Nicehash quickminer restarting

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Why Does My Mining Rig Keep Turning Off?

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. QuickMiner keeps stopping after mining for a little.

Ever since the new update got installed, seemed to have this issue. Says my memory clock could be too high, but I went and reset all OC settings. Uninstalled and reinstalled QuickMiner, restarted PC, and still no luck. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Sorry, something went wrong. Tried that right now. Still does the same issue.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled Nvidia drivers. Not sure what to do. I had same issue, are you using afterburner? I had to drop my memory then bring it back up once nicehash was running again, other wise i had the exact same issue and im also using a super. Please, activate full logging, then make this bug happen and attach exported logs here. Also, what I have noticed is that once you have a driver crash, or too wild OC, even reducing that down to safe values, does not help.

Driver needs to be restarted - reboot of PC is needed. Does it work? Same issue with my I have only been using OCTune, not afterburner. Please, enable logging and attach exported logs zip file here so I can inspect what happened. Same with me, I did all that you did as well. I didn't have any OC software. I used OCTune to force factory defaults.

And still didn't have any luck. So I downloaded Afterburner to make sure there is no OC on my graphics card. There was none. Reinstalled NHQM again and left the optimization of "manual" and it started to still do the same thing. Would stop and restart the miner about every minute. So I selected "medium" optimization, and now the miner has been working fine for about 13 minutes. So looks good for now, not sure what caused it to fail with no optimization?

I enabled logging and it should be attached. Wonder if you can see what the issue might have been. Seeing as I'm not the only one that experienced the same issue with my Super. Ok, after a couple of hours of being fine. It's now doing the same thing again Stops and restarts Killing the process in task manager forces excavator to restart, and it goes back to working again for a little while. You need to set manual OC. I see that your device speed has dropped to 0 thus QuickMiner has performed your chosen recovery action.

Out of the log, it is is hard to see what exactly happened - because speed simply dropped to 0, GPU load as well. As if something started blocking excavator from executing further tasks.

There are huge issues recently regarding that and the symptoms are very similar to your description - it works for few minutes then it stops. I was having many issues as described, but the "App" version was fine, I noticed the "App" used a different version of Escavator.

I went on Github and downloaded the latest, copied it into the QuickMiner directory, replacing the old version, and its been fine since. This is indicative that the issue was not Optimising or AfterBurner, but something you may want to look into.

You mean the old Excavator works fine, but new one has issues? Which one works fine? Give me build number of version number. The Excavator included with Quick Miner 1. Unsure why, but these are my findings. This all points to the issue of some AV blocking certain functionalities of Excavator. Also, try latest 0. Does the 0. This is what I would like to know now. And we had less issues with the old version build - it was never flagged as PUA by Defender.

That could explain issues. Making exclusion is not enough. You need to trigger Defender by running the executable and then manually select to "Allow on device".

This is the only way to solve this issue unfortunately. And if you do not get trigger or no UI to select, then we recommend to perform scan of directory which may find it as PUA and then consequently display dialog where you can select to "Allow on device".

More about it here: I've tried the RC version, also didn't work for me. Issue isn't solved for me. I also scanned with defender allowed anything that would be associated to QuickMiner, also added stuff to whitelist in defender.

Still no luck. I have this issue on a new rig. Windows 10 20H2. Latest Nicehash version. Usually I'll see the "could not obtain power consumption" in the Excavator log a few lines up from the "shutting down" "http closing". I completely disabled Windows defender and Firewall as there is nothing else on this rig, software wise and I figure if my router didn't keep anyone out, Windows wouldn't be my savior.

Skip to content. Star New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels bug resolved. Copy link. Try to delete folder dagcache. Does that solve your issue? I had to drop my memory then bring it back up once nicehash was running again, other wise i had the exact same issue and im also using a super I wasn't using afterburner at all.

But I guess I'll try doing what you did. Everything is working for me right now, I already had the Quick Miner directory whitelisted and ignored within Windows Defender, changing the Excavator. More about it here: I updated to the latest today, and it is fine as before. Looks like solved. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

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Random reboots while mining

I have a 6X Super rig that I just added the 6th card yesterday. Since then the computer has restarted itself several times. PSU P2 measured W at the wall for the whole rig. Any ideas? Or is there a way to auto start Pheonix Miner on startup? I already have the BIOs set to restart the computer upon power failure.

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Mining on your primary use machine? Who does it?

Nbminer keeps restarting. Fully compatible with Nicehash. Using Phoenix Miner 5. In the first place, you need to uninstall all current Nvidia drivers. Open it to see if you have got v Download and extract Bminer to the folder you want. There are two ways you can set things up : Interactive mode Then, follow the on-screen instructions to restart your computer. Utility Accessory Related Resource. MinerOs - advanced mining platform.

Windows 10 Restarts (Crashes?) Randomly

nicehash quickminer restarting

At Coin Guides our intention is to cover all topics that helps cryptocurrency community in one way or another. Initially we used to share general information, tutorials, tips and tricks relating to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. You can find all such tutorials and tips in our archives. However recently the topics became narrow where we covered only about coin mining and coin wallet guide.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

How To Enable NBMiner 70% LHR Mining Performance Unlock On NiceHash

Slovenia-based cryptocurrency-mining marketplace NiceHash confirmed that its website was breached and payment system compromised, with the contents stored in its Bitcoin wallet stolen. NiceHash posted a statement on its website addressing the incident. We are currently investigating the nature of the incident and, as a result, we are stopping all operations for the next 24 hours. NiceHash allows users to buy and sell hashing power needed to mine cryptocurrency, which members can store in external or local BitGo wallets. This presents opportunities for miners, poolers, and investors alike, given cryptocurrency's increasing adoption among businesses and public organizations.

GTX 1060 resets itself from Overclock - only one card in the mining rig of 6 GPUs

If you can get your hands on a Non LHR I definitely would — unfortunately, they are few and far between. T-Rex 0. And yes, they did it. To activate the unlock in nbminer add command: -lhr-mode 2 or -lhr-mode 1-lhr-mode 2 is the recommended one, uses less power. Reviews are going to go live a day Merit: NBMiner You can adjust the value, including on per-card basis: -lhr 72,0,60, Overclock and share.

NiceHash is the leading cryptocurrency platform for mining and trading. A new NiceHash QuickMiner Release Candidate is now available for download.

excavator VS NiceHash QuickMiner

There were some people asking for a simple solution to automate the process of restarting a miner software every few hours in order to be sure that it is working fine under Windows OS. You need to set the parameters based on the miner and command line you use as well as the time after which the miner process will be killed default 4 hours , then the script will wait for 10 seconds and start the miner again. BAT file as well as to modify some of the variables as per your needs and requirements and then run it.

How to Auto Restart Mining Rig for Windows?

Xmrig documentation. The file xmrig. Sep 19, Hey guys I acquired a couple older laptops with 32 but versions of windows 7. The entire platform runs on testnet.

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NiceHash Marketplace Hacked, Loses $64 Million in Bitcoins

In this tutorial I'm going to explain step by step all general settings and how it can affect your device also the recommended way to configure it. As well as explaining each property in detail. In addition, I will explain how to edit the settings outside the graphical interface by editing the configuration file. I'm going to skip some features in Main Section as I've explained it before in getting started tutorial. Minimum profit Any value you enter will be the minimum of mining the means if you set 5 that means NiceHash Miner Legacy if mining less than that value will stop mining. Idle when no internet access NiceHash will stop when the connection is lost. Please not that not all features is well explained.

The procedure is quite easy to set up and if you are using Nicehash then you can follow this link to power up a mining rig in Nicehash. Firstly, you need to change few settings through the BIOS of your motherboard. The steps are pretty much same for every motherboard.

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