3 Ethereum Protocols?!?! The Future Looks Bright For ETC After Bitmain Support

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Although it is highly improbable that another Ethereum split were to happen...it is interesting to consider the possibility of it. I mean, who doesn't like fantasizing (yes, I'm talking to the millions of you who purchased a lottery ticked with 1:302 Million chance to become a millionaire). The odds are slightly better for those thinking three Ethereum protocols COULD BE a possibility (33%). I would imagine this POSSIBLY happening would be more of a "bomb" than the difficulty bomb itself. Either way, the impact of the ETH 2.0 merge will be felt by everyone...or at least mostly everyone. *Moment of silence* While the miners get punched in the gut, the manufacturers will get slapped on the cheek, and the mining pools will receive a slight tap on the wrist.

Hold on "negative Nancy" there is a silver lining in all of this. NVIDIA won't be able to charge high inflationary prices (probably why Nancy Pelosi sold her shares). The GPU demand will dry up slightly, and the gaming market will slowly fill in the gap. On the other hand...manufacturing ETH ASICS is soon to be a ghost of the past. Mining pools...at least most of them will struggle. The larger ones will make it okay by transitioning to offer POS services, with hopes that current customers are willing to jump in the passenger seat and go along for the ride. Others will get wrecked, but 15 minutes could 15% or more on car insurance. Some don't have the funds or any plans to offer staking services...and in fact, the majority don't have features to offer staking post merge at all.

Like a knight in shining amour, ETC comes in to save the day...or at least alleviate some of the emotional distress. While money can't fix everything...it sure can help...just look at Solana. Solana was raised from the ashes with millions of dollars of reconstruction...and yet the outages are almost as bad as Texas' electric grid. Sure this is an Apples to Oranges comparison, but you get the point. Ethereum Classic has a chance...as small as it is...it's still a chance. With enough money, and enough backing...it may just be the answer to the crypto miner's prayer. Thanks Bitmain...the true hero in this story.

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