presses.

Only foreign governments can impose some sanity and order by no longer accepting USD for trade. And as more start holding and trading Bitoin, they'll dump the dollar.

Do you believe the US election will help or hurt Bitcoin? If neoliberals return with Biden, Obama, Hillary, then war breaks out sooner and BTC goes up faster and higher as countries around the world say "Fuck you" to America and go long Bitcoin. Bitcoin is peace. Do you think the evolution of government regulations over digital currencies will stifle the Bitcoin economy? Absolutely not: It's more likely billionaire Bitcoin lobbyists will change the laws in our favor. Also, we already see a global hash war breaking out with countries actively mining and hoarding Bitcoin as a way to protect against rogue central banks and US censorship of global payment rails.

Bitcoin just hit 16k. Where do you think we go from here? Bitcoin has no top because fiat money has no bottom. Remember during the Weimar Republic, the German currency went from with Gold to a trillion to 1. This will be the story of Bitcoin. All fiat money around the world will be used as wall paper or just thrown into the garbage. During my live shows I rip up USD and other fiat money all the time. It feels great doing so. Try it sometime. You dabbled in shitcoins over the years.

What did you learn from these experiences? They left the project pretty quickly. One of them became a famous shitcoiner, CryptoCobain. I wasn't in on the development or ever owned any. Other than that, I covered lots of alt-coins during that shitcoin period, but once it became clear that Bitcoin was going to kill them all, I focused on Bitcoin.

What are your thoughts on Etherium or DeFi? What do you have to say to these big wall street names that claim Bitcoin will fail? Like who? The biggest, most successful Wall St.

The peanuts and loudmouths like Peter Schiff will never get it, and he'll never be a major player either. What are your thoughts on Nouriel Roubini doing a complete on Bitcoin and finally seeing the light?

Roubini's intellect finally got his ego to shut the fuck up and read the white paper. What is your opinion on Bitcoin Maximalists? The term Maximalist was made up by Vitalik to cover the fact that ETH was an exit scam and utter garbage.

Because of that huge rally of alts in , we created a group of temporarily rich idiots who got some media coverage. But they have all quieted down now that Bitcoin has reasserted it's dominance in such a huge way. Alts only exist to steal your bitcoin. Why is it important to call out the bad actors in this space? I blame Roger Ver, Craig, and Calvin, for this. By engaging in such rampant misrepresentation, as they have done, it creates a need for clarity and truthfulness.

Who are some of the most hardcore Bitcoiners you know and why? No 1 is Amir Tacki. He set the standard for going 'all in ' on Bitcoin. Saifedean Ammous wrote the textbook on Bitcoin economics, The Bitcoin Standard, a book that will be read for yrs.

Amazing stuff! What potential obstacles in the road do you think Bitcoiners need to pay attention to? Not buying enough Bitcoin in a world of nation state and fiat money collapse. What do you think about the development and evolution of lightning and liquid and how will these second layer solutions help Bitcoin? Elizabeth Stark is amazing. Lightning Labs rocks. What are your thoughts on multisig and the innovation in Bitcoin storage options?

I own some CASA stock. Jameson Lopp is a Bitcoin rock star. Any tips you want to give to people new to Bitcoin? Use Swan Bitcoin to get started.

Yes, I'm a shareholder.

Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence

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Max Keiser, the host of RT's Keiser report and prominent financial analyst, predicted bitcoin price to hit $5, within

Episode 1253

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What is Maxcoin?

maxcoin keiser

Maxcoin was a burning mess of burnt speculators, no funds for future development and a dwindling developers team. Or did he know that, just by saying so on TV, it would generate more buzz and consequently higher prices, at least temporarily? Keiser has eased off on the altcoin promotion in recent times, probably sensing a shift in regulatory mood post We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Max Keiser is a former stockbroker and an American broadcaster and film-maker.

These online crypto-currencies have made the financial world more fun.

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Max Keiser Stickers

TomLyonsBiz You should not be able to bet euros on a lottery. Let alone The financial opportunity cost is so incredibly high, not to mention the awful social and personal consequences. The financial sector plays a key role in the fight against climate change. Learn more:. Because God forbid the highly profitable fossil fuel industry should clean up its own mess.

Keiser was/is most famously involved with the “Maxcoin” project—an altcoin named after Keiser is in the “only BTC is Bitcoin” camp.

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Anyone and everyone are investing in cryptocurrency nowadays, hoping to earn a quick fortune off of the back of the next Bitcoin. In come the crypto influencers who help to shape the investment choices of those less knowledgeable. Verdict has scanned and scrutinised the Twitter-sphere in search of the most influential names in cryptocurrency, from founders, to investors, and analysts.

Name : Max Keiser. You have been into Bitcoin forever it seems. When did you first discover Bitcoin and what has kept you so bullish all these years? I invented fully convertible digital currencies in

We have created a collection of some of the best max-keiser quotes so you can read and share anytime with your friends and family. I follow Rick Falkvinge, who founded the Swedish Pirate party and was one of the very early adopters of Bitcoin.

It was another strong week in the world of alternative digital currencies, as several coins saw impressive price gains while developers sparked renewed activity in some established coin communities. Maxcoin, the altcoin championed by journalist and commentator Max Keiser , debuted to much fanfare earlier this year but stumbled following technical problems during the rollout. Keiser himself recently fanned the flames of speculation of a maxcoin revival in a 14th May post to his Twitter account:. Maxcoin is an easy double from here. Could maxcoin be making a comeback?

MaxCoin marks the first time a virtual currency will be endorsed by a pop culture figure prior to its launch. Luke Mitchell, a computer science student at Bristol University and head of the MaxCoin project , indicated that MaxCoin aims to establish itself as a viable alternative to bitcoin and litecoin , and would like to differentiate itself from other altcoin options out there by bringing genuine innovation to the table. The developers have promised not to pre-mine MaxCoin before its public launch tonight at

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