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Artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, blockchain, robotics and drones and Internet of Things could all, potentially, change the nuclear industry forever, but technology that is turning other industries upside down needs a more considered approach when applied to nuclear, say industry leaders. Artificial Intelligence Xperience Center in Brussels. However, more disruptive technologies that are colliding with every other element of modern life may take time to take a hold over nuclear power which, in the context of an increasingly privatized and deregulated market and rising public concern over the technology, must first and foremost be as safe, or more so, than current models and must be economically competitive. It is not that, all of a sudden, all of the power plants operate in a different way. One of the potentially most disruptive technologies to face humanity today is artificial intelligence, which is already being applied to many different aspects of other large, regulated industries, such as aerospace. AI appears at every stage of production in modern industry, including product design, fabrication and assembly, process control, supply chain integration, product use and industrial research, according to Alistair Nolan, Senior Policy Analyst for the OECD.

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Elon Musk says Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin due to fossil fuel use

It came alongside a rally in U. Those synchronised moves showed how bitcoin has become far more of a mainstream asset, jolted by swings in risk-appetite. The recovery in stocks boosted other listed crypto assets on Friday, with miner Riot Blockchain getting a bump after declaring bitcoin production more than doubled in January from a year earlier. By Metro US 0. About the Author. Sign up for our daily newsflashes Subscribe. Related Articles NBC talks politics, human rights in Beijing Olympics opening ceremony coverage Toshiba says considering two-way split, sale of air conditioner business Russia tells Germany it is open to ending media row Uyghurs in Turkey call for boycott as Beijing Games begin.

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China’s role in the 2021 cryptocurrency crash

Wormhole , which allows the transfer of information from one crypto network to another, said on Twitter on Wednesday that it was "exploited" for , units of a version of the second-largest cryptocurrency, ether. The theft was the latest to shake the fast-growing but mostly unregulated decentralised finance DeFi sites, which allow users to lend, borrow and save - usually in cryptocurrencies - while bypassing traditional gatekeepers of finance such as banks. Wormhole said in a further tweet early on Thursday that "the vulnerability has been patched" and it was working to get the network back up. A message on Wormhole's Telegram channel later said: "A fix has been deployed and all funds are safe," without giving further details. Wormhole did not respond to multiple Reuters requests for comment via social media.

State-issued digital coins will begin to compete with cryptocurrencies in Image: REUTERS/Edgar Su/. This article is published in.

Crypto platform Wormhole says "funds are safe" after $320 mln hack

They are also, to put it prosaically, a little bit freaked out by the level of potential change this new wave of technology may have on GRC issues. You can download the full report here. But, what does all of this mean? Early days, for sure, given the impact levels of this new tech among banks is limited so far. But, perhaps this is a picture of what is to come. Thanks Thomson Reuters and Celent for this research. And, also: But, what does all of this mean? Share this:. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Budget 2022: Crypto tax brings clarity, but not everyone is happy

reuters blockchain graphic

In bestowing this status on the technology, Gartner predicted that blockchain is still five to 10 years away from going mainstream, writing:. That list is decidedly smaller, but the real-world applications of this technology that are being developed, tested, and — in some cases — rolled out to the marketplace will play a critical role in shaping the future of blockchain development and determining just how quickly the technology goes mainstream. But before any of that will really make sense, some baseline background on blockchain is required. In its simplest possible form, blockchain is a digital platform for recording and verifying transactions.

Institutional interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is rising, but how can crypto traders get data and analytics to capture market-moving sentiment?

Cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin, Ethereum remain largely flat

Subscriber Account active since. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. At a time when financial institutions FIs are increasingly building blockchain technology proofs of concept POCs , data providers have begun capitalizing on this boom by stepping in as secure suppliers of external market data for such solutions. An oracle is a mechanism that establishes a secure link between a blockchain-based smart contract POC and external data sources. For now, the oracle will only be able to connect to the Ethereum and Corda blockchains, but will later be extended to Hyperledger's blockchain. Interestingly, Thomson Reuters told CoinDesk the company will decide after this beta period whether to monetize or terminate the solution, emphasizing the firmly experimental nature of the initiative at this stage.

Marcelo Claure Leaves Masa Son’s Orbit

These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. Not so much for the enormous LED snowflake, but for two key political choices. Pressured by the International Olympic Committee, Taiwan marched in the Parade of Nations under the name Chinese Taipei and bearing a neutral flag, and an athlete China says has Uyghur heritage was one of the two individuals who lit the Olympic cauldron. Let the Games—political and athletic—begin. By providing your email, you agree to the Quartz Privacy Policy. The cost of food is still on the rise globally.

Dogelon Mars is a micro-cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit.

China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal

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Breaking Down ”China Bans Crypto” – Fact or FUD?

China's central bank has announced that all transactions of crypto-currencies are illegal, effectively banning digital tokens such as Bitcoin. China is one of the world's largest crypto-currency markets. Fluctuations there often impact the global price of crypto-currencies. It is the latest in China's national crackdown on what it sees as a volatile, speculative investment at best - and a way to launder money at worst. Trading crypto-currency has officially been banned in China since , but has continued online through foreign exchanges.

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Helping crypto traders cut through Bitcoin noise

Media giant Thomson Reuters is opening up its data to smart contract authors building on private versions of the ethereum blockchain and R3's Corda distributed ledger platform. Released in beta today, a 'smart oracle' called BlockOne IQ B1IQ is designed to power smart contracts with the kind of reliable financial information required to let counterparties transact without a middleman. B1IQ allows blockchain participants to leverage the media giant's reputation for providing accurate data about share prices, exchange rates, financial benchmarks and more. The firm devised what initial data should be offered to blockchain developers based on requests from existing customers. While Thomson Reuters is targeting the larger members of R3 and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the oracle can only be used as part of any organization's proofs-of-concept, just not in live applications. By the end the year, Thomson Reuters intends to decide whether to monetize the oracle, or scrap the project altogether, according to Chadwick. Centralized applications, such as those run by banks and brokers, have had access to the the firm's data via more traditional APIs and FTPs for some time.

Fans of Ethereum are jumping on the anti-inflation narrative that has been traditionally been one of the main selling points for Bitcoiners. Ether, as the native digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain is known, saw the difference between the number of tokens issued and destroyed turn negative in the last seven days on aggregate for the first time, according to blockchain tracking site watchtheburn. The shift comes as Ether outperforms Bitcoin in price appreciation terms this year, even as both cryptocurrencies climb to record highs. Ethereum is a deflationary asset.

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