गलती मत करना, Crypto Pumped अब क्या करें - Buy या Sell ? BTC 2 big resistance I Top Coins targets ?

In this video, we will talk about Bitcoin and other crypto. Bitcoin can face major resistance now after the big pump and also share top coins details as target done now what to do, shall we buy or sell ?

00:00 Intro
02:45 Big news for Bitcoin and ether
03:56 Two major resistance for Bitcoin you should not ignore
06:02 Why XRP pumping
06:59 XRP imp resistance and targets
07:43 Matic target done and next resistance will not be easy to break
08:50 Polkadot targets and new entry
09:29 Ether target hit and facing resistance at this level
10:27 ICP & Luna wait for right entry
11:32 WRX don't be in hurry
12:12 ADA looking for breakout
12:39 Shiba Inu pumped hard but now time for some correction

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