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Ravencoin is rapidly approaching its first ever mining rewards halving event — set for UTC on January Originally receiving backing from Medici ventures, the community launched the Ravencoin Foundation to guide the projects future from within the community in Driven by network native RVN token, the open source proof-of-work project operates similarly to Ethereum and ERC through the use case of token issuance, however, it remains true to highly decentralised ideals boasting an ASIC-resistant hashrate X16R that protects everyday GPU-miners.

Typically halving events can drive substantial rallies. The 2nd Bitcoin halving occurred on July 9, RVN's second halving will occur around Jan. The timing of the halving is significant, and comes amid a critical moment for proof of work technology that could see miners flock to Ravencoin. If he's right, Ankr might be the crypto that wins.

At the start of the year, the popular pet coin's market cap was so small, it barely registered on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko's price data. Most cryptocurrency prices have seen significant losses in recent months as a change in economic conditions makes investors nervous about riskier asset classes.

According to the report, the new iPhone will be the first update to the iPhone SE model in two years and will feature 5G network capabilities, an improved camera and a faster processor. Apple in October announced two new MacBook Pro models that run on more powerful in-house chips. With the expected launch still more than a month away, Apple's plans may change in the face of production delays or other changes, the report added.

MarketWatch Picks has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful; the MarketWatch News staff is not involved in creating this content. Set makers such as Sony, Samsung and LG are running a race of their own: Who can build the biggest screen with the most dazzling, high-resolution picture and the thinnest frame?

A surge of gaming deals that include Wordle, Activision and Zynga are part of an industry-wide fear of missing out. China has been widely criticised for its treatment of free and foreign press. A stock market scorned for all businesses that live on the internet is creating an opportunity to buy a great stock at a discount. Trying to cut spending? You can still treat yourself to a tech bargain from your local dollar store. And you'll be surprised what you can find.

Turning things over to machines would help speed up the process of manufacturing a definite plus amid all of the current slow downs , lower costs and mitigate human error. The Bristol, U. One of the many plus points of the internet age is the ability to market products and services online by effectively targeting a demographic of users. Amazon's best e-reader to date is on sale for the first time.

Hopefully, a fix will arrive soon. Here's where to shop the Apple AirPods on sale. Looking to level up your at-home entertainment in time for the biggest sporting events of the season?

Look no further. Even some of the best Wi-Fi setups have their flaws. Some can even arrive in time for the big game. Picking the best smart TV can be tricky.

You have to worry about picture quality, size, and sound quality, as well as what OS powers it. Buying a new smartphone can be a tricky task.

After all, hundreds of Android phone … The post Phone buying guide: Everything to consider when buying a new phone appeared first on BGR. Markets closed. Read full article. Sam Cooling.

Ravencoin RVN. Story continues. Recommended Stories. Motley Fool. Yahoo Finance. The Independent. Coin Rivet. Rolling Stone. House Beautiful. Yahoo Canada Style.

Entertainment Weekly.

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Ravencoin community contributors recently implemented a asset system that allows registration of digital 'assets' on the Ravencoin network. This creates amazing opportunities to link real world assets with a blockchain. BBT Carter is a verified Twitch Partner, streaming live content with a range of content including hardware reviews, software testing Mining and fireside style chats covering the crypto space. Play video Welcome Back! Livestreams on Twitch. Follow on Twitter. Subscribe on YouTube.

Bits Be Trippin' is a YouTube channel to promote information about Crytocurrency. Visit us at Our store features.

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The issue will be centralization by miners newly invested into PoW ethash with a multi-million dollar per day pot of rewards. How can we not recognize that as risky yet think an audited small ethash fix is risky? Surely an attack must at least be detectable in some way. The proposal specifically aims to address the incentive to attack. If they do, then their ASICs will be hardforked into uselessness by a community that is prepared to do so. I would bet on constant sewing doubt and meddling in the multi-year transition to PoS. The threat of fork is no threat at all if you no longer have the miners to protect from rented hash. Can we get to the bottom of why the people so opposed are so opposed and continue to try to find compromise with that information? I am looking to host a livestream tomorrow to talk through the various conversations I have had with community members, developers and interactions publicly and privately on the topic. This is the most level set solution to date, given the public discourse and I have a few ideas on the trigger or better put, the Schilling Point.

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Bits Be Trippin' is a channel to promote information about Crytocurrency. Our mission is to inform, entertain and help provide both the media, consumer and haters with clear and concise analysis on the crypto industry including mining hardware, optimal configurations, latest exchange news along with whats hot and not in the Cryptocurrency universe. What sets Bits Be Trippin' apart is the production quality, panels and soon to be exclusive insight on the industry. Stay tuned and help get the word out.

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Should be a great episode! Stupid question but would like to know if you can help. How do you connect 2 psu's to one rig? Is there something you need to change on one of them so that they power on the same time? I am uploading my "How to build an 8 GPU mining rig" video now, and I show how to properly connect one of these and how to properly use the cables with both GPUs. I'm good for frames, already have built stackables.

BitsBeTrippin GPU farm YT vid - 2500 GPUs!

What do you want to see next? Good afternoon,. Our tuning, testing will be all done in front of you. Your welcome to join in on the journey and if you miss it, no problem, just check our channel out as it will be posted for your consumption at a later time. The vega in reference seen here:. Wednesday, August 2, You download, you edit the. Below is a capture of the various algo's and pools pre-configured.

@BitsBeTrippin. BitsBeTrippin⛏️. BBT is a Youtube/Twitch channel hosted by Michael Carter, Sr. Solution Architect. In Bitcoin since '11, Educating since.

Cryptocurrency Market & Mining Talk from OG in space.

I especially wonder if the whole thing is funded on a myopic nerd-boy assumption that people are ready to and should trust algorithms rather than governments. She describes him working on crypto-currency Who'da thunk. At that point, you have forked Bitcoin. The women aren't packing heat; they're unarmed and confident.

Who is Bits Be Trippin'? Entrepreneur, Innovator & CryptoMiner

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Bat and put your coin's payment address for the coins you are going to mine, save file.

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NVIDIA TITAN V Crypto Mining Performance Tested By BitsBeTrippin | Spoiler: It’s A MONSTER

Generally, his content is tech based and usually fairly complicated. Professional content from a fully staffed team. This channel provides you with information and education on mining cryptocurrencies from the viewpoint of a Principal Solution Architect and professional public speaker.

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