Patreon leak bitcoin charts

The discussion has a slow start, but got interesting once it hit its stride. While cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity and market capitalization, the volatility of the price has not diminished. One recurrent feature of crypto price is the BART pattern , where periods of low volatility are punctuated by spikes of extreme volatility. Volatility spikes like the ones in BART patterns are caused by cascading liquidation events. Speculators making leveraged bets get forcefully wiped out. Note the extreme spike in BTC Futures price compared to other markets.

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Patreon leak bitcoin charts

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Twitter brings its in-app tipping feature to Android

So you read the original Cryptocurrency Trading Bible and you jumped head first into the great game? You either win or lose. Then you failed. Simple as that. Nobody gets to skip steps.

Mistakes are part of learning. Nothing matters until you put skin in the game and risk your own cash. Not until your blood is pulsing and your heart thundering and waves of fear sweep through you as you watch money vaporize on a horrible trade will you learn a damn thing. Reading books about trading, going to seminars, talking to friends, thinking about trading is not trading. Trading is trading. You have to risk your own hard won money to understand.

It requires peeling away all that is false and fake. When you lose money it requires painful self analysis to figure out where you went wrong.

Lying to yourself is the first enemy of traders. Society rewards people for deluding themselves. But trading punishes deluded people by taking their money from them as fast as possible. Each person sucks at something different. Nobody can do it for you.

Oh people thought I was pretty good. I could put together a pretty chart with the best of them and draw some fine looking lines on it. Even worse, some of the traders I talk to thought I was pretty damn awesome at it and that compounded the lie I told myself.

It made it much harder to spot. The dopamine hit of people liking you can distort your thinking in all kinds of terrible ways. People can love your lies. You suddenly see the signs of your suckitude all around you. They were hidden in plain sight. The possibilities to lose money are endless. You have to feel the pain of loss to understand that you never want to feel that again and the only way to stop the pain is to improve.

Failure is your teacher. Thomas Edison had thousands of failures before he found the perfect material for the electric light. Why are you wasting your time and money? Hopefully that will help you avoid some of my stupid moves. You will find no shortage of articles telling you technical analysis is the path to instant riches or complete bullshit. This is binary thinking. Binary thinking is literal insanity.

Writers call it black and white insanity. There is no room for religious zeal in trading. No system is perfect but every system has something to teach you. A system is only as good as the practical results it delivers. Some basic patterns from Steven Burns. Learn to see what is actually in front of you. It serves as one guideline to help you make money. TA makes sense to techies.

With other markets your mileage may vary. One of the problems I discovered in my own trading was denying basic gut feeling and logic. I kept looking for a magical indicator that would indicate a perfect reversal every time. It has to fall back to Earth. Chart 1: Bull flag showing with a small failed break out above. Maybe that stock is at an all time high and still showing a bull flag see chart 1?

What goes up must come down. After trading for a bit you will get a better sense of the market. Much of that is common sense. Three or four days of rocket speed gains probably means a reversal. The mistake is trying to time it perfectly. Forget about it. If you lose, cut your losses. Sounds simple. Yes, you will miss some of the upside. Who cares? Nobody gets the top and bottom exactly.

There are lots of books and sites out there to learn chart patterns. Want to discover the secret, ancient mysteries of Japanese candle stick charting? How about putting yourself through a deep dive on becoming a trader with a self-paced online training system? Maybe you want to know every pattern ever discovered? Patterns, patterns everywhere.

Most of the patterns are total nonsense. That is not very good. Learn the basic patterns and learn them well. Check out this course from Baby Pips on elementary patterns and indicators. In fact, forget the rest of the course for now. Just learn those basics. Practice them. Figure out how to deploy them effectively. Chart 1a: This is not helpful. This is an unreadable mess. If you get on a site like Tradingview there are thousands of indicators.

Forget that. It will only confuse you. Figure out moving averages, stochastic RSI, trend lines and the basics of candlesticks, upwards and downwards channels, bull flags, breakouts and wedges. Forget everything else for now. Just forget it. One of the mistakes I see way too often in new traders is a tendency to memorize a hundred patterns from bull flags to head and shoulders and reverse head and shoulders only to find them everywhere.

Chart 2: Imaginary Head and Shoulders. It kind of, sort of looks like a head and shoulders, but in the context of the overall pattern a three week long downtrend this is nothing but a few little bounces after climbing back up over the bar moving average, which you see in the blue line.

This is a fake pattern! The other way this manifests is when there is no clear pattern yet but you find one anyway. Some days there are just no trades to make. You have to stay out of the game or wait for the pattern to come into focus.

Chart 3: WTF? I see crazy stuff like this all the time on Twitter, usually with a LOT more green fan lines. What does this actually tell you? It tells you the coin can go in just about any direction. You goal is to correctly predict the next direction not state the obvious that it could go in any direction. This is less than worthless.

The second way this shows up is when traders pile all kinds of lines onto their charts in lieu of a real trend. The question is how does that help you make a decision? Your goal it to correctly predict the next price trend not state the obvious that it can go in any direction. Long term patterns are much easier to trade than short term ones. A short term pattern can easily be a mirage.

Reddit user claiming to be Tesla insider now says bitcoin posts were not true

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Crypto Market Value Tops $3 Trillion For the First Time

Get started. CryptoManiac Premium. Bitcoin BTC is on a huge J-Curve and for my Crypto Maniacs this is a trade of a lifetime, jokes aside, whether you're in alts or bitcoin. Potential that Bitcoin begins uptrend in is huge. With numerous bullish patterns visible on Bitcoin chart, such as bull flag , downward wedge and others all of which can be found below in this description , we can be assured that real uptrend is yet to come. With rapid crypto adoption, regulations coming through, countries accepting the new digital currency world, we holders have nothing to worry about. With that said, we have new patterns developing for cryptocurrency which we have not seen before and will never see on a traditional stock market. We are just starting to disrupt 21 century. If you're in cryptocurrency right now, you're in for quite a ride because with such low market capture we have room for growth like no other stock.

The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Two: The Seven Deadly Sins of Technical Analysis

patreon leak bitcoin charts

A scammer group is trying to extort victims of a large hack in late September on crowdfunding site Patreon. Everyone whose data got leaked when patreon got hacked is getting extortion emails for Bitcoin this morning. According to reports, roughly 15GB of data was stolen during the hack on Patreon. Information included e-mail addresses and donation records, but not socials, credit card numbers or other personal info.

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Why Did 200 Bitcoin Miners and Oil & Gas Execs Just Meet in Houston?

No more than 21 million Bitcoin can be created, helping its price to trade way above its rivals. A Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund, a type of financial instrument, launched on the New York Stock Exchange in October. The ETF is a more accessible vehicle that puts Bitcoin within the grasp of even more investors. Some investors see cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation, which is surging worldwide as economies reopen after pandemic lockdowns. No more than 21 million Bitcoin can be created, helping its price to trade way above its rivals, but trading of cryptocurrencies in general has shown to be extremely volatile with massive price swings a common occurrence.

Elon Musk Leaked Why Dogecoin Will Go To $10 IN 2021 🚨 (Revealed!)

For the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media stars and influencer marketing, subscribe to our industry digest newsletter! Patreon is changing the way that artists live and work in the 21st century. Artists have unprecedented opportunities for exposure, but monetizing that exposure and making a living is still difficult in the age of ad blockers and free access to art. Patreon is changing the model by connecting creators directly to their audiences and giving fans the opportunity to support creators with small recurring pledges. There are over 50, creators on Patreon , and the top creators have tens of thousands of patrons. Philip DeFranco is one of the most watched YouTubers in recent history. She uses her Patreon funding to continue her work creating songs, posters, books, and more. Her work is a rich tapestry of everything from Prince tributes to original music videos, and Palmer frequently shares her writings and blog posts to keep her community of patrons active and engaged.

Furthermore, the leak was seemingly confirmed by Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour. Beykpour quote tweeted Paluzzi's initial tweet, adding a lightning bolt.

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After introducing its " tip jar " feature to all iOS users over 18, Twitter has brought the feature to Android as well. The idea is that if you see a particularly entertaining or informative tweet, you can send money to the creator's Cash App, Patreon, Paypal, Bandcamp and Venmo from directly within the app. Tips is now on Android! Twitter first introduced tip jars in May , then rolled it out widely to iOS users in September.

Cryptocurrency Video Analysis.

We would love to hear from you. There is a way out — to give a gift card activation software hack! Jan PM. Tylko Android. One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four elements — Air Beautifully spoken and articulate. I highly recommend you listen to the voice of the ethical and rational. Who is this man?

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