Bitcoin asic kncminer saturn

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Bitcoin asic kncminer saturn

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The planned node size would be 16nm or 14nm This chip is planned to be introduced in the future. As of 1 April [update] no further information on this potential chip has become available beyond the Coinbau investment brochure.

This chip is rumored to become available around July of BitFury Group Unknown a 40nm chip. BitFury Group would have considered this their Gen 3 product. No information is available on whether the earlier 'Gen 1 Rev 2' is to be seen as 'Gen 2'.

This chip may have been canceled altogether. BitFury Group Unknown a Sep 16nm 0. BitFury Group considers this their Gen 5 product.

Date is public announcement of tape-out date. This chip is planned for the future and specifications are highly subject to change. Bitmain Technologies Ltd. This chip has only been alluded to in Bitmain Technologies' BM announcement. Black Arrow Ltd Unknown a May 14nm 0. Tape-out was purportedly in December This chip has been declared canceled on the 27th of May, CoinTerra, Inc.

Assumed not to have gone into production before CoinTerra's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This chip was canceled, however its technology would eventually surface in the Gridseed GC Date is initial design start date. Plans of this chip were revealed in HashFast's bankruptcy case. This chip was canceled at some point during its development, in favor of 'generation 1. Development of this chip began after 'generation 2. A next chip was mentioned, and in a private message to TheRealSteve , iCoinTech noted that there were unexpected delays.

No new information has since surfaced, and it may have been canceled. Plans for this chip have been announced and claimed to have been taped out. Any specifications are highly subject to change. Hash rate is a rough estimate based on 2kW at-the-wall miner with 64 chips. Other than website claims no information on this chip is available. Spondoolies-Tech LTD unknown a chip. Considered by Spondoolies-Tech to be their 3rd Generation product.

Mentioned only in passing in a BitcoinTalk forum post. Intended to be package, pin and protocol compatibe with the TMR's nm offering. TMR sought venture capital for development of a 55nm chip, but As of 1 April [update] no further information has become available. The following is a list of projects that are known or confidently presumed to have been canceled prior to production.

This project was effectively canceled on January 9th, This project was declared canceled on April 8th Date is claimed tape-out date. Presumed to have been canceled prior to production or to have been a ruse given claims. Presumed to have been canceled prior to production. Project was cancelled on July 12th, Project was canceled on April 14th, Listed as both Z1 and Terra One Presumed to have been canceled prior to production.

Note: Most links below will lead to external sites. Icons have been suppressed to prevent link clutter. Jump to: navigation , search. Despite claims of available hardware currently being sold, no information on this hardware has become available. Claimed to have been pursuing their own chip according to Jeff Garzik. Alydian filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on November 1st, , only 3 months after being founded by CoinLab.

As part of their bankruptcy proceedings, asset auctions were blocked as the judge believed to be dealing with "a debtor that has absolutely zero existence" ASICrigs www Unknown BCT [media: a ] a Apr chip co-developed with ON Semiconductors. Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and pre sales. A chip at this node size was only claimed to have been designed, no claim was made regarding production.

As of 1 April [update] no information on the existence of this chip has been made public. This chip was slated for the future, however there were strong indications of dishonesty in their presentation and pre sales.

Date is first appearance of company name via comment spam Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and pre sales, despite statement to the contrary BTC Olympus www Achilles BCT. Not to be confused with Achilles Labs, a manufacturer of Scrypt mining hardware. Implied to have been canceled due to performance issues. This chip was to be used in a product called the Poseidon, for which at least one BitcoinTalk Forum post exists claiming selling a used unit.

However, no details of the unit or chip are available and the company is generally regarded as being dishonest in their business.. Although a 20nm ASIC was mentioned in passing, no further information is available. Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and pre sales, using manipulated images to bolster credibility.

This company attempted to market mining hardware that was claimed to use their own chips - however the hardware even on paper was highly inefficient and overpriced being sold by pre-order by the time it was announced.

At one point the company suggested free units for review by interested parties as long as they would post immediate review threads on BitcoinTalk.

This has since been regarded as an attempt to bolster credibility. The company's website is no longer in operation and BitcoinTalk forum accounts inactive. Cryoniks, Inc. Not to be confused with Dragon Mining Technology.

Used manipulated images of a Godson-1 chip to bolster credibility. Date is first appearance of Extolabs online vimeo video. Used manipulated images of unknown BGA chips to bolster credibility. Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their crowdfunding pitch presentation. Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and investment seeking German Bitcoin Mining www Unknown BCT a Jul chip. Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation using edited images of existing mini-ITX cases, and has gone out of business without any further details on offerings.

Unknown status, generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and pre sales using manipulated image of an image that itself was manipulated to remove package markings. Efficiency is as specified at the board. The mining equipment this chip is going to be used in was originally slated for Q1 Hashra has traditionally used existing hardware, reselling these 'as is' or in custom cases. The chip used in the Moonraker product may well be a pre-existing chip of unstated origin.

At least one party noted that As of 9 September [update] , the chips should exist As of 7 September [update] , this hardware is purportedly still under development - after numerous delays, despite taking orders.

A BitcoinTalk scam accusation thread details several claimed excuses. Date was projected tape-out date. New work done by the same designer as the nm model which was canceled, and claimed to have been 'finished' by another designer. This chip was claimed to have been received, however the image was found to be manipulated which was explained as just being rough chip packaging. Another image with the alleged chip in a tray rather than on a reel was posted accompanied by an infeasible PCB design.

A 65nm chip was claimed to be under development by labcoin through two teams, referred to only as 'Chinese team' and 'European team'. Work on 65nm chips was acknowledged as having been suspended around October Generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and investment seeking. Used manipulated images of an AC Ryan mediaplayer to bolster credibility. Unknown status, generally presumed to be dishonest in their presentation and pre sales. ASIC purportedly 'reverse engineered'.

Project went deliberately silent, website no longer mentions hardware and at least on that portion of affairs are presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and pre sales. Not to be confused with Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Used manipulated images of G-Technology G-Safe and G-Speed products, is generally presumed to have been dishonest in their presentation and pre sales.

Other than old website claims available through archive. Company supposedly sold hardware incorporating this chip by pre-order for a July delivery. Also known as BitAsic www. Date is for tech availability. Unknown status, was met with skepticism at various forums.

As of 10 July [update] the website has been blanked with the message "Thanks for the lot of advice in the Bitcointalk Forum, we will back with a better product. Little is known about this chip outside of its purported use in hardware that could be rented early cloudhashing.

KnCMiner to cease mining hardware sales

Each set comes with the proper PSUs to run all 5 cubes and the controller board. They mine around 4. I take Bitcoin as payment, and will add shipping fees onto the price once I actually go to send them out. The included PSUs alone are worth that much. Reply to this post or PM me if you're interested. Mods, sorry if this post breaks rules, I've seen other "for sale" posts before.

The new centre is to be called 'Boden 2', and brings the KnC Miner footprint up to square feet and 30mw total. The company, based in.

Bitcoin Turbo Coin Preț

ASIC bitcoin miner written in c, cross platform for windows, linux, OSX and other, with monitoring, fanspeed control and remote interface capabilities. See options. The list of proxy types are: http: standard http 1. If you compile cgminer with a version of CURL before 7. All are available since CURL version 7. After saving configuration from the menu, you do not need to give cgminer any arguments and it will load your configuration. Writing the configuration will save all settings from all files in the output. The output line shows the following: 5s TQ is Total Queued work items. ST is STaged work items ready to use.

KnCMiner cuts price of Saturn and Jupiter bitcoin mining rigs

bitcoin asic kncminer saturn

FPGA mining in the cryptocurrency world is a new emerging trend set to change the way blockchain-based coins and tokens are mined due to being very efficient in comparison to GPU and CPU mining performances. The overclocking can automatically be applied at a large scale across an entire mining farm based on the current mining algorithm. March 4, Embedded Staff. Google Scholar; V.

All orders placed from today will be delivered from mid-November, but existing orders will be shipped no later than 15th October. Miner nameOld priceNew pricePrice decrease.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Guide

The company anticipates that continued strong demand means that the Neptune model will completely sell out before Christmas, with a total worldwide shipment of only 2, units. The Neptune is KnCMiner's first 20nm product and will be shipping in the first and second quarters of This incredible speed is accomplished despite a 30 percent reduction in watts used per GH. The company soon will begin taking pre-orders again to meet this historic demand by miners who are participating in the new "digital gold rush. KnCMiner offers Bitcoin mining hardware that is faster and more efficient at producing the virtual cryptocurrency, at competitive prices, while keeping energy costs lower and mining areas cooler. KnCMiner has partnered with the biggest names in supercomputing, including a recent partnership with Alchip Technologies, to deliver rigs that can hash faster and more efficiently than any others on the market.

ASIC/FPGA Mining Made Easy

Mining bitcoins is nothing else than verifying transactions within the bitcoin network. In order to prevent users from cheating and sending each other more bitcoins than they actually own, they must be some type of supervision. The entire lexicon of bitcoin terms can be found on the page Lexicon of terms. The following video explains the bitcoin mining process. The whole idea of bitcoin rests on the assumption that majority of users will not swindle. However, the computing power of the current bitcoin network is really high making any hacking attack almost impossible.

The KNC Jupiter and Saturn are standalone miners and require no external controller. They house 4 and 2 mining modules respectively, hashing at GH and.

KnCMiner Debuts Most Powerful Bitcoin Miner in History at Inside Bitcoins Conference

Zeus mining review. However, the crypto ecosystem is constantly developing and Rebase is one of them. We encourage useful, constructive feedback. The anonymous founder of Olympus DAO, who identifies himself as Zeus, has taken to Twitter to reveal his latest brainchild.

Best ASICs For Cryptocurrency Mining – Advantages and Disadvantages

Good Saturday morning to all of you here on wallstreetbets. I hope everyone on this sub made out pretty nicely in the market this past week, and is ready for the new trading week ahead. Here is everything you need to know to get you ready for the trading week beginning September 14th, Investors will look to the Fed to soothe the market next week, but that may be a tall order - Source Markets are looking to the Federal Reserve to be a soothing force when it meets in the week ahead, but stocks could remain choppy if the central bank disappoints and as investors focus on the election and the economic recovery. The Fed also updates its economic and interest rate outlook, including forecasts for for the first time. But Quincy Krosby, chief investment strategist at Prudential Financial, said the stock market could easily be disappointed because the Fed is unlikely to offer more clarity on monetary policy, such as plans for bond buying.

Take a look of this list which compiles the best ASICs for cryptocurrency mining high profitability.

List of Bitcoin mining ASICs

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Swedish company KnCMiner said this week that it will be informing the first customers of their place in the delivery queue for its two mining units, named Jupiter and Saturn. KnCMiner had allowed people to register in a queue to purchase the units, but only opened up its payment gateway earlier this month, offering people in the queue seven days to secure their place with a payment. Those paying during the first 48 hours were entered into a lottery. Three winners would get free machines.

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