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All BTether tokens are traded 1:1A proportion of it is pegged to a matching fiat currency (e.g. $1? = $1) and is 100% backed by Tether’s reserves.Tether is led and managed by a senior management team with extensive experience in financial services, technology and compliance. With the expertise of a globally diverse and dynamic team With knowledge and industry knowledge, the Tether token has grown from the first stablecoin to the most traded stablecoin

VIP1. Cumulative deposit 0.00-499USDT, daily withdrawal 15% ~ daily income (15%/day)
VIP2. Cumulative deposit 500-1999USDT, daily withdrawal 16% ~ daily income (16%/day)
VIP3. Accumulated deposit of 2000-9999 USDT, daily withdrawal 18% ~ daily income (18%/day)
VIP4. Cumulative deposit 10000-49999USDT, daily withdrawal 22%~daily income (22%/day)
VIP5. Cumulative deposit 50000-999999USDT, daily withdrawal 26% ~ daily income (26%/day)
VIP6. Cumulative deposit of 100000-999999USDT, daily withdrawal 30% ~ daily income (30%/day)
Referral new user reward: 15% for LV1 users, 8% for LV2 users, 5% for LV3 users
Invite LV1 to deposit 100USDT and get 15USDT
LV1 invites LV2 to deposit 100USDT and get 8USDT
LV2 invites LV3 to deposit 100USDT to get 5USDT
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