12 GPU RX 6600 XT AMD Mining Rig Build Review

Today we are reviewing our RX 6600 XT 12 GPU AMD Mining Rig Build. We take a look at the cost of the build, stats on how well it mines, and the payback period. We also compare the rig to our RTX 3090 Nvidia build and give our final thoughts on why we recommend it. Thanks for watching!

0:00 Introduction
0:43 RX 6600 XT Build Overview
1:37 RX 6600 XT Build Stats
2:54 RX 6600 XT Payback Period
3:32 RX 6600 XT Build Vs RTX 3090 Build
5:34 RX 6600 XT Model Comparison
6:41 Comparison to Older Generation GPUs
7:53 Future Tax Business Discussions
8:46 Thanks for Watching

Cryptocurrency Mining
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