Learn how to recover your Loopring Smart Wallet (Ethereum's best smart wallet with Loopring's faster + cheaper second layer baked in) and all of your crypto assets in the case that you lose your phone or delete the app.

Loopring Layer 2 is a zkRollup based on Ethereum, which means you get the full security of Ethereum but without the high gas-fees of transacting on Ethereum's base layer (L1). You can access Loopring L2 directly from your Loopring Smart Wallet w/ social recovery and the best security for your crypto assets.

Learn other ways to use Loopring L2 as well, like how to connect your GameStop wallet or MetaMask wallet to Loopring L2, deposit, withdrawal, transfer and many other things with Loopring University here:

With Loopring L2, you get a seamless and simple Centralized Exchange (CEX) experience but on a fast, cheap and scalable Decentralized Exchange (DEX) where you are always in full custody and control of your funds. No need to trust anyone else with your hard earned money. #BeYourOwnBank
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