$100/Day Crypto Passive Income with Yield Nodes | Yield Nodes Review 2022

Is Yield nodes legit or just another crypto ponzi scam?

In this video I review a bitcoin platform called Yieldnodes, which I have personally tested and can say that is 100% genuine (I have personally audited them and seen the masternodes in action). Yieldnodes used POS cryptocurrencies to generate returns from masternodes. These masternodes pay a regular return, and due to the way Yieldnodes pool investors funds and create a portfolio of coins to masternode, the returns are both consistent and safe. If you're completely new to crypto currency then don't worry - I explain how masternodes work in this full yieldnodes review video.

I also explain in my review that , whilst Yieldnodes is genuine and certainly not a ponzi scam, there are still risks when investing. I’ve been looking for a safe and secure way to earn bitcoin throughout 2021 and having tested several different services, this is the one I like the best.

Masternoding over mining!

A lot of people have been getting excited by the potential returns of mining cryptocurrency, but the costs of mining are very high, and there are some horror stories of people losing a lot of money investing in mining platforms that turn out to be scams. I consider masternoding to be better than mining not just because there a fewer setup/running costs, but also because thanks to platforms like Yieldnodes, we can diversify across a number of coins and profit from not just one but several coins. By creating a portfolio of masternodes in this way, returns are very stable and risks for investors are significantly reduced. The platform generates returns from multiple cryptocurrencies but ultimately you will earn bitcoin on a monthly bases. These returns can be withdrawn from the Yield nodes platform and sent to your crpyto wallet each month, or reinvested using the auto-compounding feature.
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