Exactly a year ago, I signed up with a company called OmegaPro… A company that has made my Forex Trading experience the best in the world! I immediately bought my 0. Now, before I tell you about the profits I make daily from this package, let me tell you the first interesting thing about this Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Trading Package. The package started paying at 0. Now, do you see what the fuss in Bitcoin is about? Its stunning what I have just read from this article about Bitcoin.

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This review explains the Omegapro scam. See why you should not invest any money with this pseudo broker. According to its official website, Omegapro is a broker that allows its clients to trade with currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices.

In total, there are more than underlying assets that you can trade with. You are allowed to withdraw your daily earnings and paid packages start at dollars. There is a one time 29 USD registration fee for new clients. On top of that, Omegapro has referral system that allows you to increase your earnings by referring new clients to its system. Unfortunately, Omegapro is not legit.

It is an unauthorized broker and investment service. Omegapro is offering financial and investment services, while both require licenses from financial regulators. That is the law in most countries in the world. But Omegapro has no license whatsoever. It is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and it is not authorized as an investment service anywhere in the world.

So, when one day money from Omegapro accounts disappear, there will be no refunds. Which in itself is a strong recommendation to stay away from it. Every other financial regulator in the world would come to the same conclusion as the CNMV. In reality Omegapro is a scam. It is not a legitimate company nor program, it is an illegal financial scheme that is just playing with money it gets from people that join the system and deposit.

Investing with Omegapro is a huge risk, because the system can go down any time and you can be left empty-handed with nobody able to help you to at least get your deposit back. The first thing we noticed is that Omegapro is not even a real broker. We found no trading platform, the dashboard just does not give access to it. There obviously is no real financial trading going on.

Omegapro was established in , yet they still say that the exchange is coming soon. Even the Coming Soon function is coming soon, as you can see in our picture.

Joking aside, every function that would give Omegapro at least some credibility, is not available. All you can see with Omegapro is a pyramidal structure of referrals. You are supposed to build a network of depositors in order to earn money.

OmegaPro is supposed to make money thanks to trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence. But the company is not even trading on real financial markets, let alone with some sophisticated trading algorithms based on AI. The investment plans are based purely on an illegal financial scheme that is run by Omegapro. Omegapro claims to be based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Which already is a location that is not exactly known for a strict financial regulation. But it seems that Omegapro is not even located there. We made a research in the commercial register and then also in the financial register, and we found no trace of Omegapro. The company registration number BC is present only on the Omegapro official website, nowhere else on the internet.

Therefore, we have a reason to believe that it is fictitious and that Omegapro. Omegapro runs a Ponzi scheme, which is a financial scam. Ponzi schemes pretend to be conducting some real business, like financial trading, but in reality they just play with money they get on deposits.

Omegapro is therefore dependent on new deposits coming into the system, they use them to pay out profits. Returns offered by Omegapro are not astronomically high, so the scam can last for a relatively long time. But it still is a fraudulent program that is certain to blow up, there is no other possibility for its ending.

When Omegapro collapses, it will stop paying out profits and people will realize that their deposits are gone too, there will be no money left in the system.

If you have already invested in Omegapro and found our review only now, we recommend withdrawing money as soon as possible and staying away from this fraudulent investment scheme. In these schemes some people have to get scammed in order for the others to earn profits.

If Omegapro already stopped paying, you can try to get your money back. If you made your deposit with a credit or debit card, ask your bank for a refund. But it seems that Omegapro has been pushing for crypto deposits, and unfortunately, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.

Omegapro is not a real broker, it is not an investment service. Omegapro is a scam that at least three different financial regulators have warned against. Be sure to stay away from it! Investing and trading should always be done with regulated companies only.

You can get a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning. You will se if you are able to build a profitable strategy. Money is not free, nobody will be earning you big profits for free, let alone anonymous and dubious programs like Omegapro. There is no body that has a tiny shred of financial education that will not see giant red flags around this Omegapro thingy. It smells sharply of being a Ponzi scheme.

This is an ignorance driven assertion. If an entrepreneur like Mike Sims is a co-founder of Omegapro, how does a reasonable classify such a company as faceless? See writer, omegapro is real is legits there is transparency, Nov.

People are more desperate for easy money and these magical solutions make that desperation profitable… so omegapro made the right decision not to withdraw from the market yet… the scam is still sustainable and is actually making more money. Looks like I have lost my deposit like many other clients. Please let me know if anybody else can login to the site.

Mr Sims for all I care can only be trying to raise money to repay hedge funds he lost via bad investment. Who or what is tbbob? In what country is tbbob regulated? Pls, if any of you does not have job should join OmegaPro Ltd and embrace financial freedom ok!

And you fola, what evidence do you have against OmegaPro Ltd? Because you think a reviews website has to be regulated? I have news for you, only investment and financial services have to be regulated. And OmegaPro Ltd. Why are u spreading false information???

OmegaPro is regulated by the FCA… I along with over 90, other people have investments with OmegaPro and not one day has gone by without us getting paid! I have been with OmegaPro since September, and I have been having a beautiful time and my finances keep increasing daily….

Do u know Mike Sims at all??? Stop with this.. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is not. The writers of this article gave you enough evidence. The choice is yours.. Mate have you ever even known how much money is made with forex? As such it needs to be regulated, but it is not. James, thank you for your explanation, was really useful and appreciate you open the dark box. I also wondering if you know or heard about Airbit Club that deal with Bitcoins?? Mr James, thank you for your explanation, was really useful and appreciate you open the dark box.

I also wondering if you know or heard about Royal Q? Here is the review of Royal Q. Omegapro is awesome everyone is earning money. It is fake. You guys listen to every info online, do your due diligence. But it says trading platform. How can a website trade Indices, CFDs etc without being a broker? Olawale, who registered you? No one is complaining about not able to access account. Go back to the person that registered you to put you through.

This is basically for the Africans,where there are lots of poverty. Either they are in diaspora or back home,they still have poverty mentality. Hence they want to get rich quick. Hello, I am writing to you from the Congo. And I thank you for all this clarification about Omega-Pro. I was approached by several people and the thing that bothered me was the sponsorship system.

OmegaPro.World: Why Omega Pro Crypto Trading Platform Might Be A Scam

Our intelligence team caught wind of a new investment platform making the rounds called OmegaPro. They have been actively holding seminars in various parts of the country and claim to have a host of trading instruments such as forex and cryptocurrency in which investors can trade on and get a profit. This sort of referral system is often used by Ponzi schemes. This is the first red flag we noticed, and without a financial report, it is hard to figure out if they make money from trading or from getting more people to join the platform. This address is not displayed on the website because it was hidden using an HTML coding technique. They also provide address services as stated on their website:. Furthermore, our Business Address Service allows you to use our prestigious address in Covent Garden, London for all of your business mail.

wind of a new investment platform making the rounds called OmegaPro. cryptocurrency) in which investors can trade on and get a profit.

Is OmegaPro Legit or a Scam?

We use multilateration to independently determine the location of a server. Read more. This website makes use of cookies to improve your experience and supply you with relevant advertising around the web. Read our privacy policy updated for more information. You are using an unsupported browser, which means some features may not work as expected. Netcraft recommends upgrading for a better experience. Analysing site

Forex that Trade for you, earn for you, take the risk of loss for you.

Omega pro world. Although I checked recently to find out that they have not renewed their licence so fca flagged them as not trust worthy. Elite License. The Information that you enter will be kept secure and confidential.

Omegapro nigeria. The Forrester report, Best Practices: Cloud Data Encryption, provides clear guidance on cloud data encryption options and shares best practices, such as: Use hardware security modules HSMs to store encryption keys separately from cloud workloads.

Strategy to generate bitcoins with omega pro and make X3 in 16 months on an investment

If the intermediary in question is not on any of the last two lists, we strongly recommend that you should not make use of their services, as they are in breach of the applicable legislation and are not required to comply with basic rules of investor protection, information disclosure and claims handling. About the AMF The AMF is an independent public authority responsible for ensuring that savings invested in financial products are protected and that investors are provided with adequate information. The AMF also supervises the orderly operations of markets. The ACPR is also responsible for protecting the customers of the supervised institutions and ensuring the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It also has resolution powers. Skip to main content.

Omegapro.World: A Pyramid Structured Suspicious Investment Platform

By nguessan artemisia annua 17 Aug These virtues and benefits It fights fever thanks to a diaphoretic effect it makes you sweat. It promotes the arrival of periods and calms them if they are too abundant. It fights parasitic blood diseases. Efficacy with iron in the blood in case of leukemia, breast cancer and lung cancer other cancers I don't know yet, You have to test. The Vietnamese use it regularly for different types of cancer.

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Is Legit?

We continually invest in new technologies and people, to provide our clients with a diverse range of trading products and exceptional returns. Within three weeks of their pre-launched 23rd, January, , Omegapro has been featured in number one network marketing blog called Business for home. Member of the Day. Become a Member of the Day.

Omega Pro: Is OmegaPro.World a Legit AI Crypto Trading Opportunity?

Book your seat fast for the free seminar. Inflation has crippled most currencies against the major world's power currencies, but with OmegaPro you won't be affected. Attend the seminar to find out how. Having your funds in the most secured market in the world.

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