8 GPU FLUX MINING RIG BUILD - Hashrate, OverClock Settings & Profitability

In today's Video I am excited to get back into Building a GPU Mining Rig! More particularlly an 8 GPU Flux Mining Rig Build! Today we take 8 Graphics Card and Build them in a PoloMiner Server Case Enclosure. Mining Flux after the Ethereum Merge is on everyone's mine, so this build has me hyped for the future of Flux! Who doesn't like Building a Mining Rig, so enjoy this video where we go Step by Step into Building a GPU Mining Rig, Setting Up our Flux OverClock Settings and finally discussing the Flux Profitability. First Time Crypto Miner, No Fear, this guide should help you with How to Build a Flux GPU mining Rig in No Time!

Cryptocurrency Mining
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