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The sun is shining, air feels warm, and we just had a couple more of my favorite Adirondack chairs delivered. We have and love these striped Turkish cotton beach towels. I have them in blue, but also love this natural stripe. These are my go-to Adirondack chairs.

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A Somalian human rights activist and physician, Dr. Hawa Abdi is the founder of The Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation, which provides healthcare, food, and shelter to 90, displaced Somalis.

In , Dr. Abdi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The How to: Academy provides compact books and courses for people who think big. They run day workshops, evening events, midnight master-classes, business breakfasts, dinner-debates, weekend courses, three-month writing groups and will shortly be streaming many courses on-line.

An award-winning journalist and writer, Ruthie Ackerman is an in-demand book coach and teaches writing workshops for individuals and corporations. She was most recently the Deputy Editor at ForbesWomen. Wild Dances is his first book. Victoria M. Adams has worked in the animation industry for many years. She currently lives in North London with her husband and daughter.

He is the author of a book on male psychology titled Invisible Men Henry Holt. Lauren Aguirre is a science journalist with more than thirty years of experience as a staff member for the PBS series NOVA, where she served as a documentary producer, science editor, and director of digital content. Aguirre has covered topics as diverse as art restoration, human origins, and cybersecurity, but her abiding fascination is neuroscience.

She graduated from MIT and lives in the Boston area. Emma Ahlqvist is an artist and writer born in Sweden and based in Scotland. She is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and mother to a four-year-old son, Tor, and two-year-old daughter, Runa. Her illustrations have appeared in The Guardian and elsewhere, and her work on motherhood, which she shares on Instagram at emmajahlqvist , has been featured by myriad websites and social media feeds.

Her first book in English is forthcoming from Princeton Architectural Press. Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business, Aaron Ahuvia is one of the leading experts in the world on consumer behavior. Amina Akhtar is a former fashion writer and editor. She currently lives not too far from the Sedona vortexes. This is her second novel.

He is the author of four previous books of fiction and nonfiction, including the novel St. A Yemeni peace activist, Al Samawi is interested in interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural outreach.

He is a frequent public speaker and lecturer on the war in Yemen, the refugee crisis, and extremism in the Middle East. Before working at the Post , she worked with legendary Surgeon General C. Everett Koop on health and food issues, and attended Georgetown Law School graduating cum laude , where she advised on food systems and managed a White House initiative.

She also worked at the D. Mary Beth is a frequent panel moderator, including for the U. State Department and the Smithsonian, and her food-judging expertise is sought regularly, including the time she ate 2, foods in three days to judge the Outstanding New Products Awards.

Mary Beth lives in Washington, D. James Aldred is an Emmy-award winning documentary cameraman specialising in natural history and filming at height on ropes. He lives north of San Francisco and has icy cold blue eyes.

First known for boxing, and later for his conscientious stance on the Vietnam War draft, Ali focused his awareness of the needs of his fellow citizens and those in the developing world to direct his good work.

Samina Ali is an award-winning author, curator, and popular speaker. Samina is currently at work on a memoir about how her recovery from a nearly fatal illness meant rediscovering and redefining her own identity as a woman, a Muslim, a mother, and a writer. A winner of the Dirksen and Hume awards for reporting, he was previously the White House bureau chief for Politico and the Washington bureau chief for Bloomberg News.

An amateur photographer, poet, and musician, Allen resides in Los Angeles. Beauty is his first book. Shawn Amos is a world-renowned Blues musician. A publishing veteran, he is a frequent collaborative writer for works of history, business, and psychology.

She previously wrote for The Wall Street Journal , where she led a team of journalists that was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in and won a Gerald Loeb Award in and was on of a team of reporters awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for their coverage of corporate corruption.

Since the show debuted in , it has aired 8 seasons and over episodes. Christina on the Coast Season 2 premiered January 2, Alongside her busy roles within the property and television sectors, and on top of being a busy mama, she is a huge advocate for leading a balanced lifestyle of mind, body, and spirit.

He lectures widely and is represented by Verbatim. Steven M. He lives in Easton, Mass. James Ashton is a business writer, commentator and consultant.

His podcast series Leading with James Ashton brings together people from the top of very different organisations in the worlds of business, charity, the arts and beyond to discuss their take on leading vital causes, famous brand names and multi-million-pound enterprises. Take a listen here. Through Lingmell Media, his content and consulting business, James helps companies and individuals tell great stories. The first digital-only magazine to win a National Magazine Award for feature writing, The Atavist Magazine produces one blockbuster nonfiction story a month and has been nominated for eight National Magazine Awards and an Emmy for News and Documentary.

He is married and lives in Abuja. Aaron Ayscough is an American wine journalist based in Paris and one of the foremost experts on natural wine. Chris Babits is an Andrew W. Internationally acclaimed poet, novelist, screenwriter and memoirist Jimmy Santiago Baca is the recipient of numerous literary awards including the Pushcart Prize, the American Book Award, and the International Hispanic Heritage Award.

While serving a maximum security prison sentence for drug possession, Mr. Santiago Baca taught himself to read and write and discovered poetry, experiences documented in his brilliant memoir A Place to Stand Grove Press , which went on to win the prestigious International Prize.

His most recent poetry collection, Singing at the Gates , was also published by Grove Press. For the fifteen years Rev. John Bainbridge Jr. April Balascio is the star of the true crime podcast, The Clearing , which has nearly 17 million downloads to date and is currently being developed as a major television series. She lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband, Michael.

Dave Balter is a pioneer in the world of word-of-mouth marketing, the founder and CEO of bzzagent. Daniel Barbarisi is the author of the critically acclaimed Dueling with Kings.

Theo Barclay is a barrister based in London. He started writing about politics in after developing an unhealthy obsession with the autobiographies of minor Blair-era ministers. Bruce Barcott is a four-time author, an environmental journalist, and a contributing editor at Outside magazine. Platinum-selling singer-songwriter, Bareilles has been nominated for a Grammy Award five times.

Bareilles also wrote the songs and music for the hit Broadway musical, Waitress. Over the past decade and a half, she has specialised in investigative and analytical journalism. Thomas P. He specialises in seeking, analysing and interpreting ancient DNA, but his area of expertise is the genetics and phylogeny of cats, especially extinct sabretooths.

Ross lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife and two daughters. Provence, was nominated for a James Beard Award in Justin L. Natasha Barrett is a writer based in Los Angeles. After Detour , she continued writing for fashion brands and blogs, composing press releases and online copy, and eventually transitioning to real estate where she currently works at The Agency Yes, the real estate firm from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, where Natasha has appeared on countless episodes.

Cathy Barrow, an award-winning cookbook author, knitter, traveler, cook, teacher, and gardener. In addition to three cookbooks Mrs.

In addition to sharing a Pulitzer Prize with former colleagues at The Providence Journal , Dan has received, among countless other accolades, a George Polk Award; an American Society of Newspaper Editors Award for deadline reporting for his coverage of the first anniversary of Sept.

She has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants for her art and for her writing. Christian Bason, Ph. A political scientist and design thinker, he is the former Director of MindLab, the Danish governments innovation team, and the author of seven books on leadership, innovation and design.

Ann Bauer is a novelist and nonfiction writer. She has a certificate in Culinary Nutrition from the Natural Gourmet Institute and is currently working on a new book Roots, Shoots and Stalks about food waste and cooking with the whole vegetable. She resides in New York City with her husband and daughter.

Follow her thekaleproject and at www. She is also a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. She writes, teaches, and speaks widely about the social dimensions of science, technology, and medicine, and the relationship between knowledge and power, race and citizenship, health and justice.

She is the author of the bestselling book The Feminine Mistake. Michael Benson is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and exhibitions producer. In the last decade he staged a series of increasingly large-scale shows of planetary landscape photography in the US and internationally, appearing in museums from London, to Brisbane, to Barcelona and beyond.

She has co-written and edited historical documentaries for television including the award-winning FEVER: She holds an MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and for decades has taught writing and helped individuals and organizations craft their stories.

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It offers developers safe, reusable DeFi components and built-in economic …. Olympus is a hotly debated project in the DeFi space. It posits to be a decentralized reserve currency protocol. Each OHM token is partially backed …. Zodiac is a collection of tools built according to an open standard which proposes a composable design philosophy for DAOs.

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Some suggestions I have would be that making sure that the tax preparer goes over the tax return with you in detail, and also to explain the fees that are being charged in addition to the refund amount so that you know what you're going to get and then match it up to what you actually receive. Tsui said those involved in tax fraud schemes will use every trick in the book to engage their victims. The IRS only interacts in very professional ways and it is never a surprise to someone that they are working with the IRS. In addition, the IRS actually never demands payment, especially in forms of like gift cards or wire transfers or other mechanisms. For more tips on choosing a tax professional or how to file a complaint against one, visit IRS. Taxpayers can also report phishing emails to phishing irs. Peter Christian Published: January 26, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

In Minneapolis, New push to End Police After Floyd’s Death

wendell davis ethereum prison

HWA has broad reach to connect you with virtually any speaker worldwide, including some speakers which you'll find exclusively with HWA. These speakers seek to be represented exclusively by HWA since they value how we uniquely prepare them for your event and handle the logistics of getting the speaker to you. Take a look at our offering of exclusive speakers and contact us to get started. Running to download her new book.

It's hard to find words to thank our veterans like words don't seem quite enough for the gravity of what it means to be a veteran. You've risked your lives for your country and have lived to tell about it.

All of these books, history and fiction, drop into the American mind during

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It is not so violent as the complex which has been planted in the German people by forty years of very adroitly and carefully planned training: they were taught to distrust and hate everybody and to consider themselves so superior to anybody that their sacred duty as they saw it in was to enslave the world in order to force upon the world the priceless benefits of their Kultur. Under the shock of war that complex dilated into a form of real hysteria or insanity. Our anti-English com- plex is fortunately milder than that; but none the less does it savor slightly, as any nerve specialist or psychological doctor would tell youit savors slightly of hysteria, that hundreds of thousands of American men and women of every grade of education and ignorance should automatically exclaim whenever the right button is pressed, "England is a land-grabber," and "What has England done in the War? The word complex has been in our dictionary for a long while. This familiar adjective has been made by certain scientific people into a noun, and for brevity and convenience employed to denote something that almost all of us harbor in some form or other. These complexes, these lumps of ideas or impressions that match each other, that are of the same pattern, and that are also invariably tinctured with either a pleasurable or painful emotion, lie buried in our minds, unthought-of but alive, and lurk always ready to set up a ferment, whenever some new thing from outside that matches them enters the mind and hence starts them off. The "suppressed complex" I need not describe, as our English complex is by no means suppressed. Known to us all, probably, is the political complex.

Nicolas Courtois, Zavain Dar, Wendell Davis, Robby Dermody, prisoner's dilemma in which users (or miners) are better off not.

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How Donald Trump will have little effect on 'supply and demand' war on drugs IBTimes UK interview: Wildlands narrator offers his insights on Trump's impact on drug trafficking. Ethereum Bitcoin. Brexit an opportunity to 'reset and accentuate' UK-India trade ties says envoy Y. Brexit Theresa May.

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Skip to main content by Spotify. Sign in Get started. Reversing Climate Change. By Nori. A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change.

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We spoke with the football head coach Anthony Paine about his team. When asked to describe his team overall heading into the season, Paine said that he has players with a lot of experience and a good number of returning starters. He feels that the experience that his team has will work in favor for the Mustangs this season, his players also have a lot of determination and heart and it shows in the practices that have been held so far. Coach Paine also stated that his team should be competitive in the district and remain that way if his team remains healthy. He does not have many injured players at the moment and if that stays the same then the mustangs should perform well in their games. I asked the coach about how his players are doing with their studies and he talked for several minutes about how his players do well and excel in the classroom.

Listen to a podcast, please open Podcast Republic app. Available on Google Play Store. Clever Feb 10, One of the few neutral blockchain podcasts out there.

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