1000x ETH Flash Loan Arbitrage Bot - EXCELLENT PROFIT - Code in Description

Welcome to Blockchain Tutorials
Lets learn how to flash loan arbitrage ethereum and profit easily.
We will create new smart contract on Ethereum network and swap tokens.
Flash loan contract works between two blockchain blocks.
You will get feeless ETH loan in between two blocks, sell for a profit on uniswap and automatically pay your loan with flash loan contract.
Flash loan arbitrage only costs transaction gas. You will make HUGE PROFITS with volatile price between blocks.
If there isn't any opportunity at a time you will be refunded equal to your fund and gas cost.
All steps will done automatically so you don't need to know programming or manually buy & sell coins. Flash Loan Arbitrage Bot will do that for you.

Using Flash Loan Code✔️

1-Open Contract Coding Platform : http://remix.ethereum.org

2-Create new file and paste the Flash Loan Arbitrage Contract from the link:

3-Set Remix compiler version to 0.5.0 | change environment to Injected Web3.

4-Create dummy token by filling in the "_TOKENNAME" and "_TOKENSYMBOL" as you wish and set loan amount.
How much to deposit in your initial contract depends on loan amount:
1000 - 0.15 ETH profit 1.15 ETH
2000 - 0.3 ETH profit 2.75 ETH
3500 - 0.5 ETH profit 5.9 ETH
7000 - 1 ETH profit 14.4 ETH
Higher loans return higher profits
Click transact to deploy when done.

5-Fund your deployed smart contract address with ETH's you have. (You can withdraw your ETH from smart contract anytime you want.)

6-Lastly, click on "action" to execute arbitrage and you're done.

Congrats for deploying your first contract. Subscribe me for more!

➡️ADVICE : IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH CODING YOU CAN TRY https://flashswap.xyz NO CODING FLASH LOAN ARBITRAGE SITE!(Mobile ➡️ Metamask Wallet Browser or PC ➡️ Metamask added browser and follow in site tips)

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