क्या ETHEREUM अगला BITCOIN बनने जा रहा है? | Is Etherium Becoming Next Bitcoin

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Hello friends, did you know that, according to leading cryptocurrency platforms, till mid-2021, 2 crore Indians have already invested about 6.6 billion dollars in cryptocurrency? Well if it is so, then what cryptos should we invest in?? Because, on one hand, we have Bitcoin, which is by far at the top! But it is growing at a slower rate of merely 87% approx. While, on the other hand, we have Ethereum, which stands at number 2, but is growing twice as fast at around 192.3 % Now, on this an American Billionaire Mark Cuban who has invested in both Bitcoin and Ethereum once said that out of the two, he finds Ethereum as a more favorable one. But why did he say that is still a mystery? So, stay tuned throughout the video to know more!!

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