#1 Complete Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Wallet Development - learn Web Development

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#1 Complete Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Wallet Development - learn Web Development
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Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Using C# , Asp.Net Core , Web Api and Mobile Wallet app using Xamarin
Can make your own Cryptocurrency,Able to make wallet app,Will able to use the Cryptocurrency as payment gateway in any site
C# programming,Visual Studio 2017,Asp .Net Core Web Api,Xamarin Mobile app Development,How to create your Own Cryptocurrency. This is the complete Cryptocurrency making Course based on blockchain technology using C#..,Here, What You will Learn:, How Miner’s can join the Network, How Proof Of Work function Works by solving Cryptographic puzzle based on Sha256 algorithm, How real-time transactions is added to the mempool, How Mining Works and Generates New Coins, How Transactions are added in a Block after Mining,And:, How new block is added in BlockChain after adding transactions in a Block, How System resolve the conflicts from a longest chain by validating each block along with verifying each transactions, Consencus: “How Longest chain Win”  , How Signature of a Transaction get verified,By using public key, How public and private keys get generated using RSA algorithm, How Client User generates Signature using Private key,And:, How Wallet Transaction Works, How \""Blockchain Client\"" for users to generate wallets and send coins, How to Buy digital content from Online Shopping Site using this cryptocurrency, How user can check Life-time Transaction and balance, How user can send coin to another user using mobile wallet after scanning QR Code, How user can generate QR Code image to send/receive coins,And many more….,Why Cryptocurrency is the Future?,All you need is to generate public and private keys then save it in order to make transaction.,No Need Bank to follow complex process,Anyone can receive money using their publicKey only.,And anyone can send money using wallet app to generate signature using privateKey.,This is the most easiest way to transfer money within seconds. In near future the process will be so efficient that user will able to make transaction using human body parts Artificial Intelligance,Initial Story:,Anyone who will download the script can join the network by broadcasting the network and they are recognized as Miner. At genesis(initial) 1st block, only miner will have few coins. So, 1st miner will give coins to new user . Thus transactions will take place and then Miner will mine the transactions and system will give few coins to miner as reward. This way new coins get generated. Whole information is saved in miner’s machine.,You will understand whole process once I will explain blockchain theory and You will better understand once you finish building Cryptocurrency application with me.,How this Coin will Get Real Values,If Miners confident with this script and start joining the network and if so many users do transaction with real fiat currency that time this cryptocurreny will have real values. It’s totally based on trust and faith..,And coin values also follows demand and supply rules of economic…,Course Summary,Within This Course:,Module 1: I will explain Blockchain Theory,Module 2: I will build BlockChain application then expose through web api.,Module 3: I will build blockchain client application to interact with BlockChain api’s,Module 4: I will Build Shopping Site using asp.net core, SignalR,Module 5: I will build Mobile Wallet app using Xamarin to buy digital contents from the shopping site.,What technology is used in front-end?,Jquery , Ajax,HTML & Razor Code,What technology is used in back-end?,c#, Linq,ASP .NET-MVC Core,Asp.NET Web Api,What tools you will need?,Visual Studio 2017,ASP.NET Core 2.0 will need to be installed in your Machine,Any browser Whatever you like most,Why I applied My Plugin to Asp .NET Core application:,Cross-platform needs.,High-performance and scalable systems.,All coding best practices (asynchronous programming, dependency injection),Within this course I will Show:\n How powerful and complex cross-platform real-time blockchain and cryptocurrency application we can build using asp.net core, web api and also mobile wallet using Xamarin,I’m always updating this course with fresh content, too.,It’s no secret how technology is advancing at a rapid rate. New, more powerful hardware and software are being released every day, meaning it’s crucial to stay on top with the latest knowledge.,That’s why I’m always adding new, up-to-date content to this course at no extra charge. Buy this course once, and you’ll have lifetime access to it and any future updates (which are on the way as we speak).,,Anyone who loves Block-chain technologyStudents who are looking to build CryptocurrencyCurious human to l
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