How to change your name in binance

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How to Apply for Entity Verification

How can we help you? Account Functions. Guide to Account Functions. Binance Fan Token. Binance Earn. Crypto Derivatives. Other Topics. How to Complete Identity Verification You can access the Identity Verification from [User Center] - [Identification] or access it directly from here.

You can check your current verification level on the page, which determines the trading limit of your Binance account. To increase your limit, please complete the respective Identity Verification level. Why do I need to complete Identity Verification? Identity Verification or Know Your Customer KYC standards are designed to protect your account against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

All new users are required to complete [Verified] to access Binance products and service offerings, including cryptocurrency deposits, trades, and withdrawals. Based on your region or selected payment channels, you may need to enhance your identity verification level to improve your account security.

Log in to your Binance account and click [User Center] - [Identification]. For new users, you may click [Get verified] on the homepage directly. Here you can see [Verified] , [Verified Plus] , and [Enterprise Verification] and their respective deposit and withdrawal limits. The limits vary for different countries. After that, click [Start Now] to verify your account.

Select your country of residence. Please ensure that your country of residence is consistent with your ID documents. Click [Continue]. Enter your personal information and click [Continue]. Please make sure that all the information entered is consistent with your ID documents. Next, you will need to upload pictures of your ID documents. Please choose the type of ID and the country your documents were issued. Please refer to the respective options offered for your country.

Follow the instructions to upload photos of your document. Your photos should clearly show the full ID document. For example, if you are using an ID card, you have to take photos of the front and back of your ID card. Note: Please enable camera access on your device or we cannot verify your identity. Follow the instructions and put your ID document in front of the camera. Click [Take a photo] to capture the front and back of your ID document.

Please make sure all the details are clearly visible. Click [Continue] to proceed. After uploading the document photos, the system will ask for a selfie. Click [Upload File] to upload an existing photo from your computer. After that, the system will ask you to complete face verification. Click [Continue] to finish face verification on your computer.

Please do not wear hats, glasses, or use filters, and make sure that the lighting is sufficient. Alternatively, you can move your mouse to the QR code on the bottom right to complete the verification on the Binance App instead. Scan the QR code via your App to finish the face verification process. After completing the process, please wait patiently.

Binance will review your data in a timely manner. Once your application has been verified, we will send you an email notification.

Why should I provide supplementary certificate information? Please note that manual verification might take up to several days.

Binance adopts a comprehensive identity verification service to secure all users' funds, so please ensure that the materials you provide meet the requirements when you fill in the information. What are my daily withdrawal limits after completing Identity Verification? Binance reviews its products and services on an ongoing basis to determine changes and improvements. Please refer to the [Personal Identification] page for the most updated withdrawal limits.

For more information, please refer to our announcement. Why do I need to complete [Verified Plus] Verification? If you wish to increase your limits for buying and selling crypto or unlock more account features, you need to complete [Verified Plus] verification.

Follow the steps below:. Enter your address and click [Continue]. Upload your proof of address. It can be your bank statement or utility bill. Click [Confirm] to submit.

You will be redirected back to [Personal Verification] and the verification status will show as [Under Review]. Please wait patiently for it to get approved.

Frequently Asked Questions on Binance P2P Merchant Portal

To kick off ConsenSys' Ethereal Summit on Thursday, Unchained Podcast host Laura Shin held a cozy fireside chat with Zhao who, to mark the occasion, was wearing a personalized football shirt emblazoned with the Binance brand. Scheduled for 45 minutes, Zhao spent most of it explaining how libra and China's digital yuan were unlikely to be competitors to existing stablecoin providers; how Binance's smart chain wouldn't tread on Ethereum's toes — "that depends on the definition of competing," he said — and how Binance had an incentive to keep its newly acquired CoinMarketCap independent from the exchange. There were only five minutes left on the clock. Zhao was looking confident; he had just batted away a thorny question about an ongoing lawsuit. It was looking like the home stretch. Then it hit. Shin asked the one question Zhao really didn't want to have to answer, but many want to know: Where is Binance's headquarters?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange which is the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. It was founded in

How to Change Account Email

The term crypto token refers to a special virtual currency token or how cryptocurrencies are denominated. These tokens represent fungible and tradable assets or utilities that reside on their own blockchains. Crypto tokens are often used to fundraise for crowd sales, but they can also serve as a substitute for other things. These tokens are usually created, distributed, sold, and circulated through the standard initial coin offering ICO process, which involves a crowdfunding exercise to fund project development. As noted above, crypto tokens are cryptocurrency tokens. Cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies are denominated into these tokens, which reside on their own blockchains. Blockchains are special databases that store information in blocks that are then chained or linked together.

If bitcoin is so safe, why does it keep getting hacked?

how to change your name in binance

Sign Up. The highest and lowest price paid for this asset in 24 hours. All Time High. The highest price paid for this asset since it was launched or listed.

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Binance to stop Singapore users buying or trading crypto on main platform

How can we help you? Popular Topics. Getting Started. Learn how to start your first trade here on Binance. Account Functions. Learn how to register, secure, and verify your Binance account.

How to Verify My Residential Address on Binance

How can we help you? Account Functions. Guide to Account Functions. Binance Fan Token. Binance Earn. Crypto Derivatives.

As well as forbidding Binance from setting up an exchange in the UK, the regulator is ordering its UK division to stop any form of.

Binance: Watchdog clamps down on cryptocurrency exchange

How can we help you? Account Functions. Guide to Account Functions.

Binance Doesn’t Have a Headquarters Because Bitcoin Doesn’t, Says CEO

Binance, the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has been issued a warning by the UK's financial regulator. It also advised people to be wary of adverts promising high returns on cryptoasset investments. Binance said the FCA notice would have no "direct impact" on the services it provides from its website Binance. Binance's existing crypto exchange is not UK-based so despite the FCA ruling, there will be no impact on UK residents who use the website to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. The FCA does not regulate cryptocurrencies, but requires exchanges to register with them. Binance has not registered with the FCA and therefore is not allowed to operate an exchange in the UK.

Preguntas frecuentes. Funciones de la Cuenta.

HONG KONG, Sept 27 Reuters - Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, said on Monday that users in Singapore would no longer be allowed buy and trade cryptocurrencies on its main platform, to comply with local regulation. From Oct. Binance's local affiliate has applied for a licence in Singapore and, like other applicants, Binance Singapore is allowed to operate in Singapore under an exemption while the MAS processes applications. Crypto exchanges such as Binance, which previously could serve almost all markets in the world from one platform, are increasingly running into resistance from local regulators, who want to be able to monitor their operations better. In recent months, regulators in Britain, Italy and Hong Kong have said Binance units are not authorised to carry out some activities in their markets, and Malaysia's financial regulator reprimanded the exchange for operating illegally there. This story has been corrected to refer to Binance Singapore as a Binance affiliate and removes reference to Binance 'operating' it in paragraph four. Subscribe to our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters coverage delivered to your inbox.

When Canadian cryptocurrency trader Fawaz Ahmed saw the price of ethereum dropping, he knew it was time to get out. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't. Ahmed was trading on Binance, the world's largest digital currency exchange by trading volume.

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