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Ref document number : Country of ref document : CN. Country of ref document : EP. Kind code of ref document : A1. Ref country code : DE. A client device comprises a first secure element and a second secure element. The first secure element comprises a first computer-readable medium having a payment application comprising instructions for causing the client device to initiate a financial transaction.

The second secure element comprises a second computer-readable medium having a security key, a payment instrument, stored authentication data and instructions for generating a secure payment information message responsive to the payment application. The secure payment information message comprises the payment instrument and is encrypted in accordance with the security key.

Provisional Application Serial No. A wide variety of "contactless technology" exists today. NFC is a short-range high frequency wireless communication. Typically, a consumer waves or taps the wireless mobile NFC device on a reader to effect a monetary transfer, and a price of the item is deducted from a total amount that is available and stored on the smart card of the wireless mobile device.

Optionally, the amount of the item may be forwarded to a server that can identify the identification code of the particular device and subsequently charge the person for the purchase of the retail item.

Such NFC-based point of sale POS transactions provide advantages such as eliminating the need to carry cash and enabling a faster financial transaction. In this regard, individual customers may frequently engage in transactions with a variety of merchants through, for example, various merchant websites.

A credit card may be used for making payments over the Internet. A disadvantage of credit card usage is that online merchants may be exposed to high fraud costs and "chargeback fees," bearing liability because there is no credit card signature with an online sale.

In addition, a user may, at different times, use several different payment applications for different Service Providers. To the extent that each payment application has its own, separate security registration and verification procedures, the user experience may be cumbersome in that a user must. Moreover, the security of. Moreover, unique biometric identifying information, for example a thumb or.

Additional security measures may be desirable to enable. This approach, used for example in PayPal. Mobile 1. Other approaches involve key management in the. The second secure element comprises a second computer- readable medium having a security key, a payment instrument, stored authentication data and instructions for generating a secure payment information message responsive to the payment application.

It should be appreciated that like reference numerals are used to identify like elements illustrated in one or more of the figures, wherein showings.

The device may include at least two separate secure elements SEs , one. The device may include a biometric sensor for providing biometric information to the Crypto SE to.

The device may. The ecosystem may comprise or involve any number of various parties. One such ecosystem has been developed by the. A mobile ecosystem may include various parties, including:. The customer may be an individual or a company.

Examples of SPs include banks, credit card issuers as well as public transport companies, loyalty programs owners, etc. Each player may have its own expectations, for example, the Customer expects convenient, friendly and secure services within a trusted environment; the SPs want their applications to be housed and used in as many mobile devices as possible; and the MNOs want to provide new mobile contactless services that are secure, high quality and consistent with the existing services experienced by the Customer.

But although each player may have its own culture and expectations, they all have the same basic requirement — the need for security and confidentiality. A financial transaction using, for example, an NFC based Point of Sale POS payment system, may be made using a client device see Figure 4 such as an NFC enabled mobile device through a retailer or merchant server It should be appreciated that although an NFC application is illustrated in this embodiment, the system is not limited to NFC applications, but may also apply to other types of applications, for example, SMS, mobile internet or other forms of communication.

For example, in one embodiment, client device may be implemented as a personal computer of a user also referred to as a "customer" or "consumer" in communication with the Internet or another network. For example, in various embodiments, applications may include security applications for implementing client-side security features, programmatic client applications for interfacing with appropriate application programming interfaces APIs over a network, or other types of applications.

In one embodiment, a user identifier may be used by a payment service provider or TSM to associate client device or user with a particular account maintained by payment service provider as further described herein. Alternatively, merchant server may connect directly with acquirer or processor Once verified, acquirer , which has a relation or subscription with payment service provider , processes the transaction through processor or TSM Brands , for example, payment card issuers, which also have a relation or subscription with the TSM , are then involved in the payment transaction which will enable user to finalize the purchase.

In addition, according to one or more embodiments, payment service provider may have a data connection or connections not shown with subscriber Internet companies, Internet mortgage companies, Internet brokers or other Internet companies not shown. The overview illustrates the relationships and roles of the various participants in such a transaction.

Customer may use device FIG. The customer may desire to make the payment by using financial services provided by SP The payment provider system may act as the TSM to provide a single point of contact for the service provider to access their customer base through the.

MNOs More specifically, with the ever changing electronic communications environment including the emergence of NFC, service providers may not be ready or willing to change their working methods or the functions they provide, but they may still want to participate in the new mode of service operation by enhancing the services they offer while maintaining existing core processes.

This conflict is solved by the TSM who may help service providers securely distribute and manage contactless services for their customers using the MNOs In this regard, the TSM may manage the secure download and life- cycle management of the mobile NFC applications on behalf of the service providers. For example, service providers , banks, or other financial institutions are those entities that typically issue credit and provide authorization for conducting financial transactions between the customer and the merchant.

TSM may act as a payment provider system PP , such as PayPal, and may provide payment processing for online transactions on behalf of the customer so that the customer does not expose payment information directly to the merchant. Instead, the customer may pre-register his account with the payment provider system, map the account to an email address, and then use the payment provider system to make purchases when redirected to the payment provider system from the merchant's site.

After the financial transaction is authorized, the TSM or payment provider system completes the transaction. The payment provider system may provide an infra-structure, software, and services that enable customers and merchants to make and receive payments. The client device may include a communication chip , an antenna , secure elements , , a keypad and a biometric sensor Near Field Communication is a short-range, high frequency, wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices over about a very short distance, for example around four inches.

NFC may be an extension of the ISO proximity-card standard, for example contactless card or RFID, and may combine the interface of a smart card and a reader into a single device. An NFC device may communicate with both existing ISO smart cards and readers, as well as with other NFC devices, and may be compatible with existing contactless infrastructure already in use for public transportation and payment.

The keypad may include a "Payment Mode" button for placing the device into a payment mode, for example a secure payment mode, for making NFC POS transactions. The "Payment Mode" button may be on the keyboard or anywhere else on the device, or may be on a remote control device coupled with the device for input to the device. In an example embodiment, the secure payment mode may be used even though the telephone communication mode is turned off, for example in an airplane or other location where cell phones are required or requested to be silenced or turned off.

In an example embodiment, tunneling circuitry may provide for input directly, without otherwise being stored or captured on the device or elsewhere, to the Crypto or Payment SE discussed below when in the secure payment mode, in order to provide secure entry of passwords or PINs during a financial transaction. In this description, the term biometric "sensor" is used to refer not just to the physical sensor that receives the raw biometric data, but to the arrangement of sensor, logic, algorithms and the like that collectively sense, measure, evaluate and generate a data signal or signals representative of the user's biometric signature.

The biometric signature data from the biometric sensor may be tunneled through a biometric tunneling circuit , directly to the Crypto SE discussed below , without being captured by any application on a separate App SE discussed below.

The biometric signature may be stored as authentication data on the Crypto SE A smart card is a small, relatively tamper-proof computer. The smart card itself may contain a CPU and some non-volatile storage. In most cards, some of the storage may be tamper-proof while the rest may be accessible to any application that can talk to the card. This capability makes it possible for the card to keep some secrets, such as the private keys associated with any certificates it holds.

The card itself may perform its own cryptographic operations. For example, there may be an authenticated and encrypted channel for communication with the SE. In an example embodiment, an SE may have physical security. In other words, an SE may be compatible with a variety of communications protocols or systems. For example, a user may have one phone for business and one for home, where transactions from each phone are specifically for business or personal use.

For example, applications resident in the App SE may be compatible with OTA management for life cycle management of the applications. For example, they may be compatible with standards set out by a known standards or protocols, for example those established by GlobalPlatform.

In an example embodiment, secure payment mode button may be used to switch on or prepare the NFC payment components for making an NFC payment without powering up other communications modes.

Splitting the App SE from the Crypto SE may enable certifying a particular device for use just once, through the Crypto SE, while permitting changes to be made to the App SE, changes that may not require additional certification or re-certification since the security and certification information is kept securely on a separate Crypto SE Applications may include, for example, a PayPal application or other payment applications provided by alternate service providers and which facilitate financial transactions over a network.

The SIM card allows users to change phones by simply removing the SIM card from one mobile phone and inserting it into another mobile phone or broadband telephony device. The App SE may not include any payment instruments, certificates, keys, certificates or credentials, all of which may be stored in the separate Crypto SE If the update is available and customer is registered, apps are downloaded and signature is verified.

Once the signature is matched, the new application is activated. The SPs may desire that the services that they provide via their applications be Secure, Isolated, under their control, have a Life Cycle that they dictate for their respective applications, and be certified. The Crypto SE may be primarily static, although certain credentials or other sensitive data may be dynamic.

The communication application may enable or control communication by the SE. The Crypto SE may be certified, for example, using the biometric sensor and biometric authentication application Once the Crypto SE portion is certified, the device is certified for use.

Additional financial applications may be added or updated on the App SE without any additional certification or recertification requirement. The key-pair or pairs may be pre-loaded on the Crypto SE The user identity must be unique for each CA. The binding is established through the registration and issuance process which, depending on the level of assurance the binding has, may be carried out by software at the CA.

A Registration Authority RA assures this binding.

Bureau Veritas launches worldwide e-certification

Latest addition in end-to-end integrated digital platform for classification. Electronic certificates issued in lieu of paper certificates following agreement with both the flag administration and the ship manager. Once issued, BV e-certificates are sent by email to the recipients agreed with the ship manager and uploaded to both the Veristar Infowebsite and the My Veristar mobile application. Solution based on leading technology and practice, aligned with IMO guidelines and reviewed with flag states.

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Ref document number : Country of ref document : CN. Country of ref document : EP. Kind code of ref document : A1. Ref country code : DE. A client device comprises a first secure element and a second secure element. The first secure element comprises a first computer-readable medium having a payment application comprising instructions for causing the client device to initiate a financial transaction. The second secure element comprises a second computer-readable medium having a security key, a payment instrument, stored authentication data and instructions for generating a secure payment information message responsive to the payment application.

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veristar blockchain

According to the media, Wu said that the blockchain was informed that Yibang, a mining machine manufacturer that is currently preparing for listing in the United States, has formally sued the chip company invested by Mihara, a chip company invested by Xiaomi, claiming that the 10nm Samsung wafer provided by the other party has quality problems, causing about million. RMB loss. According to a person familiar with the matter, the Hongkong subsidiary Hongkong Bit Co. Yibang said that the 10nm Samsung wafers provided by the defendant to the plaintiff had quality defects, which caused the plaintiff to damage about USD

This application is a continuation of Provisional Application Ser.

WO2010002541A1 - Trusted service manager (tsm) architectures and methods - Google Patents

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Year of fee payment : 4. Effective date : Year of fee payment : 8. Year of fee payment : A distributed computer system employs certificate based alias detection to ensure a policy of separation of duties.

Global certification firm Bureau Veritas is now issuing both classification and statutory e-certificates following successful pilots with ship owners and flag states. This reduces the administrative burden both onboard and ashore. Bureau Veritas implemented the electronic signature feature of the new digital certificates working with electronic signature company Cert Europe.

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