Blockchain aerospace startup kopernik

White van man. Photo credit: skohlmann. Xianghe Capital, a relatively new firm, led the round, while Blackhole Capital and previous investors MindWorks Ventures and Crystal Stream contributed. Now active in 40 cities in mainland China, plus Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, and Manila, Lalamove wants to be in cities by the end of the year, says Blake Larson, head of international at the Hong Kong-based startup. Lalamove operates by signing up van drivers to do deliveries for its corporate clients.

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Blockchain aerospace startup kopernik

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David Larry Yermack

For charity work, blockchain is more than a tool that enables more transparency and accountability. Today, there are countless intermediaries who are offering their service sometimes even for free! Regardless of these middle man taking their cut or not, the real problem is in providing real proof that the collected funds reached their promised destination.

We have laws in place to track the money but, and this is the biggest issue, the paperwork not only gets expensive but, in some cases, it can make it impossible for citizens of some regions to donate to a different part of the world. Blockchain is the perfect medium for this type of transaction. First, faster and cheaper transactions mean that givers are spending less money to make a donation and beneficiaries are getting the full amount. And you know that in most of the charity cases every single penny counts.

Each blockchain transaction happens in near real-time with a delay of only seconds. Plus, did you know that charitable organizations need to provide annual reporting in order to stay on the good side of the law? Blockchain is a ledger in itself. Extracting a report of all transactions within a year can be done in seconds and without trust issues. Anyone can verify it at any time as the data is publicly available. Highly visible and traceable transactions are the most attractive feature of blockchain.

Donors and authorities are mostly concerned about having proof that the money reached its destination. Tracking the transactions in real-time is what blockchain explorer already do and they are open sources and free to use for anyone.

Charities that will be using blockchain will be the only ones that will be able to provide this level of transparency to their donors. There is no discussion that everywhere in the world right now you can find people in need of help.

The issue is that borders are getting closed making it impossible for charities from the more developed regions to reach those countries who are seeking help. Cryptocurrency is the solution for easily transferring wealth across the globe and Binance Charity using it under the crypto4covid campaign to help millions of people! Collecting cryptocurrency funds is just the first step. Blockchain is useful but somebody has to do the groundwork beyond the donations.

Binance Charity used the funds to purchase more than 1. Places where without cryptocurrency the funds would never reach.

Countries like Italy, Ukraine, India, Bermuda, Mexico, Peru, the US, Venezuela, Ghana, and many others received equipment ranging from N95 masks to professional-grade surgical masks and protective suits. The global pharmaceutical industry is overwhelmed during this period.

It can provide a transparent ecosystem for the entire pharmaceutical industry. ClinTex is one of the most prominent projects in the space that aims to position itself as a solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, with a special focus on a pivotal point, clinical trials.

With blockchain technology, these costs could be highly reduced. The project team is building a platform to boost the speed and quality of clinical trials.

Along with blockchain, predictive analytics powered by AI technology will solve the delays of clinical trials. Data collection can offset mistakes that, in time, are leading to costs of millions of dollars.

The smart way of collecting and managing data is done through computation. The Clinical Trial Intelligence system by ClinTex can apply information solutions to optimize outcomes at a much more complex level than it is done now. By , annual trials raised to 23, At this rate, international trails will need better technology to handle the increased demand.

Being on the Ethereum network the platform can assure the speed and the security such a system needs while having access to higher-end oracle solutions.

ChainLink will be used within the platform along with Storj for encrypted decentralized data storage. With strong partnerships and possible high global demand, the idea of having clinical trials backed by an efficient process can become reality. Besides Binance Charity and ClinTex there are many other projects that are doing good at a global level just because blockchain allows them to. Crypto Charity Fund is one of the most popular cryptocurrency charity movements out there.

Donors can register to be connected with various charities they might be interested in. GiveCrypto was launched by the founder of Coinbase and it aims to help individuals living in poverty. The list goes on and on! The main idea is that blockchain is changing so many industries but, right now, as we are trying to overcome the current pandemic, charitable movements and medical-related improvements should be the main focus for the best talent in the space.

If you are one of them, building something awesome for the good of others, please let me know! Interview Decentralized Interview. Test any app in minutes! Cryptocurrency is the solution for easily transferring wealth across the globe and Binance Charity using it under the crypto4covid campaign to help millions of people.

Extracting a report of all transactions within a year can be done in seconds. Join HackerNoon.

The Potential of CleanTech in Indonesia

Founder of fest. List of organisations, groups, influencers and public figures that follow WISE on social media, to help us:. Lee Siang Meng do you mind:. Pages Blog. Page tree. Browse pages. Hide Inline Comments.

Kopernik to trigger mutual development and discovery. At the heart of IMD's mission is an ambition to deepen the positive impact that responsible.

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AgUnity A global technology platform connecting the last mile. Show contacts 0. I have already registered. Thank you! My rating 1. Idea A smartphone and operating system that is a technology ecosystem that provides people living in, and working with, the last mile with practical, accessible tools to connect with each other and establish effective lines of communication and an ethical, accountable means of trade. Market Our target market is the 2-billion unbanked low-income smallholder farmers around the world. The majority of these farmers live in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and these are the regions we've targeted in our first pilots. These smallholder farmers own and work on over million smallholder farms in low- and middle-income countries which hold enormous potential to become more productive through the use of technology. This market is characterised by low-levels of financial inclusion, with few bank accounts or digital identity.

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blockchain aerospace startup kopernik

Meet Upcoming. Startup Weekend Bali, June th, Startup Weekend Bali is back on June ! Whether you are looking for feedback on an idea, a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute, Startup Weekends gives you the perfect environment to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup.

As technology advances and young talent become more enterprising, startups are becoming the face of the future. There are many risk factors associated with startup ventures and key guidelines that need to be followed in order to enjoy a profitable and successful business.

CANADA STOCKS-Toronto index gains on tech boost; eyes worst month in four

If capitalized correctly, Indonesia has the potential to harness renewable energy into a vehicle for prosperity. Indonesia has attracted record amounts of renewable energy investment within the last several years, announcing certain deregulation to help encourage FDI. Kopernik , a former startup seeing unprecedented growth since its inception in , established its headquarters in Ubud, with the goal of bringing clean tech to Indonesia. With funding partners including tech incubator Inotek and asset management firm Russell Investments , Kopernik has developed multiple internal projects to accomplish this goal. With exclusively-designed products including the micro-solar BrightBox energy system and the CO2-reducing CH Cookstove , Kopernik is bringing affordable clean technology to rural areas, encompassing all sorts of renewable energies in Indonesia. Another company emerging from its startup roots and becoming a true industry power in Indonesian clean tech is Fluidic Energy.

Top 11 Donation and Reward-Based Crowdfunding Platforms in Asia

This wiki section is dedicated to the topic of "How do we make Peer Production sustainable? How do we fund it? How do we achieve Transvestment : the transfer value from the system of capital to the system of peer production? We have today the emergence of 'ethical' entrepreneurial coalitions around Commons-Based Peer Production , like Sensorica and Enspiral , but obviously these emerging and nice projects are embedded in a dominant system which has another logic, so the questions emerges, how does the new ethical economy deal with mainstream forces, especially in the context of needing capital for development. Two obvious choices are: 1 full separatism , i. The middle way is therefore to consider a set of transitional strategies which regulate the cooperation between the old exctractive economy and the new generative economy, but on the terms of the generative players?

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Business Models for Sustainability Transitions

Explores the powerful synergies unlocked in combining the two research streams of sustainability transitions and business models for sustainability. Offers new insights on business model innovation as a catalyst for system-wide sustainability transitions. Reveals how profound innovations in society and the economy can create space for new and sustainable business concepts to emerge and prosper. Bridging related but so far separate areas of research and generating new insights for strategy and policy making is key to destabilising unsustainable business practices, and to accelerate processes of transformative and sustainable change.

Startup Weekend Bali, June 24-26th, 2016

Online alternative finance refers to the use of innovative financial instruments and channels outside of the traditional avenues of capital raising. The sector can be broken down by the specific type of funding models. In the case of donation-based crowdfunding, donors provide funding to individuals, projects or companies based on philanthropic or civic motivations with no expectation of monetary or material return. Probably the biggest donation based crowdfunding platform in the world is US based gofundme.

Jan 31 Reuters - Canada's main stock index reversed course to trade higher on Monday, boosted by technology and healthcare stocks, although the benchmark index was set for its worst month since September.

Acquire, access and manage all your space assets in one place, from payload space to venture tokens

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Risk management is an art

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