3 Altcoins set to EXPLODE in the event of THE GREAT RESET!

The Great Reset is an idea put forward by the World Economic Forum to fundamentally restructure the global economy in the wake of Covid 19. What altcoins have a better chance of being able to survive The Great Reset? Here are my Top 3. Comment which altcoins can be added to this list!

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0:00 - The Great Reset is coming!
1:53 - 3 Altcoins w/ ties to Global Elites
2:35 - Coin 1 (connection to 1st Global Elite)
3:25 - Coin 1 (connection to Clintons)
4:11 - Coin 2’s Council of Global Elites
5:26 - newest council member is more than meets the eye
7:09 - Coin 3 has DEEP WEF connections
10:59 - honorable mention altcoins

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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