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Binocs simplifies calculating taxes on crypto transactions. All you have to do is integrate your crypto data from exchanges (Bitbns, CoinSwitch, Unocoin, Binance, CoinDCX, WazirX) and Wallets (Metamask, etc), Binocs does the rest!
Also, Binocs helps you with tracking your crypto portfolio.
First, 100 people to sign up using this link will get 50% off : https://l.binocs.co/3DJicxbE
Use code - "SAMJHADO50"
Join Discord Server for any tax/portfolio-related queries from our experts.: https://discord.gg/QuhXKvQywp

binocs.co (https://l.binocs.co/3DJicxbE)
Binocs - Crypto Tax in India | Best Software Tool for Cryptocurrency Tax Calculation
Calculate your Cryptocurrency Taxes in India with Binocs - Best software for Crypto Tax calculation.

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