4 Pro Tips for Spec Mining SUCCESSFULLY!

In this video I sit down with @The Hobbyist Miner to give you 4 tips for how to increase your odds of success when spec mining crypto. After the recent downturn in GPU mining profitability, a lot of people are now looking at speculative mining as an alternative. Spec mining basically means mining a coin, even if it's not profitable, in the hopes that the price of the coin will increase significantly in the future. Usually people try to do this as early on as possible in a coins life when very few people are mining it. This means you'll mine a huge amount of the coin in short time. That's why we go through how to find new coins before everyone else, when the best time to spec mine a coin actually is, how to make sure your mined coins aren't lost & how to calculate how many coins you will yield mining a coin.

Check out Hobbyists video about the DANGERS of spec mining:


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