4 chords songs comedy cellar

I'm going to tell you what I told my friends last week, 24 miserable hours after I decided to "definitively" rank every single song written and performed by the American comedian Adam Sandler: This was a huge mistake. I used to really like Adam Sandler. As in, last week, I was a big fan. I figured I knew about all there was to know about his shortcomings; bad jokes, often inappropriate ones. A penchant for wearing tracksuits actually the best thing about him. But it turns out I have been underestimating the American comedian Adam Sandler for years.

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4 chords songs comedy cellar

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Tom Tom Club

A look back at the esteemed personalities who left us this year, who'd touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity.

By CBSNews. The Associated Press contributed to this gallery. For generations, the actress, comedian and television presenter Betty White January 17, December 31, was one of TV's most familiar and beloved faces, often hilariously playing against the sweet image of her smiling eyes and dimpled cheeks on the series "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls. After the war, when she served as a member of the American Women's Voluntary Services, she began hosting a live variety show, "Hollywood on Television," in White played the part hilariously, and became a fixture of the series, winning two of her five Emmy Awards for the role.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, White continued making numerous guest appearances on shows, in addition to authoring more than a half-dozen books, and raising money for animal causes. But by , when she appeared in a Snickers candy bar commercial, White became America's senior citizen sweetheart — a sweet old lady with a hip, naughty side, and a penchant for bawdy humor.

At age 88 she became the oldest guest host of "Saturday Night Live" following a social media campaign targeting the show's producers; and she was invited onto the pilot of the sitcom "Hot in Cleveland" — and ended up staying through episodes.

She was also a role model for how to grow old joyously. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won't live long enough to find out about, but I'm still curious about them. Despite the loss of many people close to her, White told "Sunday Morning" she wasn't afraid of death herself.

My mother had the most wonderful outlook on death. She would always say, 'Nobody knows. People think they do, you can believe whatever you want to believe what happens at that last moment, but nobody ever knows until it happens. So, all growing up, whenever we'd lose somebody, she'd always say, 'Now, they know the secret. Nevada Democrat Harry Reid December 2, December 28, , a lion of the Senate, was known as one of the toughest dealmakers in Congress for more than three decades.

A former amateur boxer, he brought a willingness to draw partisan blood, and famously espoused: "I would rather dance than fight, but I know how to fight.

Born in meager circumstances in Searchlight, Nevada — a town he once said had 13 brothels and not much else — Reid lost his alcoholic father to suicide. His mother was a laundress at a bordello.

He would put himself through law school at George Washington University in D. By 28 Reid was elected to the Nevada Assembly, and at 30 became the youngest lieutenant governor in the state's history. As the former head of the Nevada Gaming Commission, and a participant in sting operations against organized crime, Reid was once targeted with a crude bomb planted in his car. First elected to the House in , Reid won his first Senate race in , and four more after that, becoming Senate Majority Leader in During his career, he played a key role in landmark Democratic legislation, from the economic stimulus package after the Great Recession, to President Barack Obama's signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act, in He pushed to move Nevada's presidential caucuses to February, at the start of the nominating season, boosting the state's importance.

He steered hundreds of millions of dollars to the state, but was also instrumental in blocking construction of a controversial nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain outside Las Vegas. A champion of suicide prevention, he defended social programs, but also voted against most gun control bills, and proposed ending legal prostitution in his home state.

Reid was also known for his abrupt style, typified by his habit of unceremoniously hanging up the phone without saying goodbye. Obama said in A knee injury ended this Philadelphia Eagles draft pick's playing career. With an overall regular-season record, his.

And he never stopped coaching, making a complicated game fun and easier to understand for millions of viewers by bringing his boisterous, unpretentious love of the sport to the broadcast booth, on CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC. Over 30 years on air he earned 16 Emmys, illustrating and analyzing plays with both visual aids such as a video marker tracking player movements and comic sound effects dropping a "Boom! He also shared his football love with video game enthusiasts, creating a groundbreaking franchise, "John Madden Football" later "Madden NFL" , an EA Sports game that launched in ; it has since sold more than million units.

In Sandra Jaffe March 10, December 27, and her husband, Allan, were returning to Philadelphia from a Jack Kerouac-style adventure of a honeymoon in Mexico City, when they stopped in New Orleans to look for jazz records.

There they discovered a French Quarter art gallery offering informal jazz concerts. The band members — many of whom come from generations of New Orleans musicians — have been improvising brass band jazz for six decades.

They've also toured, spreading the gospel of New Orleans jazz to the world. The Hall became the South's first fully-integrated music venue, despite Louisiana's segregation law making integrated entertainment illegal. In Sandra Jaffe told "Sunday Morning" that when her husband who played the tuba joined the band on stage, they both had to face the music. Even after the federal Civil Rights Act passed in , ending legal discrimination, the Preservation Hall became a rare place for mixed bands to play, and for Blacks and White to congregate together.

As South Africa's first Black Archbishop, Anglican theologian Desmond Tutu October 7, December 26, bravely challenged the brutal racism of the country's apartheid rulers. Born in the township of Klerksdorp, Tutu was a diminutive clergyman with a twinkle in his eye and a massive laugh who would earn a Nobel Peace Prize as a global campaigner for racial equality and human rights.

His resolve to bring down the apartheid system through non-violent means including calling for sanctions against South Africa in retaliation for its apartheid restrictions only hardened when a state of emergency brought sweeping powers to police and the military in the s. He once stated, "The primary violence — and White people don't want to hear this — the primary terrorism in this country comes from the government.

And until that system goes, there is no hope at all of any stability in this land. When the anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years, eventually becoming his nation's first Black president, in , Tutu was appointed to head the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, tasked with investigating the apartheid government's brutal history.

At hearings in which torture and other atrocities were recounted, Tutu would openly weep. And while his commission's report in put most of the blame on the apartheid system, it also found the African National Congress guilty of human rights violations.

When the ANC sued to prevent the report's release, Tutu lashed back: "I didn't struggle in order to remove one set of those who thought they were tin gods, to replace them with others who are tempted to think they are.

Tutu was a member of The Elders, an international organization of human rights advocates founded by Mandela. As archbishop he continued to pursue LGBT rights; ordained women priests and promoted gay clerics; and supported same-sex marriage. No, I would say, 'Sorry, I would much rather go to the other place.

At age 26, Sarah Weddington February 5, December 26, was the youngest lawyer ever to successfully argue before the U. Supreme Court, when she brought the case of Roe v. Wade, which resulted in a decision in that legalized abortion. A minister's daughter from Abilene, Texas, Weddington was a recent graduate of the University of Texas law school when she and a former classmate, Linda Coffee, brought a class-action lawsuit challenging a state law that largely banned abortions.

In Weddington talked with Texas Monthly magazine regarding her concern about preserving a woman's reproductive rights, which was inspired by her own experience of crossing the border in order to obtain an abortion, accompanied by her future husband: "We made an appointment and drove to Mexico.

I will never forget following a man in a white guayabera shirt down an alley, and Ron and I having no idea where we were headed. I can still remember going under the anesthetic and then waking up later in a hotel room with Ron. Driving back I felt fine; I didn't have any complications. But it made me appreciate what other women went through, who did not have someone to go with them or did not have the money to pay for a medically safe abortion, as I did.

Later, I heard stories of women who had not been so lucky. While the case was being tried, Weddington was elected to represent Austin in the Texas House of Representatives. She served three terms as a state lawmaker, before becoming general counsel of the U.

Department of Agriculture. She also wrote "A Question of Choice," a book about Roe v. As Waddington noted to Texas Monthly nearly two decades ago, then as now reproductive rights were under threat by anti-abortion advocates and conservative courts.

I am sure when my obituary is written, the lead paragraph will be about Roe v. I thought, over a period of time, that the right of a woman to make a decision about what she would do in a particular pregnancy would be accepted — that by this time, the thirtieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the controversy over abortion would have gradually faded away like the closing scenes of a movie and we could go on to other issues.

I was wrong. He's been heralded as "the father of sociobiology" and "the new Darwin," and most of it comes down to ants. Biologist and naturalist Edward Osborne Wilson June 10, December 26, used myrmecology the study of ants to test and rewrite theories about evolution, ecology, social orders, and human nature, and postulated that humanity's development has been more directed by genetics than by culture or religion.

His interest in ants came about from an eye accident in his youth, after which he was better at focusing on tiny insects rather than more massive birds and mammals. One of his earliest discoveries was how ants communicate with one another through chemical substances known as pheromones. His early books — "The Insect Societies," "Sociobiology: The New Synthesis," and "On Human Nature" which won the first of his two Pulitzer Prizes — explored the evolution of insect communities and behaviors, and compared insects to vertebrates and humans in developing social structures and traits characteristic of humans, such as altruism.

Controversy followed Wilson and his work. Though he studied the evolution of behavior and its effect on biology, he was accused of promoting eugenics; evangelical Christians attacked him for "scientism" by ignoring God, while Marxists lambasted him for ignoring a human's experience with shaping the mind. Wilson ascribed his ideas to "scientific humanism," preferring to study human nature through an evolutionary biologist's lens rather than that of a cleric or philosopher.

Yet he sought an alliance with the religious world, writing in , "Human nature is, at the very least, far more a product of self-contained evolution than ordinarily conceded by philosophers and theologians. On the other hand, religious thought is far richer and more subtle than present-day science can explain — and too important to abandon. Born in Sacramento, Calif.

A voracious reader and writer, she won an essay contest while a student at UC Berkeley. She would spend several years at the magazine, while also stretching her wings with her first novel, "Run, River. But Didion is best known for her non-fiction, as a leading proponent of the "New Journalism," conveying true life with the colorful literary panache of a novelist.

For decades, she dissected politics, culture, feminism, journalism, and the act of writing itself. Her powers of observation were not diminished by her tiny, elfin frame. She once said of herself, "I am so physically small, so temperamentally unobtrusive, and so neurotically inarticulate that people tend to forget that my presence runs counter to their best interests. The death, in , of her husband of nearly 40 years, writer John Gregory Dunne, and the long hospitalization of their daughter, Quintana who died in , led to Didion's fiercely revelatory tome about grief and mourning, "The Year of Magical Thinking" which received the National Book Award for Nonfiction.

She later adapted the book into a one-woman play, which featured Vanessa Redgrave on Broadway. She received a National Humanities Medal in , when she was praised for devoting "her life to noticing things other people strive not to see. In a interview with British Vogue , Didion described her writing life: "I work in an empty room, just a table and chair, and a couple of checked sheets threaded on a pole over the window to stop me looking out.

I can't have a book in the room. Obviously anything I do has been done better before, so they discourage me. I find a place where I want to spend imaginary time … then it presents itself to me as a technical problem, making what's in my mind into an object.

Finally you hit on something and go with it.

200 greatest hip-hop songs of all time

A look back at the esteemed personalities who left us this year, who'd touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity. By CBSNews. The Associated Press contributed to this gallery. For generations, the actress, comedian and television presenter Betty White January 17, December 31, was one of TV's most familiar and beloved faces, often hilariously playing against the sweet image of her smiling eyes and dimpled cheeks on the series "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls. After the war, when she served as a member of the American Women's Voluntary Services, she began hosting a live variety show, "Hollywood on Television," in

They have blown audiences away across Australia and around the world with their mixture of original comedy songs and pop parodies. Their Four Chord Song is.

52 Funny Christmas Songs

Skip to Content. Find your favourite from our ranking of the Toronto star's greatest hits. The numbers speak for themselves — five studio albums, four Grammy Awards, songs on the Billboard Hot chart the most of any solo artist and billions of streams worldwide. The 10 best Weeknd songs Been meaning to get into the beautiful, sinister …. One day the world woke up, checked the internet and life was never the same. A perfect, neon-pink slab of wistful nostalgia, tinged with lingering regrets and warm memories. This is the story of all of us. Every single human being loves, loses touch and wonders. People that used to be crucial in our lives, discovering what life is like after us. Drake never needed much more than his voice to be vulnerable.

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4 chords songs comedy cellar

LSD: Lo-fi Edition is a first person exploration game that takes you to a long journey between worlds. Looka's online logo maker delivers the goods, including vector logo files and color variations. Do Hits Presents: Year of the Monkey. Forgot password?

Friendly online drawing group with the aim of managing stress and finding calm, hosted by Glasgow's Drawing and Painting Studio.

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In this article, music teacher Christopher S. The rock and roll style, dubbed rockabilly, is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music. This style was very important for the development of rock and roll music, and it was the basis and influence of many famous bands from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was a style which was, in a sense, a rite of passage to play if you wanted to play rock and roll. Curious how lessons work?

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The album may or may not be obsolete, but the fact remains: Listeners have long obsessed over individual songs. The Single File is The A. But if you know a bit about music theory and look at it sideways, it becomes a piece of Auster-worthy meta-commentary. Enjoy perfectly brewed cold brew every morning, and don't miss out on the starter pack goodies—a milk frother and pitcher. For whatever reason, communion took much longer than usual that morning. I cycled through all the legit variations I could remember three times with no finish line in sight.

Notice that several of the listening list songs are marked with an indicating they also Duane Allman- guitar player at Fame studios in muscle shoals.

Top 100 Classic Rock Songs

Bret and Jemaine first met in at Victoria University Wellington. Bret and Jemaine were put in a group of five men to create a short theatrical piece about male body issues. The most memorable part of the show was the costumes. They wore nothing but skin coloured bike shorts giving the audience the illusion that they were naked.

19 Songs That Matter Right Now

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Being a wife and mother of two small children, Jen specializes in … The annual festival of laughs and chuckles is back after the program was cancelled.. Every weekend of the Festival, a carefully crafted mix of familiar faces and fresh new talent will commute to local venues around Melbourne. A young Melbourne comic and a dry UK comedian are among the big winners at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards, which … Humphries was the Melbourne comedy festival's first patron, and the Barry award seeks to celebrate originality and performers that stretch the possibilities of comedy as an art-form. Join the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow in as it rolls across the country to home deliver the Comedy Festival vibe to … Melbourne's biggest and best comedy club featuring the stars of comedy from around Australia The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has kicked off, which means that the comedians are currently swarming. Jared Richards, Music Proudly supporting Oxfam.

I first heard of the Beatles when I was nine years old. I spent most of my holidays on Merseyside then, and a local girl gave me a bad publicity shot of them with their names scrawled on the back.


On the evening there were no concerns about social distancing and the determined few were determined to have a special time. Jo Enright had the unenviable task of warming up the night, the room and the audience. And this was her mission, filling her slots with observed homilies, mild home-truths and tales of housework. Working the room with her guitar and a pencil case of chords Kate Lucas entertained her audience with her dark ditties. The audience played their part with faux-shock.

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It has now been expanded and opened up to the general public by Programmer volunteers to serve as a guide for people to discuss music, which is a feeble attempt at best to describe the indescribable. Nonetheless, we hope this can be helpful in discovering many of the shows KOOP offers, which is constantly revolving and changing. Of course, there are many more genres out there, including sub-genres of sub-genres, and all of these are also in constant change.

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