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T he Pandora Papers investigation lays bare the global entanglement of political power and secretive offshore finance. Based upon the most expansive leak of tax haven files in history, the investigation reveals the secret deals and hidden assets of more than politicians and high-level public officials in more than 90 countries and territories, including 35 country leaders.

Ambassadors, mayors and ministers, presidential advisers, generals and a central bank governor appear in the files. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists , a nonprofit newsroom and network of journalists centered in Washington, D. The files reveal secret offshore holdings of more than billionaires from 45 countries including 46 Russian oligarchs. Other clients include bankers, big political donors, arms dealers, international criminals, pop stars, spy chiefs and sporting giants.

ICIJ shared the files with media partners, launching the broadest collaboration in journalism history. Do you believe journalism can make a difference? For nearly two years, ICIJ organized and led an investigation that grew to encompass more than journalists in countries and territories.

Reporters followed leads to a cliffside mansion in California, a sugar plantation in the Dominican Republic, a polluting factory in Italy, high-rise towers in Dubai and a Turkish hospital where workers alleged mistreatment. The documents span five decades, with most created between and They include information on more than 29, beneficial owners, the ultimate owners of offshore assets. That is more than twice the number of owners found five years ago in the Panama Papers investigation, which was based on a leak from a single law firm.

While owning an offshore company is legal, the secrecy it provides can give cover to illicit money flows, enabling bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, terrorism financing and human trafficking and other human rights abuses, experts say.

The Pandora Papers offer fresh insights into international corruption scandals, including the far-reaching bribery operation of Brazilian contracting giant Odebrecht S. Poor nations are disproportionately harmed by the stashing of wealth in tax havens, which starves treasuries of funds to pay for roads, schools and hospitals.

The Pandora Papers probe reveals that international leaders who could tackle offshore tax avoidance have themselves secretly moved money and assets beyond the reach of tax and law enforcement authorities as their citizens struggle.

The files also shed light on the financial dealings of Chavistas in Venezuela, fugitive cult leaders and their followers, kleptocrats and their families, neo-Nazis, a mineral water dealer convicted of soliciting the murders of a judge and a prosecutor, a fugitive millionaire pedophile and terrorism financiers. The reporting shows how the United States, in particular, has become an increasingly attractive destination for hidden wealth, although the U.

The Pandora Papers include documents from U. The documents provide details about the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars from offshore havens in the Caribbean and Europe into South Dakota, a sparsely populated American state that has become a major destination for foreign money.

The reporting reveals how the largest law firm in the U. It shows how little-known corporate service providers have aided the financial maneuvers of people facing criminal investigations or costly civil lawsuits, including an executive of a Belgian chemical company accused of environmental crimes and a Florida accomplice of the Colombo crime family.

And it shows how offshore firms are used to conceal the provenance of art and antiquities. The reporting team found that dozens of ancient relics remain on display in prominent museums despite having been linked to a celebrated collector later suspected of smuggling on a grand scale. One notably disheartening line of inquiry involves secret investors in one of the biggest corporate landlords in the U.

These investors are profiting from evictions carried out in the midst of a global pandemic. And they include trusts holding millions devoted to the Legion of Christ, a Roman Catholic religious order disgraced by an international sex-abuse scandal. The 14 offshore service providers whose documents make up the Pandora Papers data set include three owned by former government officials. The records, which have connections to more than 30, companies, are in many languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Greek and Russian.

The beneficial owners are tied to 27, companies. They include spreadsheets, tax declarations, invoices, PowerPoint presentations, emails and company records listing directors and shareholders. They also include suspicious activity reports, sanctions lists, due diligence reports, know-your-customer forms, passports, utility bills and photos. They reveal details of international energy, technology and property holdings and deals, as well as complex inheritance arrangements.

The reporting team scoured and disentangled labyrinthine ownership networks behind countless companies, foundations and trusts. The documents were shared in a secure database built by ICIJ called Datashare and findings through a secure platform called the Global iHub. Associate editors and fact checkers : Richard H. Web developer : Antonio Cucho Gamboa. Chief technology officer : Pierre Romera. Training manager : Jelena Cosic. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Support independent journalism Do you believe journalism can make a difference? Want to know when we publish? Help us change the world. Get our stories by email. Warren demands profit and rent figures from companies following Pandora Papers revelations Jan 14, ICIJ is dedicated to ensuring all reports we publish are accurate.

If you believe you have found an inaccuracy let us know.

NBA star Jimmy Butler launches his Bigface coffee brand

Crypto Cafe is a classified marketplace for trading goods in crypto currencies. The marketplace provides a highly secure escrow system that protects both buyer and seller. Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. The classified site is based on Osclass, an open source classifieds web app. We developed a crypto-based escrow module with features including but not limited to:.

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Cafe, restaurants, bars - Bitcoin (BTC) accepted

As we are at the end of , we have a special shows that looks back at some of the biggest achievers, newsmakers and controversial figures. People who have inspired, evoked anger, even hatred, joy and made a mark this year. Here are some of the Beautiful People of Oil Secretary, S Sundereshan said he sees the need for some formula for subsidy sharing by end. He said that the government would work on an innovative solution for diesel prices in , but said that the decision on diesel decontrol would be difficult at the moment. Extravagant weddings with music and dance were banned by Afghanistan's Taliban as un-Islamic and now the government plans to again rein in lavish marriage celebrations, but this time to stop grooms going broke. A bluefin tuna, prized by sushi aficionados as a high-end treat, sold on Wednesday for a record price of nearly USD , in the year's first auction at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. It took him nine years and several experiments to get it right. The private equity scene has made a decisive turnaround and HNIs are pouring money in decade-long bets. The doctor charged in the death of pop star Michael Jackson removed evidence from the scene before seeking help when he found the singer unconscious, a prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Prague’s Bitcoin Café Revolution

bitcoin lespresso toronto

HIVE Blockchain Technologies aims to provide a link between cryptocurrency markets and traditional capital markets. Pokrandt previously served as managing director of Macquarie Capital Markets Canada from to and managing director of Espresso Capital from to He describes himself as an early believer and investor in Bitcoin who began his crypto mining career in his own home. Global Investors. Genesis was founded in by Bitcoin investors to mine cryptocurrencies with specialized hardware.

Mr Pilgrim Chadstone : Mr Pilgrim Cafe is located on the outside of Chadstone Shopping Center just past the banks, We offer premium coffee, great service, and an amazing menu.

Local non-profit embraces bitcoin as currency

Although there are thousands of companies on the planet that accept Bitcoin as payment, their number is still quite small compared to merchants that use fiat. The level of crypto adoption in different countries is highly diverse. Some nations only have a dozen crypto-powered businesses, while others have hundreds. Canada is a country which is leading the crypto adoption movement since there are not only numerous DeFi projects based in it but also many firms that accept crypto. Toronto is perhaps a leading city in Canada in terms of crypto use. Today, residents of Toronto can pay for their rent, beer, and even dinner with Bitcoin.

Analysis For Crypto – Volatility

We're proud to offer an exquisite selection of local Pluck teas, fresh-roasted seasonal Pilot coffees and espresso, local wines, beers, and many of the other bounties of Niagara. At Revalee, our menu is prepared in-house using fresh ingredients that are organic and locally sourced when possible. We also strive to serve satisfying vegan meals that will be savoured by vegans and non-vegans alike. Our menu should be full of dishes you know and enjoy, brought to a different level with a Revalee spin. We've thought long and hard about how to make our menu as accessible as possible. Our main ingredients are primarily gluten free, and for a small fee we'll switch your bread for a gluten free option.

Stamps, espresso & conversations. Enjoy the history & design of stamps and cancels.

Vectors and tensors do change under a change of coordinates. Perceived alternatives can vary by buyer segment, occasion, or other factors. Here you can find and select the most interesting places to visit.

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