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Cryptopia breach losses could be as much $23M

Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers one of the largest selections of altcoins on the market today. Traders often turn to the exchange when they are looking for promising low market cap altcoins. In this comprehensive review of Cryptopia, we will take look into this exchange and everything that it has to offer. We will analyse the platform, security, fees and trader experience.

Cryptopia is a New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Christchurch. The exchange operates as a legitimate New Zealand company with registration number of It was started in by two founders called Rob Dawson and Adam Clark. They initially started the exchange as a hobby but decided to quit their jobs last year and run the exchange full time. As the price of Bitcoin has exploded over the past year, Cryptopia has undergone an immense expansion. For example, last year they only had the two founders operating the exchange.

Now, the team has expanded to over 50 as they try to cope with demand in the market. They are a peer to peer exchange where users are trading on directly among themselves on the platform. They are also pretty unique as they include a marketplace where Bitcoin can be spent on just about anything.

Like many other exchanges in the past, Cryptopia has been the victim of a pretty large hack. Although it was reported to the police on the 14th of January, the hack continued for over two weeks after that. This means that the hackers had managed to extricate thousands of private keys some of which Cryptopia did not even know about.

However, it seems as if the exchange was able to stem the flow and police said the exchange could begin operations again on the 13 of February. So, while the exchange was able to stop the hack and pave the way for coming back online, it does not instill a great deal of confidence. At least Cryptopia is being open about it and have been regularly updating users as to the status of the investigation and exchange.

Well, as mentioned, there have been a number of other exchanges that have been hacked and have managed to come back pretty effectively. These include the likes of Poloniex and Bitstamp. What is most important for Cryptopia is that they have learned from this experience and have patched their systems as well as the vulnerabilities that allowed it to happen. There is still sparse information on the internal security protocols that are followed by Cryptopia and we can only hope that they are following best practices when it comes to wallet cold storage and multi signature protocols.

Firstly, we can see immediately that the exchange is SSL protected. This means that all of your traffic with the exchange is encrypted. It is quite important that you make sure that you are visiting the correct site that has the SSL padlock in the browser address bar. Hackers often use phishing to send you to illegitimate sites. When it comes to login security, Cryptopia appears to have all the standard 2 factor authentication procedures.

This is not set as default so it is advised that that you enable this feature the moment that you create an account. This is because numerous users have reported unknown login attempts on their Cryptopia accounts. Irrespective of the security procedures on an exchange, you should never make a habit of leaving large amounts of coins on an exchange.

From the Bitgrail hack to the Mt. Gox one, people have learned the hard way of leaving funds on an exchange. In fact, the number of assets supported is so broad that it is unlikely that any one trader would need even half of them. For example, on Cryptopia, you can buy PutinCoin which as of today had a daily trading volume of 0. Not only is the asset choice incredibly wide, but the site also allows for direct exchanges between various popular currencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

This is important because it means that traders do not need to convert everything into Bitcoin first before they can convert into another cryptocurrency.

This can potentially save on fees, as each time a currency is traded, a fee is charged. Below you can see a breakdown of the largest volume over the past day. What you will probably notice is that some of the more obscure altcoins have larger volume than established coins.

This shows that it would be the right exchange to go to if you had any particular interest in trading this coin. Cryptopia charges a fee of 0. Comparing this to other exchanges, Binance charges 0. This implies that Cryptopia fees are mid range, and not particularly high or low.

When it comes to funding and withdrawal, Cryptopia has a fee for a withdrawal of your coins. These vary according to the coin and are a flat rate. For example, they are 0. Cryptopia claims that these are based on the fees for the blockchain of the particular coin.

Cryptopia is based in New Zealand and the bank that they use is also based in the country. This means that they only have fiat funding options for people who live in New Zealand and are funding in NZD. However, if you would like to trade on Cryptopia and you are not based in New Zealand you can still use cryptocurrency funding.

You would have to use another Fiat gateway in your country that will allow you to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with your currencies. As a new account, you have a Level 1 verification level. If you want a higher level of verification then you can request for a Level 2 verification.

This requires you to provide documentation such as an ID card as well as your residential address. There is a third tier of verification that is available for high net worth individuals and business accounts. Like many other popular exchanges, the customer support category is one where Cryptopia seems to fail.

A quick search of the internet reveals many hundreds or even thousands of customers that are angry with not receiving any response, often for days or even weeks.

These complaints are often in relation to deposits or withdrawals not working or not appearing. This can be a very unnerving experience when a customer feels that their money has essentially disappeared and no one seems to care. In addition to customers, those seeking to have their assets listed on the exchange also have complaints of their own. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one highly respected individual who worked with several blockchain projects that wanted to be listed on the exchanged noted the following:.

It should be noted, however, that it is likely that only those with bad experiences will go on the internet to leave comments about the support. If someone had a good experience, most likely will not leave comments about it. However, the sheer number of negative comments implies that there are still a lot of issues with Cryptopia customer support.

We have seen that the Cryptopia team has gone from 2 people one year ago to over The following was posted on their support page:. Due to continued unprecedented growth we are receiving support tickets faster than we can train new staff to deal with them. When we navigate to the exchange tab on Cryptopia, you can see the range of markets that are open to trade with.

They also have a nice summary of the coins that are trending for the day. This is needed because the amount of coins that are listed on the exchange can be slightly overwhelming. At the time of this review, there were 1, One has to wonder whether it is necessary to have all these coins listed especially those that have almost no volume to speak of.

This is a Cryptopia business decision no doubt. If you want to trade a particular coin, you will select the market to the left. Once you have selected the market then you will be taken to the order books and charts of the market in question. Below we have a screenshot of the market for Electroneum. You can switch between the different markets here. You can also see the order books below the order form. Unfortunately, for those professional traders who want advanced charting, Cryptopia does not seem to offer this.

We also do not like the fact that the market depth is on a separate tab. In terms of trading speed, the engine seems to be quite responsive and pushes your order to the books relatively effectively.

Assuming that there is a reasonable amount of liquidity for the market that you have interest in, your order should be executed relatively effectively.

In summary, the trading platform seems to be relatively easy to use but does leave something to be desired for the more advanced traders. This could either be users in the community who want their coin added or project team members. If you want to add the coins, you will have to head over to the Paytopia section.

This is where you will order all of the services and products that are offered directly by the exchange. As you can see, this costs 5m DOT Dotcoin. Your coin will also make use of Cryptopias trading engine and Arbitrage tools. While it is great that the exchange makes it easy for anyone to list their coins, it does mean that a whole host of really low quality coins could get listed. As long as a team is able to scrape together 5m DOT then they can get any random coin listed.

Once some of these coins are added, they may in fact languish with little volume as we have seen. As you may have picked up, Cryptopia is quite a weird exchange in the range of goods and services that they offer.

While there is no doubt that the most important part of the exchange is their trading platform, they have a few other features which warrant some coverage. As mentioned, Cryptopia was started more as a hobby by the two Kiwis back in One of the interesting extensions that they included was a cryptocurrency marketplace.

Based loosely on the Ebay model, users can buy or sell a range of goods for cryptocurrency on the platform. As you can see, there are a range of different items put up for sale. Some of them are software related like Bots and signal services.

Users of Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Can Now Make Claims to Recover Funds

However, there are a lot of basic questions that still remain unanswered. Which are the best places to buy Bitcoins is definitely one of them. But the problem is that a negligible fraction of them are actually trustworthy. Depending of your location in the world, there are cheaper options available per country and I want to tell you I look to the safest way to get my Bitcoin, security related, and also with the least Fees possible before we go into buying.

But by pm this evening, we got our confirmation that this was indeed the same It also states that users of the platform continue to deposit Ethereum.

Coinlancer collaborates with Cryptopia

Coinfirm documents interesting or high profile frauds and hacks that have recently happened and been reported into our networks to show how the AMLT Network can help track and prevent it in the future. Today we conduct an investigation into the Cryptopia hacker who has seemingly struck again. Now, nearly 15 days after the hack, the attacker has resurfaced, stealing even more funds and showing everyone, that the wallets are not in control of the exchange. A quick recap on the investigation so far a more extensive analysis of the initial breach can be found here. On January 14th, the New Zealand-based exchange Cryptopia suffered a security breach after their unscheduled maintenance, which was supposed to fix a problem with clients being unable to deposit and withdraw their funds. After the withdrawal of tens of thousands of Ethereum tokens and coins, the service has gone dormant in order to assess the damage. On January 22nd, the New Zealand Police has made an update, saying that good progress is being made in the investigation and that the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is working closely with the authorities in order to solve this hacking investigation. Since then no more news was shared. What looked like Cryptopia securing the remainder of their funds, turned out to be another wave of withdrawals that resulted in an additional 1, ETH worth of losses from nearly 17 thousand wallets. The hacker s have struck again.


cryptopia confirmation deposit ethereum

The liquidator of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has told former customers they can now begin making claims for the return of their funds. In a blog post Wednesday, the New Zealand branch of accountancy firm Grant Thornton said it has opened a claims portal allowing affected users to register for the repatriation of property still held by the exchange. Grant Thornton said the "sheer volume" of emails means it is informing users about the portal in batches throughout the week. Around , former Cryptopia users are being informed, and those registering are being asked to confirm some account details to ensure only verified users of the exchange make claims. As previously reported , Grant Thornton said the steps are necessary to ensure the repatriation of assets complies with New Zealand law.

No doubt the exchanges allow you to transact and react to market conditions quite effectively. But are they safe?

Bithumb Review

The below article is preserved for archival purposes. Investing in these small coins can be highly risky, but finding the right one could mean striking gold. Cryptopia is purely a crypto-to-crypto exchange. The exchange dashboard is a little cluttered. It shows a searchable list of all the markets as well as the hour market summary for each market. Additionally, it displays the top market by trading volume for each currency.

What Is OMG Foundation and How Does It Work?

Comprised of decentralized networks, blockchain technology is not overseen by a central authority. Therefore, cryptocurrencies function in a decentralized nature which theoretically makes them immune to government interference. The term, cryptocurrency derives from the origin of the encryption techniques that are employed to secure the networks which are used to authenticate blockchain technology. Every cryptocurrency transaction that occurs is logged in a web-based ledger with blockchain technology. These then must be approved by a disparate network of individual nodes computers that maintain a copy of the ledger. Bitcoin still contributes the majority of the overall cryptocurrency market volume, though several other cryptos have grown in popularity in recent years. Indeed, out of the wake of Bitcoin, iterations of Bitcoin became prevalent which resulted in a multitude of newly created or cloned cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies promise a wide range of technological innovations that have yet to be structured into being.

How to withdraw Electroneum from Cryptopia Step 1: Go to Be very careful that you do not deposit any other coin but the one you have.

Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2022

Cryptocurrency exchange without verification also cryptocurrency best wallet; bitcoin cost in rupees. Us bitcoin faucet - bitcoin exchange monitor. Do not fall victim to the Bystander Effect and think someone else will report it. No URLs in titles.

How to Find My Transaction ID (TxID)

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Known for its unique Ethereum platform, Coinlancer is a new name in the field of freelancing and blockchain technology and has been listed on three successful exchanges in the first four weeks of the New Year. Cryptopia has over cryptocurrencies registered on its powerful currency trading platform, now available for freelancers on Coinlancer.

Cryptopia compromised in another attack by hackers; loses 180k worth of Ethereum [ETH]

Layer-2 Scaling on Ethereum. OMG Foundation can process thousands of transactions per second, which can reduce the cost of operating on Ethereum by one-third. By Cryptopedia Staff. OMG Foundation is a Layer-2 scaling solution that increases the transactional throughput of Ethereum. The OMG Foundation creates a value transfer layer on top of Ethereum that bundles together Ethereum transactions and validates them through a speed-optimized child chain before sending them back to the Ethereum blockchain for confirmation.

Cryptopia, the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange which reported a security breach earlier this month, continues to lose its funds to hackers, according to a report by Elementus, a next-generation blockchain analysis company. The report states that over 17k wallets were drained of funds on January 28, It further states that the hack, which started at AM, went on through-out the day. The exchange platform has lost around 1, ETH to the latest attack, which is close to K.

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