11 GPU RX 6600 XT AMD Mining Rig Build (Part 2) & Why We Are Expanding Our Mining Farm

We are finishing up our 11 GPU RX 6600 XT AMD mining rig build today and talking about why we are expanding our Mining Farm. The final build of the 6600 XTs worked out great and show what overclocks we are running in Miner Stat. We also touch on our future Nvidia and AMD builds and discuss our opinions on the future of mining going into 2022. Thanks for watching!

0:00 Introduction
0:36 AMD Future Rig Builds
2:06 Adding the Last 5 AMD 6600 XTs
3:06 AMD vs Nvidia Mining Rig Builds
5:34 Why We Are Expanding
6:53 How We View Mining as a Business
8:30 Mining Bunker Diversified Farm

Cryptocurrency Mining
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