1 HOUR of Crypto Mining Advice (ETH2.0? Best GPU? Is it too late to start mining? Sell or buy GPUs?)

In this video I answer all of the common crypto mining questions you guys sent to me so I can give you some advice about crypto mining for beginners. Mining crypto currencies like Ethereum, Ravencoin or Bitcoin on GPUs has been a great way to make money at home for the last few years and it has become even more profitable in the last 12 months. But as interest in crypto mining grows, a lot of questions on how to do it and how to make the most amount of money with it pops up. I asked you guys to send me all of your questions about mining crypto on graphics cards for me to answer in this video. Some of the big questions I touch on in this video are: Is it too late to start mining cryptocurrency? Is Ethereum mining better than staking? Will GPU prices go down in 2022? AMD vs Nvidia for mining? What's the best GPU for mining for beginners? How much money can you make from mining crypto? Is GPU mining still profitable? And so on! I hope you learn a lot about mining cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Mining
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