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An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. The future of innovation and technology in government for the greater good. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Even by operatic standards—far-fetched plots, implausible characters, and tearful histrionics—the escalating Parmalat drama gripping Italy has proved over-the-top tragicomedy. True, it was the great American trio of Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco that introduced us to the high art of massive corporate fraud.

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Bitcoin magazine issue 5 parma

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Walter Robinson

Francis after graduating from high school in , earning a B. In , he earned his M. Bishop John also received an M. While directing Franciscan postulants from to , then-Father Kudrick assisted Byzantine Catholic parishes in the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, becoming familiar with the liturgical tradition of his father.

This work led gradually to his departure from the Franciscans and formal incardination in the archeparchy in May He served in several Ruthenian Catholic parishes, including a assignment as protopresbyter of the Cathedral of St.

John in Munhall, before being consecrated a bishop in July On Nov. Why is it significant for you that Pope Francis has lifted the ban on ordaining married men to the Eastern Catholic priesthood? The Eastern Churches have much to offer the New Evangelization but must be able to maintain their integrity to do so. Because of the dual responsibilities to maintain continuity with our past and to reach out to the society to which we are called, some degree of freedom is necessary.

This does not, of course, eliminate or even diminish our obligation to mutual accountability with the other churches. Why should ordinary Catholics, particularly of the Latin Rite, care about this decision? In a way, this statement of the Holy See is an acknowledgement of the right of the various churches to exercise a local yet unified evangelization throughout the world.

In a similar way, the Latin Church relies on the efforts of the local churches dioceses and provides for them certain rights and responsibilities, while providing an over-arching structure. Because the vast majority of U. John Chrysostom. How do you explain the Byzantine Rite to people who have trouble understanding it?

The rites of the church are expressions of our faith. As we all individually have differing histories and experiences, communities of Christians do as well. One will find subtle differences even between parishes. Jesus Christ founded one Catholic Church with fundamental truths and sacraments.

He did not detail the way that should be experienced. History and geography have provided the alternate expressions. With a unified Catholic Church, our differences can be ways of understanding those truths and celebrating the sacraments while protecting their integrity. You grew up with the Roman Rite yourself and were ordained as a Franciscan priest. Why did you decide to serve exclusively in the Byzantine Rite priesthood? My mother was a devout Latin-rite Catholic and I was raised in that tradition.

I realized my calling to be a Franciscan priest, which meant that I would need to share in the Latin rite. I was given an accommodation by the Holy See. While in the seminary, I had many opportunities to learn about and experience the Byzantine rite. The participation in both rites was very appealing to me. It seemed to connect me with both sides of my family and with my Slavic roots. With time, this aspect of my spirituality became dominant and I realized that I could not live on a fence and opted to leave the community I loved to serve where I believed God wanted me.

One of the first things a newcomer notices in Byzantine Catholic parishes is the prevalence of icons rather than statues, just as in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but there are other differences between the Byzantine Divine Liturgy and the Roman Mass. What are some important distinctions people should know about? The icons in a Byzantine Catholic Church are more than decoration. They enter into the liturgy. The visual representation of the saints helps the congregation to realize the Divine Liturgy requires the participation of full communion of saints.

Similarly, the icons of the events of salvation e. Many people would like to contrast the Byzantine Divine Liturgy with various misunderstandings of the Mass following the Second Vatican Council.

This is very unfair. As an unsophisticated scholar of theology, I must admit that I see more significant similarities than differences between the rites. Pope Francis has spoken of his admiration for the sacrifices made by married Eastern Catholic priests in his native Argentina, where he worked closely with many of them.

What has been your own experience of married priests? Certainly, celibacy is not the only sacrificial blessing for a priest. The priests who enjoy the blessings of marriage face many sacrifices as well. Both find the difficult balance between ministering to fellow faithful while maintaining a certain distance from them. In the Byzantine Rite churches, as in Eastern Orthodoxy, only celibate men are eligible to be bishops, excluding married clergy from that office.

Why is that the case? I understand that this is primarily a practical one. The property of the church is entrusted to the bishop, even deeded to the bishop. It is important that the bishop have no obligations to family. Also, the bishop is expected to travel a lot; this would be unfair to a family.

Often theological and spiritual reasons similar to those given for a celibate clergy are given for a celibate episcopacy. This word often carried the negative implication that Eastern Catholic churches, including those which never split from Rome, gave up their principles in capitulating to the pope. I often compare church unity with the unity of the members of a family.

If Mom and Dad separate, they usually blame the other and even try to convince the rest of the family. The children are usually forced to side with one or the other. Being separated, aspects of their life will differ. To justify or exalt their own life, they may speak against the other.

After a period of time, the children or descendents may realize that such a division is not healthy. For almost 1, years, the churches of the East and West have found ways to blame the other for the separation, even calling names. Even today, members of the churches believe that loyalty to one requires a distinction from the other. The unity of the church is found in various levels. Complete union and mutual acceptance is certainly the goal, as it is in marriage.

We continue to take steps toward it. Although the Eastern Catholic churches have a great deal of theoretical autonomy from Rome, and are even governed by their own Eastern Code of Canon Law, there have been some practical frictions between the Vatican and Eastern Catholics in the past.

Other than lifting the ban on married Eastern priests in the diaspora, what are some positive things we might do to heal those rifts? Certainly the Second Vatican Council formulated a commitment. I see the church experiencing theosis, just as individuals must. In my 12 years as a bishop, I have found a sincere desire from the Holy See to be sensitive to the needs of the local churches while attempting to maintain good order and appropriate cooperation between them.

This includes its service to the Eastern Churches. Some observers may think the pope's recent decision is a sign that married clergy will soon exist in the Roman Rite, or at least in the new Anglican Use that is a form of it. As a former Roman Rite priest, do you believe that a pope will or should extend permission for married clergy to the universal church at some point in the future?

Clearly, the church, East and West, has not backstepped in its respect for the blessings of celibacy for clergy nor its concern for scandal or a desire for good order.

I believe the long-standing Latin-rite theological basis for a celibate priesthood will prohibit such a change. In the Byzantine Rite, there is no distinction between transitional and permanent diaconate, nor is there a fixed time for serving as deacon before ordination to the priesthood.

A candidate must be married before ordination and cannot remarry if his spouse dies. As a Ruthenian Catholic bishop, how do you determine which of your married and celibate deacons are worthy of being ordained priests? Certainly, we rely on the recommendation of those entrusted with the formation of a candidate.

For ordination to the diaconate, I expect a stable marriage in addition to an appropriate formation. Some more progressive U. Catholics hope the Vatican will expand married clergy to the universal church because it will pave the way for women priests, as has already happened in many Protestant denominations. What would you say to them? Without denying the equality of women with men, to be the Body of Christ, the church needs to respect the fundamental differences of its members.

The experience of other ecclesial communities seems to have come from a congregational understanding of the church as a collection of individuals. I am very impressed by him. He seems to give a personal touch to the philosophical and theological teachings of Pope St.

At times, I miss the precision of the latter. I have great hope for the future. The Eastern Catholic Churches in the U. I pray we will live up to the responsibility. Sean Salai, S. Thanks for reading. You will not find big money, or even guaranteed financial stability, in the priesthood today. The salaries of U. Catholic diocesan priests are very low--lower even than many lay parish staff--and do not often compare favorably to the earnings of public school teachers.

There is even less money for priests in the Eastern churches.

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But, she's found a balance to her personal and professional pursuits. Outside of racing, she is politically active and has visited Washington D. Her motto easily summarizes who she is: "never underestimate a vegetarian hippie chick with a race car. The event is free and open to the public. The event will feature an organic vegan lunch. It is also free and open to the public. The purpose of GreenFest is to engage the campus community through social and interactive programs in an effort to educate them on the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle and to promote sustainable practices.

However, organic food traceability knows several issues, about the source of their food and beverages (Bitcoin Magazine, ).

Palmer Luckey

By our long-term partner Dario Botti , independent professional from Parma, Italy. Wolf in Italy is strictly protected since Since then, wolf population increased and spread to whole Apennine, to Alps and further. Such a plan will permit to cull around 60 wolves each year. The plan will permit also to cull hybrids and to hunt free ranging dogs. According to Pro Natura [4] , after the dismemberment of the State Forestry Corp the main environmental surveillance force , the dismantling of provincial regulatory bodies and the serious economic crisis faced by protected areas, the situation could be getting even worse. In this context, measures for better protecting wolf and enhancing predators-man coexistence in Italy would seem necessary.

Scott King

bitcoin magazine issue 5 parma

Traceability of the food supply chain is not new. Given the fact that PACA exempts small growers, FSMA's Produce Safety Rule has no traceability requirements, and many of the other FSMA rules provide exemptions or exceptions for small and very small businesses, many growers may expect that they will not need to comply with traceability requirements. However, while FDA has not yet established the traceability rule, it is likely that at least some produce will be designated as high-risk and subject to traceability, regardless of the business size. It may, in fact, turn out to be for the best that FDA's traceability rules have continued to lag, as technology has done the very opposite — with systems and innovations developing at a rapid pace.

Dating back to the early 18th century, 18 Old Church Street is a striking four-bedroom home that was once positioned directly behind the famous …. Read more on luxurylifestylemag.

Pope Francis & Married Catholic Priests: Q&A with Bishop John of Parma

Riccardo Manfrin, presenta due nuove mostre collettive, presso il Museo della Permanente di Milano. Gli artisti selezionati per la mostra sono i principali esponenti del movimento a livello di emergenti, blue chip definizione attribuita ad artisti NFT stabilmente affermati e OG acronimo per Old Guy, utilizzato per identificare quegli artisti che per primi hanno iniziato a lavorare nel campo degli NFT. Vai ai contenuti. Nov 16 Categoria: Mostre Di Redazione Novembre 16,


Blockchain for Food and Agriculture View all 4 Articles. This study aims to shed light on the challenges in the organic food chain to overcome, the drivers for blockchain technology, and the challenges in current projects. Findings: Organic food supply chain companies aiming to improve food traceability with blockchain face two key decisions, depending on the characteristics of the organic value chain, regarding 1 optimizing chain partner collaboration and 2 the selection of which data to capture in the blockchain. Other challenges were data confidentiality, validation of data inputs, and interoperability. Easy verification of certification data, accountability, improved risk management, insight into trade transactions, simplified data collection and exchange, and improved communication account for the benefits.

The 5th issue of Italiancham magazine is out now! An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an Initial Public.

Blockchain for Organic Food Traceability: Case Studies on Drivers and Challenges

Scott King is an artist and graphic designer who has worked as art director of i-D magazine and creative director of Sleazenation. Our products are the result of sophisticated techniques and the highest quality materials to ensure as precise a replication as possible. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.

La Crypto Art al Museo della Permanente di Milano

He currently lives and works in New York City. Considered as a post-modernist artist, he has been painting things people like to buy: jars of Vaseline, striped shirts and doughnuts. He immortalizes images of a consumerist utopia. Most people also know Robinson as the founding editor-in-chief of the online artnet magazine, where he worked from until

How did a Democratic congressman with no prior public stance on cryptocurrency suddenly propose a comprehensive bill to regulate it without help from lawmakers who have been working on the topic for years? One Republican reckons someone in the Biden Administration must have put his colleague up to the task.

GOP Lawmaker: Janet Yellen’s Treasury Likely Behind Surprise Crypto Bill

Francis after graduating from high school in , earning a B. In , he earned his M. Bishop John also received an M. While directing Franciscan postulants from to , then-Father Kudrick assisted Byzantine Catholic parishes in the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, becoming familiar with the liturgical tradition of his father. This work led gradually to his departure from the Franciscans and formal incardination in the archeparchy in May

Familiarize yourself with blockchain

Editor's Note, April 14, In the wake of the death of convicted fraudster Bernard Madoff, Smithsonian looks back at the crook who gave Ponzi schemes their name. John Kenneth Galbraith once observed that "the man who is admired for the ingenuity of his larceny is almost always rediscovering some earlier form of fraud. Even today, confidence artists continue to work their scams with great success. Time and again, people from every walk of life demonstrate their ability to abandon common sense and believe in something that is simply too good to be true by succumbing to the con man's call.

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