5 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency

These five passive income ideas are some of the lowest-risk I've found and are truly passive with no work on your part. Cash flow EVERY month! Get up to $250 in free bitcoin when you open an account on BlockFi https://mystockmarketbasics.com/blockfi

Even if you're not investing in cryptocurrency, these five passive income strategies will create low-risk income every month. These income ideas all benefit from the volatility in crypto prices but have built-in ways to reduce the risk. In fact, three of the ideas have no risk at all.

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In this video, I'll reveal those five passive income ideas you can use to make $1000 a month or more in any single one. I'll show you how to set them up and how they take no work to generate that income.

The first two passive ideas use options investing in the bitcoin ETFs to create income. We reduce the risk by picking an option contract so far below the current price that it's unlikely to trigger, you just collect the money each month. I'll show you the how to use the covered call and cash-secured put strategies to make money.

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I'll then reveal how I make over $70 every day doing nothing. I've earned thousands in interest on my stablecoins and it was all totally passive. I'll show you how much you can make and how to get started.

Earning free crypto on a rewards card isn't going to make you rich but it's all totally passive. I spend about $4,000 a month on my rewards card and earn another $70 each month. Best yet, the rewards in my account grow along with the price of crypto so I'm actually making na even higher percentage cash back.

The cash and carry income strategy is a little more complicated but totally passive and risk free. It doesn't matter where prices go, up or down, because you lock-in the income when you make the trade. It's a new strategy that big money players have been using and it works great!

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4:43 Creating Passive Income with Put Options
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10:39 How to Use the Cash-and-Carry for Low-Risk Passive Income

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