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Register link :- https://trxzdh.com/#/regist?code=029729
Introduce the platform to customers
The gold mining platform provides safe and stable liquidity mining through DEFI smart contracts.
Users can trigger smart contracts simply by depositing TRX.
smart contract from

Automatically add the user's TRX assets to the mining pool and distribute the income
Mining pool income requires manual mining
2. Invite more than 15 friends to register and save any TRX.
1. Teach users how to register and log in. The withdrawal password is the same as the login password
2. Teach users how to deposit and withdraw interest.
3. Save

Payment and interest will be calculated within 5 minutes of deposit.
4. Teach users to share their invite link with friends.
Interest on the basic account can only be withdrawn once a day.
6. There are no restrictions on cancellation of promotional accounts.
7. Invite other users to deposit promotion income.
Basic account income statement

1. Basic deposit VIP1 (1-50000 TRX) 6% interest, 6% daily withdrawal
2. Basic deposit VIP2 (50,000-200,000 TRX), interest 6.5%, daily withdrawal 6.5%
3. Basic VIP3 (200001-500000 TRX), interest 7.5%, daily withdrawal 7.5%

VIP4 (500001-1000000 TRX), 8.5% interest, 8.5% daily withdrawal
5. Basic deposit SVIP (1000001-99999999999 TRX), 10% interest, 10% daily withdrawal
Reminder: Mining revenue will be distributed at 12:00 UTC every day.
Official White Paper

: http://trxzdh.com/Whitepaper.pdf
Official customer service:
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