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Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Abbas, Sawaid , Nichol, Janet E , Zhang, Jinlong and Fischer, Gunter A The accumulation of species and recovery of species composition along a 70 year successional gradient in a tropical secondary forest. Ecological Indicators,

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Abaya, Miriam The resignation of old leaders does not guarantee a new era of leadership in Africa. Africa at LSE 21 Mar Abbas, Jo and Jones, Katy In-work conditionality is based on weak evidence - but will the policy sink or swim?

Abbas, Madeline-Sophie The detrimental effects of current counter-extremism measures on British Muslim families. Abbas, Tahir Editorial. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 39 2. ISSN Critical Social Policy. Blog Entry. Abbasi, Asad Pakistan election special: the usual manifestos. Abbott, Tom E. Annals of Medicine and Surgery, Mathematics of Operations Research, 43 2. ISSN X. Journal of Graph Theory, 87 4. IDS Bulletin, 49 1A. Abukar, Farhia Coloured girls.

Accominotti, Fabien Consecration as a population-level phenomenon. American Behavioral Scientist. Accominotti, Fabien , Khan, Shamus R. American Journal of Sociology, 6. Women, Peace and Security 05 Mar Acimovic, Jason , Parker, Chris , Drake, David and Balasubramanian, Karthik How platforms can help their contract workers make decisions in uncertain environments. LSE Brexit 11 Jun Acs, Zoltan J. Small Business Economics, 51 2. Impact of Social Sciences Blog 22 Aug Adams, Stephen B.

Adamson, Maria and Kelan, Elisabeth Are celebrity women executives good role models for women? Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 12 6. Adeel, Muhammad Karachi's neighbourhoods most populated among those of other cities.

Adeel, Muhammad and Yeh, Anthony Gar-On Gendered immobility: influence of social roles and local context on mobility decisions in Pakistan. Transportation Planning and Technology, 41 6. Ademolu, Edward How representations of Africa by NGOs impact diaspora community's identity and engagement with international development. Africa at LSE 05 Sep Ademolu, Edward Seeing and being development's 'other': representations of Africa and diaspora audiences.

Africa at LSE 03 Sep Adewole, Victoria Operating efficiently: fixing the market for surgical equipment in low and middle income countries. Adewole, Victoria The forgotten five billion: improving surgical services in low and middle-income countries. Adger, W. Neil , Brown, Iain and Surminski, Swenja Advances in risk assessment for climate change adaptation policy. Adisa, Olumide Book review: building better societies: promoting social justice in a world falling apart edited by Rowland Atkinson, Lisa Mckenzie and Simon Winlow.

Adjerid, Idris , Peer, Eyal and Acquisti, Alessandro The paradox of wanting privacy but behaving as if it didn't matter. Adler, Matthew D Prioritarianism: room for desert? Utilitas, 30 2. Admati, Anat Financial crises, corporate scandals and blind spots: who is responsible? Adraoui, Mohamed-Ali Aux sources de la radicalisation: les espaces sociaux du jihadisme.

Adraoui, Mohamed-Ali Islamists and international relations: a dialectical relationship? In: Adraoui, Mohamed-Ali , ed. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN In: Gresh, Geoffrey and Keskin, Tugrul , eds. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, pp. Adrjan, Pawel and Bell, Brian Pension shocks and wages. Adusumilli, Karun and Otsu, Taisuke Nonparametric instrumental regression with errors in variables.

Econometric Theory, 34 6. Aerts, J. Nature Climate Change, 8 3. Agarwal, Anmol Increasing inequality in India: a silent subject? Agarwal, Anmol and Chopra, Suchika The hard realities of a sweet life: curbing the damaging effects of India's relationship with sugar. Agarwal, Mahak Isolated climate policies and the actions of India. Agarwalla, Shubhangi The role of mercy in India.

Agha, Nadia Maternal and newborn health in Pakistan: risks, challenges, and the way forward. Aghion, Philippe Innovation and growth from a schumpeterian perspective. Revue d'economie Politique, 5. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 22 7. Agnew, Kerri and Lyons, Ronan C.

Regional Science and Urban Economics, Impact of Social Sciences Blog 18 Apr Agrawal, Mahak Expansion and deterioration: considering the environmental implications of the multiplier effect for New Delhi. Aguilera, Rodrigo Despite reform, Mexico's election is business as usual. Aguilera, Rodrigo Populism in Mexico and Brazil: why are voters moving in opposite directions?

LSE Brexit 26 Sep Ahdash, Fatima Should the law facilitate the removal of the children of terrorists and extremists from their care? Ahdash, Fatima The interaction between family law and counter-terrorism: a critical examination of the radicalisation cases in the family courts. Child and Family Law Quarterly, Ahlburg, Dennis Why going to university in Britain is still a wise investment. Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. CESifo Economic Studies, 2 1.

Journal of Economic Geography, 18 2. The Economic Journal, Review of Economics and Statistics, 5. Economics Letters, American Ethnologist, 45 4. Ahmed, Wasim More room for greater depth and detail: implications for academic research of Twitter's expanded character limit.

Impact of Social Sciences Blog 09 Feb Ahuja, Shalini , Gronholm, Petra C. Ainley, Kirsten Retreat or retrenchment? An analysis of the International Criminal Court's failure to prosecute presidents.

In: Brysk, Alison and Stohl, Michael , eds. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, pp. London Review of International Law, 6 1.

Akcigit, Ufuk , Ates, Sina T. Akello, Grace From 'saved' to secularised: the challenges facing former LRA fighters after reintegration into their communities. Africa at LSE 18 Jun Akins, Harrison Pakistan's 'Pashtun Spring' faces off against a colonial-era law. Democratic Audit Blog 22 Nov Hakan Yavuz and Bayram Balci.

The Journal of Private Equity, 21 3.

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The data presented here includes all theses and dissertations submitted digitally at MSU, a requirement since roughly , for a total of 7, theses and dissertations in programs. The full collection includes many more items that have recently been scanned, though not yet with consistent enough metadata to be included here. Skip to main content. You are here Home.

In Uganda, people in gold mining communities are being poisoned by the Ebola haemorrhagic fever and Buruli ulcer disease (–) conducted in Africa.

Daily Current Affairs - Civil Services - 24-02-2021

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daburuli minebitcoins

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Bitcoin also faces a green backlash because mining often uses electricity produced from fossil fuels, he noted. China has broadened a crackdown on its massive cryptocurrency mining industry with a ban on mines in the key southwestern province.


Affected fetuses either die in utero or shortly after birth, and show arthrogryposis and features consistent with anhydramnios. Histologic examination of residual brain tissue shows multinucleated neurons resulting from impaired cytokinesis summary by Frosk et al. MalaCards based summary : Multinucleated Neurons, Anhydramnios, Renal Dysplasia, Cerebellar Hypoplasia, and Hydranencephaly, also known as hydranencephaly with renal aplasia-dysplasia , is related to hydranencephaly and dermatitis, atopic. The drugs Cisplatin and Epoetin alfa have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include brain , skin and liver , and related phenotypes are low-set ears and cystic hygroma.

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Mostly based on the application of Triger's machine it was used to mine coal below the water effectively they are the equivalent of academic bitcoins.

Volume VII Issue IX

Formulaic sequences: a drop in the ocean of constructions or something more significant? Seminario Nazionale di Biblioteconomia. Das

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Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. All Discoms including private sector Discoms and State Power Departments will be eligible for financial assistance under the scheme. IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network. Eligible Utilities All Discoms will be eligible for financial assistance under the scheme. They are being constructed under GHTC-India which envisages to provide an ecosystem for adoption of innovative technologies in the housing construction sector in a holistic manner. They comprise about houses at each location along with allied infrastructure facilities.

Healtchare and Medicine - Flesh-eating disease spreading in Australia - A flesh-eating disease is spreading in parts of Australia, with Victoria's Health Department issuing a warning. Buruli ulcer must be notified to the department within five days of diagnosis," the authorities said.

Photos: Inventive ways to save lives in developing countries. Yeates is leading a project to improve cervical cancer screening in rural parts of the country. Hide Caption. Piggy-backing anti-diarrhea kits — The cervical screening project is one of 68 schemes that will receive funding from Grand Challenges Canada. Another project will use Coca-Cola's distribution chain to improve the availability of life-saving drugs in developing countries. Piggy-backing anti-diarrhea kits — Ten packages of "Kit Yamoyo" anti-diarrhea kits fit easily into a single crate of cola.

Abaya, Miriam The resignation of old leaders does not guarantee a new era of leadership in Africa. Africa at LSE 21 Mar Abbas, Jo and Jones, Katy In-work conditionality is based on weak evidence - but will the policy sink or swim? Abbas, Madeline-Sophie The detrimental effects of current counter-extremism measures on British Muslim families.

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