⚠️ COINBASE VALIDATE XRP 2023 ⚠️ Joe Rogan Laughs at FTX & Crypto Is Here To Stay !

Today on Good Morning Crypto...

We will be discussing... How Joe Rogan was discussing crypto last night, telling his over 12 million daily listeners not to confuse crypto with the FTX collapse.

Coinbase wins a case against the SEC for selling unregistered securities, leading the XRP community to believe a relisting is imminent in 2023.

The California DMV is now leveraging blockchain for digital car titles, as Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger agrees that America and China should join forces in banning crypto currency.

The NFL is launching its first metaverse experience, and with the digital revolution upon us we break down the details showing our listeners how the United States could have what many are calling “instant adoption”.

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0:00 - Show Start
00:13 - Good Morning Crypto
01:34 - Team Introduction w/ Abs
03:14 - Fear & Greed Index
03:41 - CoinMarketCap.
08:04 - Joe Rogan Crypto Discussion (Video)
24:20 - Coinbase Should Relist XRP
30:10 - SEC Loses Case Against Coinbase
34:58 - XRP Developer Video
37:44 - NFL Metaverse Concert
40:18 - Ray Dalio Bitcoin Store of Value
44:00 - United States Crypto Ban
50:56 - California DMV Using Tezos
53:13 - XRoyalty

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