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Quantum computers and the Bitcoin blockchain

The Petro is a central bank digital currency created by Venezuela using blockchain technology. The main objective of its creation was to allow an economic restart to the South American nation and at the same time to establish itself as an opponent against the dollar. Learn about this project, and why the community believes it is a lost project. Recommended Previous Content. What is the Consensus? What is Proof of Work PoW? L The arrival of Bitcoin aroused the world's curiosity to create new cryptocurrencies, and one of those cryptocurrencies is Petro, the first cryptocurrency launched by a central bank, in this case that of Venezuela, a path that many other central banks are now following with.

The Petro is a project on which the current Venezuelan government wanted to put aside its precarious exchange rate situation and reactivate its economy, which has been in decline for 10 years. To do this, the project sought to design a unique cryptocurrency for the country that would shield its economy and open new investment doors.

However, the reality of the project is much more complex than most know. For that reason, at Bit2Me we have analyzed it thoroughly to bring all the details and data of the first CBDC of a nation, and how this project has evolved so far. The Petro is a currency of Venezuela. A CBDC, or purely digital currency issued by a central bank and using some aspects of Blockchain technology.

It is the pioneer in this sense worldwide, whose creation in a sovereign manner has placed Venezuela at the epicenter of innovation in this type of technology. This digital currency derives its name from the greatest wealth of this country, oil. In fact, the Venezuelan government maintains that the Petro and its value are supported not only by its immense oil wealth, but also by the vast mineral wealth of the nation.

To do this, the Petro in its whitepaper , indicates that the value of the Petro will be stabilized by a basket of commodities or raw materials that the nation has. These raw materials include oil, gold, iron, diamonds, coltan, and gas.

All this through a mathematical formulation that will dictate the price of the crypto asset at all times. His idea was to back this currency with the oil reserves of some OPEC member countries.

The currency in principle would be a fiat currency that would circulate among the OPEC countries and those that accept it as a means of payment. However, since the system has fallen into disuse, to the point that no management reports have been issued since that year. Furthermore, the only central banks that still use the system are the Central Bank of Cuba and the Central Bank of Venezuela.

In fact, it was not until December 8, when the project really took shape with the exit of Decree 3. The creation of this entity sought to regulate mining activities and the use of cryptocurrencies in the South American nation, becoming the first country in the region with a legal entity of this type. At first, there was talk that the Petro would be a network-based token Ethereum.

Then the perspective changed and there was talk that it would be based on the technology of NEM. These changes in forms and technologies were the genesis of many criticisms of the project, but finally the Petro was a reality, with a whitepaper identical to Dash , without a tokenomic clear and many dark spots, the project became a reality. However, the origin of the Petro also has an important economic point.

Surely you know that Venezuela is the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. This makes the South American nation a development pole in the region, with enormous potential. However, the reality of the country is quite different. Since , the country has faced a tough economic situation and a sharp decline in productivity in all its industries.

The attacks of this situation had not reached the population with force due to the oil bonanza, a highly subsidized economy, and a State that gave and printed large amounts of money. The economic situation of the country worsened in the years Control at that time was limited by the dollar and other foreign currencies, so he looked for a way to create international economic mechanisms that were outside the control of the dollar.

This despite the enormous economic difficulties that the nation was already going through. A series of situations made it necessary to work on the problem from another perspective:. Faced with all these situations, the government chose to launch the Petro but, to the surprise of many, in the form of CBDC, under the premise that being a digital currency they could retain control of it, bypass the United States blockades, and have at your disposal a means of payment of international scope.

With all that in mind, the creation of the Petro began in order to face all the negative economic conditions of the nation. The objectives that led to the creation of the Petro are quite complex and diverse. The truth is that there are several components, but the most important are the following:. In the middle of the "War against Imperialism", la "Fight against the Economic War" and "Criminal Dollar" , the Government of Venezuela urged the creation of the Petro to overthrow the hegemony of the dollar and impose a new model for the peoples.

In the middle of that fight, there is the censorship of sites like Dollar today a website that shows the price of the parallel dollar taking as a reference the exchange rate in exchanges in Colombia. As well as the tight exchange control and the creation of the Foreign Exchange Law that penalized transactions in foreign currency. This ideological component is in line with the practices that the Government has applied from to the present.

The Venezuelan economy has a clear mirror in the exchange rate of its currency with respect to foreign currencies. Since , and despite the oil boom, the Venezuelan economy has been in decline except for the oil industry, which maintained the nation's expenses. However, from that moment the exchange rates of the bolivar against the dollar soared, to the point that there were two reconversions.

In the first reconversion , 3 zeros were removed from the currency, and in the second , 5 zeros were removed from the currency. Despite these measures and others that sought to stop the hyperinflationary avalanche that was being experienced, the currency continues to devalue rapidly, amid an uncontrolled issuance of money by the same Government.

In this scenario, the creation of the Petro sought to stop this by creating a double accounting system that would put a stop to the rise of the dollar. The mechanism was simple, the Petro was going to be used as a reference to the dollar, and that reference was going to be anchored to a certain amount of Bs, making the Petro an economic stabilizer.

Another objective that led to the creation of the Petro was to create an international exchange mechanism to avoid sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

In the words of economist Vladimir Adrianza, the objective is to turn Venezuela into an economy not dependent on the dollar. Of the Petro technical data, we only know those that have been published in its official whitepaper. Beyond that, absolutely nothing else is known, there are no details about the cryptographic technology used in its digital signatures, nor the size of its blockchain, nor how many nodes exist on the network.

Clearly, the development of the Petro is a national secret and beyond the data made public, nothing else is known. Of all these data we can give you a condensation of them in the following table.

Structures such as nodes, miners and masternodes are an essential part of the Petro network. But all these data are classified by the Government, and nobody has said anything official about them. What is known is that several Governments, institutions and the Central Bank of Venezuela practice cryptocurrency mining, including Petro and Bitcoin, but again public data on these actions are unknown despite the fact that they are carried out by government institutions and by therefore they must be declared publicly.

The only way to buy the Petro is by going to the official Petro website or the Venezuelan exchanges enabled for this task. The purchase can be made using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, euro, rubles or yuan directly. Trying to buy Petros by other means is highly risky and even by these means, there is already a great risk of losing your money due to malfunctions. Now the Petro despite being a good initiative, the truth is that it leaves much to be desired.

In this section we will examine how harsh reality has led the Petro to be a project that everyone goes through and prefers to stay away from. But beyond that, there are other realities that we will discuss below:. In the crypto community we are used to cryptocurrency developments having a clearly identified group of people, even with pseudonyms or digital identities that they use to protect their real identity.

These people bear the responsibility and have important roles in the development of these cryptocurrencies. But above all, we have access to the source code of the cryptocurrency. However, in Petro we have none of that. The only thing that is known is that the Petro was created by SUNACRIP, there are no names, there is no software repository and it knows absolutely nothing about the actual operation of the Petro.

Petro is a completely centralized digital currency, the development of which is completely closed. That said, it is also worth clarifying that, being the Petro a closed development, it violates Venezuelan law, since the nation's digital developments must be free software due to the Infogvernment Law, in its Article On the other hand, there are currently no open interfaces or APIs with which to create third-party applications that allow the use of Petro.

The only active API is a price inquiry system, and it cannot be said to be open or transparent. In the case of its pre-sale, it apparently began on February 20, at a. In this pre-sale a total of In total, the presale reached 2,3 billion dollars. However, this pre-sale data cannot be verified by any means and there is no evidence that such purchases have been made at any time. The March 20 of , the initial coin offering of a token on Ethereum was carried out. At that time, However, there is no evidence of this sale either.

In the absence of evidence both in characters declaring the purchase and in off-chain and on-chain transfers, the community has taken this data as a mere act of propaganda for the currency, something that is not new in cryptocurrency ICOs. Another curious point of the Petro is whether we are facing a stablecoin or not. This question is answered by looking at the cryptocurrency whitepaper, where the way in which the price of this cryptocurrency is set is established. The formulation shows us that the price of Petro reacts to the prices of the commodities that support it.

In other words, the price of oil, gold, diamonds, gas, iron and coltan affect the true value of the Petro. However, the reality is very different. On the other hand, the Petro was created in order to enable cryptocurrency mining and staking, that is clearly stipulated in its whitepaper. In addition, the emission will be controlled directly by the economic cabinet of the nation. One of the most curious facts about the Petro is that it seeks to become the currency of daily use in the country.

That is, the Petro is designed to displace or coexist with the bolivar as legal tender and unit of account. However, the currency presents serious usability problems, especially due to its defined price, since in principle there are two prices: a fixed value and free value. In the first place, the free value of the Petro had an initial value of 3.

This value in Bs was used as an internal reference for Venezuelans, and at that time, 3. But by August , that price stood at And currently, August , the price of Petro is located at

Xamoxtrade Investments Token (XIT)

New Delhi CNN Business The parody cryptocurrency shiba inu coin just climbed to an all-time high and is one of the biggest digital currencies by market value. More Videos Crypto experts explain how to regulate the industry. TV star has new role: Crypto critic. Crypto: The future of money or the biggest scam? Jamie Dimon blasts bitcoin as 'worthless'. Will cryptocurrency replace the dollar?

The group initially hit bitcoin mining companies, exchanges and online casinos with a handful of attacks per month. But over the last few.

What is the Petro? Venezuela's digital currency

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Shiba inu coin, a meme cryptocurrency, hits all-time high

mining coins 2021 xit

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The group initially hit bitcoin mining companies, exchanges and online casinos with a handful of attacks per month.

How Hedge Funds Manipulate the Crypto Market in 2022 | Raoul Pal Explains

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TSX Capital Markets. TSX Indices Composite. The estimate It is a form of currency that exists digitally only and has no central issuing The cryptocurrency

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Binance 2020 Milestones: The Tipping Point

By moneyfool , May 13, He claims that there will be 6 small altcoins that will see a price increase that will be much higher than the price increase that Bitcoin itself will experience from the full cut off of the new supply of Bitcoin. Which 6 altcoins is Teeka referring to?


Stored log forging. Where one went, the other joined him. I can then run the stored process, and refresh the file in ultraedit to see the new log. Logger log Method in Java with Examples. We are no longer a city in decline.

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An exit scam is a confidence trick where an established business stops shipping orders while receiving payment for new orders. If the entity had a good reputation, it could take some time before it is widely recognized that orders are not shipping, and the entity can then make off with the money paid for unshipped orders. However, these sorts of incidents are less common. Moreover, it is not uncommon for a procurer to go out of business due to insolvency they did not wish to occur.

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