10 Crypto Predictions for 2023 that will CHANGE THE WORLD | Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin | Coin Bureau

It's CRYPTO PREDICTIONS time of year. And in this video we have an absolutely amazing round up of predictions that could change the world!

Zack Turner, of Coin Bureau, believes that the worst of the bear market is over, and the SEC may take legal action against Ethereum or Binance Coin (BNB) due to their nature as unregistered securities offerings. He has made ten bold predictions for the cryptocurrency market in 2023, including the recovery of the crypto market, increased adoption of Defi, increased use of crypto payments, and countries adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. Zack also predicts increased regulation in the crypto market, increased number of crypto holders, more crypto partnerships by tech companies, acquisition of a crypto blue chip company by the Wolf of Wall Street, and use of Bitcoin in international trade.
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