Bitcoin and blockchain technology di milano bicocca

Distributed ledger technology DLT is at a very early stage of development. DLT is enjoying the blockchain hype originating from the resiliency of bitcoin operations, but it still lacks a reference implementation or strict technical specifications, beyond being a shared ledger using cryptographic tools. Understanding of the technology lags well behind the hype. While it seems to promise major change for capital markets and other financial services, few can say exactly how or why. Being at the crossroads of game theory, cryptography, computer networking, data transmission, economic and monetary theory, blockchain requires a hard-to-find skill-set to be properly understood.

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Bitcoin, blockchain and the DLT chimera

Call for Papers. The emergence of blockchain technologies started with Bitcoin have sparked new interest in decentralized applications and systems. The growing variety of applications associated with blockchains offers a new type of infrastructure for any kind of application beyond cryptocurrencies, including those that are fundamentally based on metadata and semantics.

Decentralized file systems for examples allow for deploying unique, immutable and cryptographically verifiable pieces of metadata, including persistent identifiers. And blockchains allow for adding more complex logic that may deal with rules, provenance and other elements. Some existing work have already attempted to apply ontologies, schemas or semantics to these technologies, at different levels, from the economic aspects that are fundamental to the transactional nature of blockchains to domain-specific ones.

However, research is still needed to identify the utility and use cases of those with regards to smart contract execution, validation and search and also their relevance in smart contract expression itself. The track aims at gathering recent research on the outlined topics, from different perspectives and use cases, to stimulate dialogue and innovation. Submissions should be original and not previously submitted, published and under review to other Conferences or Journals. All submissions will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, importance and clarity following a double-blind peer review process.

Submitted papers have to follow the LNCS proceedings formatting style and guidelines. Authors of accepted submissions will be asked to register to the Conference and present their work in the form of either oral presentation or poster presentation.

Interested authors can submit to EasyChair. Selected papers might be considered for a revised and extended version to be published in a range of international journals, including the International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies Inderscience and Data Technologies and Applications Emerald , previously published as Program.

The author of an awarded paper, and co-authors if any, will be entitled to:. Topics Topics include but are not limited to contributions dealing with the following issues: Metadata on decentralized file systems and blockchains. Persistent identifiers in decentralized and blockchain systems. Semantics and ontologies in smart contract.

Provenance and traceability of digital and physical assets with metadata on blockchains or decentralized file systems. Blockchains and decentralized systems for terminology or vocabulary publishing, linking and evolution. Linked data approaches, decentralization and blockchains. Demos and Panels pages providing a description Submissions should be original and not previously submitted, published and under review to other Conferences or Journals.

Other Publication Opportunities Selected papers might be considered for a revised and extended version to be published in a range of international journals, including the International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies Inderscience and Data Technologies and Applications Emerald , previously published as Program.

Best Paper award: This award will be presented to the authors of the best full research paper submitted and presented to the conference.

Best Student Paper award: MTSR sponsors a paper competition to recognize excellence in a conference paper contribution whose primary author is a student normally at a PhD or MRes level. The student is required to present the paper at the MTSR conference.

Submissions are evaluated on their originality, scientific merits, structure, and clarity of composition. This voucher, in case of many co-authors, is valid only for one author of the awarded paper, and only for the MTSR conference that follows the year after receiving the award. Co-organized by.

Crypto Asset Lab

Hype fuels the technology industry. Hyperloop will zip us across countries, chatbots will organise our lives, and drones will deliver our shopping paid for with digital currencies. Driverless cars could cut deaths from car crashes, robotics in factories could end industrial injuries, and digital currencies could give us financial freedom from big banks. Why are such technologies overhyped? We in the media love a good headline as much as you love reading them. Startups and Silicon Valley giants alike need attention to win investment. The analyst firms are often paid by the tech industry itself, and positive predictions mean repeat customers.

Ferdinando teaches “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies” at Politecnico di Milano and Milano-Bicocca University. Former Head of Blockchain.

Ferdinando Maria Ametrano

I would like to have money controlled by a computer. On the one hand, there are those who think of it as the new, clean and democratic alternative to the banking system, a gigantic socio-economic experiment that could pave the way for a new interpretation of finance, cleared by a central control system. On the other hand, there are those who think it is just another internet bubble destined to disappear, or even worse, the first step towards a global financial meltdown. In the middle we stand, ignorant and unsure whether we are hotly debating nothing more than the latest tweet trends of Elon Musk. However, when the Bank of Singapore suggested that the new cryptocurrency could replace what has been the quintessential store of value for 3, years, gold, we decided to try to figure out what Bitcoin was all about. And whether it was worth trading-in the safe for a computer. First of all, bitcoin is the most widespread type of virtual currency.

Everything you want to know about bitcoin, blockchain and the crypto economy

bitcoin and blockchain technology di milano bicocca

Skip to content. Star 3. Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Course Material ametrano. MIT License.

Background Over the past year, blockchain technology has been increasingly in the news with many articles - but also much inconsistent or incomplete information.


In other words, the CheckSig opcode is the guard of your Bitcoins. It works behind the scene to ensure that only the proper private key can move your funds. We have an experienced and friendly team that is proud to offer absolute peace of mind when it comes to your Bitcoin assets. Feel free to contact a team member today with any questions. So, it only made sense that we chose it as our company name! Security is our core mission.

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Il Crypto Asset Lab ( è una iniziativa di ricerca sul tema dei crypto-asset come opportunità di investimento.

Technology conference events in Milan, Italy

Crypto Asset Lab. Send Email. See all. The Crypto Asset Lab is a scientific research center about crypto assets bitcoin in primis as investment opportunity, fintech innovation, and regulatory challenge.

Ferdinando Ametrano

The scripts folder contains Python3 code used for teaching and homeworks. The excel folder contains Excel spreadsheets used for teaching and homeworks. Everything is licensed under MIT license. It is not intended to be used in production environments.

While many titans of finance and the global securities industry hold tight to the idea that private, centralized blockchains are preferable, their mentality started to change last year. The response to the bank consortium was lackluster.

Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

With our publications we would like to offer you valuable insights into the evolution of the Blockchain ecosystem. We would like to expand and enhance the scientific discourse and want to support the various stakeholders from science, business and politics in their decision-making. Use the menu on the left to choose between the different publication types. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss our publications or collaborate on future research projects. If you enjoy our publications, we would be happy if you forward them to your colleagues, likeminded individuals or share them on social networks. As a non-profit organisation, the Blockchain Research Lab depends on your commitment.

Crypto Asset Lab - Università Milano-Bicocca

Starting from a computationally focused approach to elliptic curves over finite fields and presenting the discrete logarithm problem as the cornerstone of public-key cryptography, bitcoin is introduced as ingenious breakthrough innovation. Its game theory, computer science distributed systems, distributed consensus , and monetary theory elements are examined in the attempt to properly convey the interdisciplinarity of the topic and appreciate its relevance. Technical and programming elements about digital signatures, blockchain, Merkle tree, addresses, transactions, and timestamping are also provided to assess features and limits of the Bitcoin protocol.

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