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Episode 40, The Atomic Number of zirconium, I don't understand rare gems, they find diamonds in my luggage and TSA thinks they're theirs, they find my edibles and all of a sudden they're mine. The 40 yard dash is an important metric in American football scouting. True story. I tried out for football in college. My notes back were small but slow. Let's make this podcast big yet fast and near diamond.

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Thank you oracle crypto baller

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Episode 40, The Atomic Number of zirconium, I don't understand rare gems, they find diamonds in my luggage and TSA thinks they're theirs, they find my edibles and all of a sudden they're mine. The 40 yard dash is an important metric in American football scouting.

True story. I tried out for football in college. My notes back were small but slow. Let's make this podcast big yet fast and near diamond. Like, go, go, go. Welcome to the fortieth episode of the Prop G Show. He's made a big bet, as in a monstrous bet on Bitcoin and the crypto space since the start of the pandemic. And we're going to discuss the state of play and why his company continues to invest millions of dollars into Bitcoin.

He's been somewhat of an evangelist for the asset, the currency, whatever you want to call it. And I asked Michael to come on and give us sort of the four one one, give us the Delio, if you will, on the crypto currency that is Bitcoin is also this big systems thinker that seems to have insight into the future. OK, what's happening? Let's be honest. This is the vaccine and the Seven Dwarves, meaning that there's really only one thing happening or one thing that is probably we're talking about or discussing.

And we should take a moment of pause to praise this historic moment for humanity as the US became the sixth country to throw out the Pfizer and biotech vaccine. And if it's bio and tech biotech anyways, this is exciting. And all 50 states have begun to administer the vaccine. The first dose was given to an ICU nurse in Queens. So we need to keep in mind here the logistical challenges as UPS and FedEx have to safely deliver, attempt to deliver the first three million doses of the vaccine to six hundred and thirty six distribution locations nationwide.

Aside from that, this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our citizenship as we need at least 70 percent of the population to get not one but two doses of this vaccine to put an end to covid In other news, there really isn't any other news we'll talk about at the end of big tech as we know it is coming.

The FTC in 48 states attorneys general have sued Facebook for its abuse of power and anti-competitive behaviour. Better late than never. We have more on that during office hours. So stay tuned. We also have a full overview. More color, more details, more texture coming up on the property. YouTube show our property, YouTube show on.

Guessed it. You guessed it. We've linked to where you can subscribe in the episode description. You're welcome. What a thrill. So with that, let's move on to stocks and other exciting business developments. We're taking a temperature check on Tesla. Why wouldn't they? When the stock is up seven fold year to date and its market capitalization sits at, get this, six hundred billion dollars, it bears repeating that this firm is now worth more than I don't know.

And it produces about vehicles a year versus twenty four million vehicles for those automobile firms. Actually, it's probably more like 30 to 40 million for those other automobile firms.

And I don't know, a couple thousand or a couple hundred big boy jets, much like we've been talking about how Airbnb is the ultimate brand. Tesla is also one of the greatest brands ever built with no advertising because of Elon Musk's ability to drive the narrative.

We see that they don't need advertising. And by the way, by the way, I still I was on a call last night with a bunch of political consultants that were talking about starting a media firm. I don't know why I'm avoiding it.

The Lincoln Project, these are incredibly impressive people. And their tendency is to start something around media, an ad agency or a communications firm. And I'm like, come on, guys, you don't need to be the tallest midget. That shit is over. That is, anyone who starts talking a lot about brand, look at them and say, OK, I see a dead man or woman walk and you're going to be out of a job in about twenty four months.

Yeah, Brand is a construct for which we use it as a guiding light for our strategy. Which course associations are we going to reinforce? And it seems like the only core association recently in the in the investment world is are we a disruptor, yes or no?

That's kind of the only question that seems to matter. My guess is they've already done that. This also means one company will be leaving the index so their shares will need to be sold. How should Wall Street value the stock? Who the fuck knows? Don't listen to me.

I thought this thing was going to get cut in half. I don't know, about 80, 90 percent of ago, about percent gains ago. I could not be. There are a lot of places I am very wrong.

This is one of them. Let's not forget that. Elon Musk. Tweeted back in May that in his opinion, the stock price was too high. OK, that's a new strategy. That's a new strategy. Bloomberg reported that Goldman Sachs has a price target of seven hundred and eighty dollars a share, while JP Morgan is at ninety dollars. OK, what the fuck does that mean?

Once that Goldman Sachs JPMorgan, is it 90? All right, OK, enough about Tesla and it's over. Or undervaluation the mouse. Are moving the corporate world, we're changing the world of telco and content here at the property show and I'm only half kidding, by the way, bt w.

That's right, Bob Iger. That's right. John stand. Yeah, I know you're listening to the dog. I know you're like one of those penguins that can hear the dog. Do you need Grassby? Voice of the dog. I know you're listening. We can keep it to ourselves where we're intellectual lovers on the side. I'm your sidepiece and that's OK. That's OK. All right. Eighty seven million subscribers is nearly half of what Netflix has. That's what Disney plus has. And the fact that an estimated one third of the streaming services initial subscriber base came from the partnership with Verizon suggests low churn and customers are committed to baby yota and more.

This is Disney plus who predicted Disney Plus would be the baller streaming video service before it came back. Who predicted that? I'm not even going to tell you.

I'm not even going to tell you it's not. Michael Saylor was a fucking genius around everything else, but I got the call here anyways. If there's one thing you've recently learned on this podcast, it's dispersion.

This is my word of twenty, twenty and twenty twenty one. Disney is taking its content and dispersing it into series on Disney, plus moving content from the big screens to your homes and mobile devices.

Is the “unauthorized activity” event bigger than first thought?

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thank you oracle crypto baller

Jan 13, Tech 0. As enterprises embrace the cloud, AI and deep data analytics, existing jobs, and workplaces will go through a fundamental shift. This transformation will shape the present and future of talent. Srikantan Moorthy, executive vice president, Infosys, shares his thoughts on the future of work. Read More.

A heated discussion broke out on the social media platforms.

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Subtekk - Thank You. Cosmo Korg - Thank You so many times you reached out to me. Thank you - Cosmo Korg. Thank you - Ronny Richter Edit. Fear and Blade -Thank You. Jesus Army - Thank You.

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I wanted to thank you for your time just for this fantastic read!! head of wing design at Oracle Team USA and a former Boeing engineer. Lindsay says.

Row over German firm’s vaccination clause

I live in a small house with limited space and no pantry. What other options do I have? Never fear… you still have an option!

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Ora che l'estate sta tramontando il volume di gelati, aperitivi e cene all'aperto diminuisce e tutti noi ci rimettiamo in riga per recuperare la forma fisica perduta.

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Dilullo touted his experience as a professional donut chef. Holey Donuts launched in April and by May, , had filed for bankruptcy. Update 3rd August — As at the time of this update Dilullo has deleted his Delano psychic video. Despite this, Dilullo maintains on his YouTube channel that he made and continues to make a ton of money off them. It is believed this is largely not through the investments themselves, but rather through referral commissions and selling acquired points during an initial pump.

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