1m Buy & Sell Strategy | Beginners trading strategy | #shorts #cryptocurrency #forex

1m Buy & Sell Strategy | Beginners trading strategy | #shorts #cryptocurrency #forex

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How to Be a profitable Trader| All Markets |Stock |Forex |Crypto
Fully guaranteed profitability in a new way.
This strategy works in any time frame and brings good results.
1 minute trading scalping 5 minute scalping 15 minute scalping 30 minute swing trading 1 hour Swing trading in all market.
This trading strategy gives guaranteed profit in both forex and crypto.
In this video, the macd indicator is used with new settings.
After watching the video, test this strategy in forex and crypto currency pairs.
You can use it in forex trading, in crypto scalping trading, and in the above time frames, you can use it in stock market trading.
3 best trading view indicators

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