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Image from Age of Chains What Woodcoin is a cryptocurrency, a logarithmically growing money supply, a decentralized, minable, proof-of-work, public ledger.

The unit of exchange is LOG, and the genesis block was mined in October Woodcoin LOG was created to address a problem which exists with the mining reward schedule of other public coins. If the reward schedule drops too quickly, the founders or early adopters hold all the existing coin and there is little incentive for new miners to secure the network - stagnation.

Transaction fees do provide incentive for miners but high fees can also drag down the value of the coin. On the other hand, if a reward schedule drops too slowly, the supply increases without bound and inflation is the result.

This means that the mining reward is always bigger today than it will be tomorrow, and that there will aways be a significant reward incentive for miners to secure the network. The logarithmic money supply policy is designed for stability and longevity. However, every block is worth less than the preceding one - so earlier adopters are always rewarded and the supply will never rise above This site is maintained by Vermont Secure Computing consultancy in an effort to benefit the public coin economy, including Woodcoin users and other Bitcoin users who might be interested to learn of the monetary policy of Woodcoin.

Woodcoin is a decentralized system, there are no alerts or checkpoints, trademarks, patents, no ICO no premine , and no corporation or company controlling the protocol.

The protocol has remained simple and robust without mandatory forks or updates since its inception in October of , where it was created near the Royal Oak Tavern in Oxford England. Woodcoin, the original logarithmic Bitcoin, is a publicly issued minable cryptocurrency.

There are three major innovations in the design:. There are three major innovations in the design: Proof of Work algorithm: Double Skein This is the first consensus network built solely with the skein hash function.

You can read more about Skein at the skein-hash. Use of algorithms already in use by high work networks present an attack vulnerability. Woodcoin is secured with Skein2 or pure skein as the proof-of-work hash function. While many coins include the skein function to some extent X11 coins such as Dash, Skeincoin, Quark, and others Woodcoin uses only Skein for proof-of-work, computed twice.

This is indifferent to Satoshi's choice to use a double sha hash to secure the first public coin. Skein is a fast and robust hash function. To sign transactions and create public and private addresses we use the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm ECDSA just like most all currently available public coins. However Woodcoin uses a different curve also known as secpr1 as a basis to do so. This curve was perhaps the most used in the financial industry before Bitcoin.

Some people claim it is more secure as it takes greater advantage of the parameter space than the Koblitz curve. Logarithmic Coin Release Woodcoin is the first coin to use a logarithmic coin release. The reward is continually decremented in an harmonic series. The algorithm that controls the creation of units of currency over time should be the first thing every educational site about a coin should present.

The coinbase will continue to subsidize miners and keep the coin alive - both in allowing for low-fee transactions and in improving network security.

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Optimized multi algo CPU miner. Algorithm: YescryptR16 will be changed to YespowerR16 yespower All of the code is believed to be open and free. If anyone has a claim to any of it post your case in the cpuminer-opt Bitcoin Talk forum or by email. Miner programs are often flagged as malware by antivirus programs. This is a false positive, they are flagged simply because they are cryptocurrency miners.

While many coins include the skein function to some extent (X11 coins such as Dash, Skeincoin, Quark, Bitcointalk Announcement Thread.

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InterCoin cpuminer. LightBit cpuminer. CPUchain cpuminer. Cranepay cpuminer. Uranium-X cpuminer. Yenten cpuminer. Bellcoin cpuminer. Microbitcoin cpuminer. Sugarchain cpuminer. All of the code is believed to be open and free.

SkeinCoin (SKC)

skeincoin bitcointalk

Skeincoin was developed in late so it's a mature network with an experienced team. Both, team and coin have seen many states of crisis and solved different obstacles. The network proved itself stable but despite of this, the development was paused due to the Mt. Gox crisis.

All of the code is believed to be open and free.

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All of the code is believed to be open and free. If anyone has a claim to any of it post your case in the cpuminer-opt Bitcoin Talk forum or by email. Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions, including Mint and Centos are known to work and have all dependencies in their repositories. Others may work but may require more effort. Stratum pool, cpuminer-opt only supports stratum minning.

Emal Safi: The Diamond Heist

You can read here part III. You can read this whole story translated into Spanish here This is part IV, the last but not least. You can thank NoodleDoodle. Install for more hash power! Once again, it was NoodleDoodle.

Announcement: Description: Skeincoin uses a proof-of-work algorithm that is energy efficient and secure.

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In this guide, you will learn how to set up and use the Cpuminer-Opt cpuminer-gr mining software for cryptocurrency mining. Download releases from GitHub. Download releases from BitcoinTalk.

CpuMiner 3.19.5: Download, Config, Commands [2022]

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Any input appreciated. URI scheme for Blockchain exploration Blockply — Collection of the most interesting and outstanding blockchain projects Blockchain demo — Web-based demonstration of blockchain concepts. The mining script is coinbase user adoption bitmex bitcointalk detectable by any of the anti-viruses and ad blockers. Simply download from the link above, unzip to a file location and run the executable. Is it worth it right now, nah, NO. Copy the address to your clipboard and then go to bitcoin.

Skeincoin's market cap is unknown.

Woodcoin [LOG]

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It requires you to join a gaggle of miners. However, final time Nimos was lively on BitcoinTalk is February 14, This allows you to efficiently triple the extraction potential with only one Bitcoin utility. CryptoNote is a technology that was designed to turn into a base for the development of untraceable cryptocurrencies with sturdy concentrate on security and privateness of transactions.

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