100% LHR Unlock Nicehash QuickMiner!?!

Nicehash with the Excavator miner has found a way to unlock 100% of the Nvidia 3000 series GPUs Mining performance. I let you speculate on how, but the most important thing is this will eventually filter through the rest of the crypto mining software. Right now, it is only available with the Nicehash Quick Miner, only on Windows, and only on Ethereum. However, expect the Mining Developers for LolMiner, Trex Miner, and Gminer to eventually get it working on Linux based operating systems and then eventually apply what they learned to other Crypto algos. Either way, here is a video on the results, how to setup, and many others have done live streams on it. Check them out below, and take care.

Red Fox Crypto:

Son of a Tech:

Rabid Mining:
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